Rookies’ Diary: Episode 14

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

After another round of intense conversation, we were led back to the newbies training once again. (I honestly don’t feel I have any rights to comment on how the system works so I should definitely restrain from stating any–unlike in the previous episodes. So I’ll just stick to the comedy.)

What was new? Umm…not much. The usual with them pissing Shan Ren off. Yikes! More headaches.

I knew it was coming. (Yeah, previews did help.) You Shun was in for good. (I guess they were using this opportunity to get him because of the nature of the training.) Oohhh…Luo Gang stopped Hao Zhi from interfering. The others thought You Shun didn’t dare to tell on them, BUT there was really a snake lurking around! (Eek!)

Eh…familiar? YUP! (But it wasn’t Shan Ren yelling at them this time since Shan Ren was busy tending to the investigation.) They were let off, but Shan Ren came into the scene and took over the scolding session. (So much for getting off.) Da Tong wasn’t joking this time though! There was really a snake! (Shan Ren couldn’t be blamed since he dealt with them WAY too long to maintain any sense of patience.) Not caring to hear Da Tong out, Shan Ren punished them once again. AND Da Tong, not wanting to justify himself anymore, went ahead and nudged Hai Sheng–who nudged Wu Yong–who eventually nudged Lai Hu. They were all in on it now, having saw the snake and probably did not blame Da Tong for causing them to be punished as well. By this time, it looked like Shan Ren had some sense of fear in him–or possibly nerves because how all of them were acting so strange? He finally decided to turn around and investigate. Eek! Wasn’t a pretty sight BUT it was so funny seeing his reaction. (So much for not being scared of snakes. Sounds almost like the ‘ghost’ incident.) Only Wu Yong wasn’t scared? LOL! Imagine four grown men running like that! Wu Yong named the snake Xiao Qiang? OKAY! The funniest thing was seeing Shan Ren having to answer to one of the other superiors! The others totally got a kick out of it.

Ooohhh…after some snake sighting moment, Shan Ren finally launched into questioning Hai Sheng. So funny he had to resort to the method of using Hai Sheng to spy on Luo Gang–and some more. But I guess desperate time does call for desperate measures. Hai Sheng had to encourage him on, LOL! (So funny that Sheng Nan was spying at them nearby.) Shan Ren was celebrating so early! (LOL) On the other hand, Bo Wen needed to stop it. It was too depressing seeing him like that.

Another incident BUT no one could blame An Bang this time around. (Didn’t realize Da Tong was scared of blood.) Something never changed though since he was checking Jing Wen out after he woke up. (Serves him right for thinking too much!) Honestly, were they kidding with 2 shots like that? (I gotta look it up. BUT I didn’t feel sorry for Da Tong though.) He obviously didn’t suffer much since he was still gawking at Jing Wen afterward. The funniest part was seeing An Bang showing up! (Priceless really!) That conversation between An Bang and Jing Wen was nice though, he was so surprised.

Can’t wait to see what else would unfold. That was just too much! If Wu Yong say it anymore, she might end up barfing. Come on now! Okay, that was some misunderstanding all right. They were talking about two different things, LOL! So funny seeing them bicker though. (Even if they were overboard describing one another.) That was too much though, Wu Yong tossing that bag like that. She had to put it back again.

What were they up to this time? (Yeah, secret meeting but still…) Poor Shan Ren, got his head banged like that. (He swung the door back and it snapped at Da Tong, LOL.) Man, their excuses never seemed to work YET it was cracking me up so badly. Shan Ren was definitely unlucky, having to deal with these four. Hahahahha, Shan Ren got ’em big time! (Some people were honestly too happy too early.)

And the scene seen in the previews. They were so using this opportunity to promote Hebe’s new album in here with the song in the background. (Not a bad idea since it did fit in with the three, however, I felt it was a bit too on the mushy side for this type of drama.) It seemed An Bang and Jing Wen matched more, but I couldn’t help feeling sad for Bi Ying. And yes, An Bang was so terrified that something would happen to Jing Wen that it was so obvious who he cared for her. Not to mention how he was so happy to receive the gift from Jing Wen. (They were so cute YET I was still feeling sad for Bi Ying. Though she tried to smile, it must have hurt.)

Ooooh…now I know why she was accusing Luo Gang since the paper was stuck in the notebook. Shan Ren was so careless. It wasn’t signed BUT okay, might have led her to believe that it was Luo Gang. Okay, never mind. It was Bi Ying’s guess, LOL. Hahahhaha…Shan Ren’s poem AND Sheng Nan’s reaction. Bi Ying managed to get in another round of tease. Though Sheng Nan said she didn’t care but she was thinking about it. It seemed kind of ridiculous though, considering how she should know Shan Ren’s hand-writing, right? BUT of course, IF she chose to think otherwise, it wasn’t in anyone’s hand to contradict her unless they had proof. Oohhh, that was too funny seeing Luo Gang exposing her. It was even funnier that she guessed wrong and Shan Ren came. (So he placed the note in there on purpose. Though he was nervous earlier when she appeared and didn’t have time to take it out, considering how he was still working through drafts.) It was WAY too funny seeing Luo Gang rattling them though.

