Rookies’ Diary: Episode 16

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Woohoo! They were learning something new again.

What? The proper ways of putting on the protective masks in case of encountering poison gas, etc. Who better than Wang Wei to be the one demonstrating for everyone, right? They were so excited that they wanted an ‘encore’, LOL! Though it’s repetitive, watching these guys is really funny. They cracked me up so badly. Honestly, Shan Ren should already apply for transfer OR something. Wu Yong was still relaxing? (LOL) Lai Hu was even driving my patience, to think what Shan Ren had to deal with. No wonder he was yelling. Kind of senseless, but that was priceless with how fast they were able to put on the mask the second time around!

It looked like Tian Bin really wanted to stay with them. Since he looked like he was feeling left out and unease with the current situation. And the way he was laughing at the the others while they were trying to follow directions for the usual routines. Another powerful scene since they were really getting along and cheering one another on, like real brothers. Kind of sad seeing how Tian Bin was walking away, realizing that he was not in with the others, sharing the moment directly. These little details would eventually led to his determination in making the final decision.

After another round of routines and powerful songs, Lai Hu was looking for trouble again. Duh! Who was he kidding? A convenient break? Yeah right! If only he could get past Shan Ren’s ever-watching eyes. Da Tong’s too careless! Honestly, who was he kidding? Trying to sneak a fast one when Shan Ren was too occupied with scolding Lai Hu? OKAY… Shan Ren made Da Tong apologize to the gun? LOL! That was priceless! And then Da Tong was so careless (AGAIN)! He knocked Shan Ren out, causing An Bang to scold them both for messing around, LOL. Agreed with Shan Ren that those guys were causing his death. LOL! That wasn’t all! Wu Yong sure topped it! He succeeded and became the first to pass the trial BUT where in the world was his gun? LOL! That was priceless!

The never-ending cycle. He got scold so he was scolding at them. Nice? Oh well, they were the reasons why he got scolded in the first place.

Tian Bin was finally making a move. He was determined to join the others. Yet can’t blame Shan Ren and the others because they were worried about his well-being. Not to mention that they needed to be careful and answer to his mother as well. And yup, only An Bang was brave enough to let Tian Bin continue. It was strange to see him so eager to start the training with others. But understandable.

Tian Xin came to visit Bo Wen? He was more than excited to see her. Yet it seemed strange. I sense something wrong. Or maybe because the past events had projected that feeling. I knew it! I saw it coming just through her eyes. Had to type those past lines before watching on. And though it was sad in Bo Wen’s case though I agreed with her. I meant I know where she was coming from. It was not as simple as he planned it out to be. She had her hardships and can’t just rely on others for it. (And she might just be lying BUT I’m just looking at all angles here.)

They were moving on to the poles now. Eek! Looks hard. Yet their previous training should build their strengths already, right? We’ll see. That was funny how Hai Sheng was still competing with Luo Gang regarding the tasks. I guess it wouldn’t be the same without those moments. Hai Sheng won this time around, LOL! Nice to see Sheng Nan training Shi Jun BUT Shan Ren had to deal with Lai Hu and Da Tong again. It wasn’t like Da Tong couldn’t do it, but he had to meddle into Lai Hu’s business and answered Shan Ren. Da Tong was afraid of heights? OKAY! He must be kidding, right? Poor Shan Ren, he got knocked over again. Darn, he was so unlucky. He wasn’t ready. Geez whiz. It was funny though that he yelled for the others not to laugh YET Sheng Nan was laughing too. Too bad he can’t tell her to be quiet like the others. He had to pretend that he was all right yet his back was killing him. Eek!

They were kidding, right? Even made Shi Jun write down the numbers. LOL! Too bad it didn’t work! Honestly, crazy. Lai Hu was praying and all, then he jumped in saying ‘Amen’? LOL! The silliest thing was seeing Da Tong sitting there watching while the others were sleeping. He honestly believed in it? Or were they just testing? Ohhhh…got it now. They were watching Tian Bin and making sure he was safe. Aww…regardless of how silly they were approaching it at first, it was touching to see what they were trying to do for Tian Bin.

Just when Da Tong was patting himself on the back for a job well done and handing the duty over to Lai Hu, things became complicated again. Lai Hu fell asleep while Tian Bin was in one of his trances again and Luo Gang had to wake everyone up to search for Tian Bin. (It was funny how Hai Sheng was asking Luo Gang if Luo Gang knew what time it was, LOL.) Wu Yong and Da Tong thought that Tian Bin was in one of the training rooms YET it was actually An Bang! Busted! Jing Wen was the one who found Tian Bing wandering in the fields though so she followed him while the other guys were being scolded by An Bang. (Look at An Bang’s expression softening upon seeing Jing Wen! LOL!) Anyway, of course, Jing Wen found Tian Bin and directed him back to safety while the others were finally relieved of the scolding marathon.

Aww…poor An Bang. LOL! The only reason why Shan Ren could act that way toward him was because Shan Ren was the only one who could control Tian Bin’s mother, LOL. Well, at least, try to calm her down, lol. Jing Wen was laughing at An Bang? Nice… (NOT!) Yet it was kind of cute seeing how An Bang was all awkward/nervous in front of Jing Wen. Seriously. Oooh…Bi Ying saw them walking together in the night! No wonder she was reacting in that way with that one scene in the previews. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be like that for a long time. It would be too annoying.

Yup, the inevitable scene. Great or what? Well, she said she was kidding? Or it seemed like she was kidding? Hopefully, she won’t go overboard.

Okay, was too busy laughing to capture some stuff. But the previews showed some intense scenes mixed with more comedy. Hopefully, Bi Ying won’t be annoying. So far, didn’t see any signs. So funny Wang Wei was joking with Sheng Nan YET she looked a tad strange smiling like that so he was shocked? LOL! Though he was the one who joked about her trying to make a date with him, LOL. So funny how words got around and even An Bang was saying the question before Sheng Nan could, LOL. Jacky’s not in this one yet. Probably next one. Ekkk! Oohh.. An Bang’s jealous? LOL! Might be another priceless scene!

More funny BTS! It took Zhao Jun Ya 3 tries before he got it right with the mask? LOL! And then the others were challenging each other on the speed. Great…

Went up a bit for ratings – to 9.13.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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