Before Sheng Nan could continue further with her lectures, Shan Ren pulled on her hand like crazy. Of course, she was freeing herself, scolding at him in the process. BUT he wasn’t trying to take advantage of her. He really saw a ghost! (OR so it seemed!) He was so killing me with his singing and attempting to go forward bravely. That was too funny. The music sure made up for everything since it was like spooky in a sense. Poor Shan Ren, can’t back down now since Sheng Nan was monitoring him nearby. Eek! OOOHHHH…it was only Hai Sheng! PHEW! Yet Shan Ren was not able to stand up by himself, he was still too shaken up. It was too funny that Sheng Nan made Hai Sheng go with Shan Ren! Suddenly Hai Sheng was all the rule-abiding person that he wasn’t before. Too bad, can’t back out now! What Hei Bai Wu Chang? They were cracking me up so hard! Hai Sheng’s philosophy! Or was he just trying to mess with Shan Ren? LOL!

Awww…that was so cute–though Shan Ren was so taking advantage of the situation. They were both united this time, wanting Hai Sheng to check it out! LOL! So funny that Sheng Nan didn’t realize that they had their arms around one another until after Hai Sheng left to ‘check things out’. Hai Sheng was seriously a big chicken too! And I thought he always wanted to make up stories to scare Shan Ren. (Well, that was partially it BUT now that he experienced it for real, he was as scared.) They fell back and let Sheng Nan go check? She wasn’t looking so tough anymore. OOOHHHH…okay! No wonder! LOL! It was so funny! Shan Ren thought they were…*shivers*…eekk…

Glad that everything got sorted out, LOL. Shan Ren trying to kiss up to Hong Jie? So funny! But then everyone was laughing at Shan Ren for having such a small liver. And it explained Da Tong was faking his sleepwalking trance that one time. (He was trying to get out of bed and sneak to his mother’s side so she could feed him those delicious soups.) They made Shan Ren take care of it? It was awkward having them stared at him like that all right.

Another little family-related event was happening elsewhere. Well, more like Lai Hu coming for the nightly drink. An Bang looked troubled, not surprised. (Two guesses it’s related to Luo Gang since that song was playing in the background again.) So Lai Hu still haven’t mastered the mixing of the formula yet. Awww…having Lai Hu around wasn’t bad since it reminded him of how he used to take care of Luo Gang when they were little.

Next day was starting. Same routine with getting ready to train YET Wu Yong was really giving Da Tong a hard time. Not really but he had his reasons. He was in the dark for so long, making a fool of himself, lol. And the atmosphere was ruined again by Di Qiu jumping in to show off his background. (WHO CARES?!) It was so funny how Wu Yong was trying to break up their fight by saying that they looked like each other, etc. Seriously, did Di Qiu have to find ways to distinguish himself from Da Tong? LOl! He was fighting a losing battle. Wow! Di Qiu scared of Lai Hu? Okay, so he had some connections with the Mo Gui Pai Zhang, but honestly? OKAY! Tian Bin even wanted to share his secret? F4? Still funny.

More routines…and powerful music to accompany those routines. BUT Wang Wei was back! (I don’t know, but he seemed to be gone for a long time already–though it was just the last episode.) It was so funny that Shan Ren was yelling at the other recruits for talking, BUT he was gossiping with Wang Wei too. Awww…did Sheng Nan have to drag Wang Wei down too? Maybe he was agreeing with Shan Ren, but it was all talks, right? Oh well. Too bad they had to separate anyway–to go monitor–instead of gossiping. Shan Ren was taking it out on Wu Yong? So funny! It was kind of obvious that Sheng Nan didn’t like it though. But how should Wu Yong know, right? He didn’t follow them 24/7 to realize the situation. It was really a riot! Can’t stop laughing.

Oh no! Can’t wait to see what happens next, LOL! Though I could almost guess. How dared that pervert tease Sheng Nan like that? Shan Ren’s expression said it all! (Da Tong didn’t really do anything overboard but his subtle gesture was enough to trigger anyone.) OH! That was too cute! Seeing how Sheng Nan was sending silent signals to Shan Ren was just priceless. Sheng Nan should appreciate Shan Ren more, LOL. After all, he had to go through, taking care of the problems for her.  (But I could almost say that it was his fault for leaving Da Tong out in the cold in the first place so Sheng Nan had to face the situation. Can’t win.) It was too funny! Da Tong should’ve known better.

End of episode. Can’t stop laughing though! It was picking up again! (Though I wasn’t bored with the previous ones, but was just frustrated with some intense situations. The comedy was coming back more and more since the last episode.)

Previews? Funny as always. Sheng Nan made Shan Ren demonstrate for the others so they would learn better, LOL. Xiao Yan and You Shun were together again? So that meant the others forgave You Shun already? Tian Bin was leaving?

BTS…LOL! Between Xiang Ci (Sheng Nan) and Zheng Feng (Wu Yong), who had more NGs? LOL! Wonder how many tapes they had to roll before getting it right. Too funny still. Xiao Yu placed the item in the wrong place too! LOL! She was so impatient! Still funny. Add in Shan Ren and they have to waste several more tapes before they could get it right! It was too hard to resist though! Yao Yuan Hao used too much force during that scene where  Qian Jun Zhong fainted, LOL. Was he trying to murder the dude? LOL! Tang Feng rarely NG-ed, wow! I guess by the time the others were done getting it right, he knew his lines backward to the front (or something).

Ratings? 9.47 for this episode. (I’m just putting it in for the sake of consistency of the posts from now on.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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