Rookies’ Diary: Episode 19

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

After some demonstration in front of the visitors, they were relieved of their duties. Woohoo! Not really since Wu Yong couldn’t find Wu Ba Ba.Wonder what happened to him.

And the inevitable scene. Hao Zhi’s wedding. Or at least he was getting ready for it. Poor him.

Hao Zhi managed to make a clean exit to a Taxi. And discovered that You Shun was there as well. Nice! You Shun got a plan? Great! We’ll see how it goes.

They were focusing more on Shi Jun? Hope they disclosed some more information since it has been bit by bit these past episodes. Ding Hao trying to reassure Shi Jun? Aww…He was willing to go with Shi Jun? Nice… It was too hard being him though. He was being helpful but of course, can’t blame Shi Jun for being so scared. It must be tough having a father like that. So strict, so much pressures. Cool, he was able to talk Shi Jun into accompanying him to Hao Zhi’s wedding, lol.

Oh, shoot! Hai Sheng encountered some old flame? Just wondering since he was sneaking away like that. (If you guys wonder why she looks so familiar, that’s Xi En. I think she prefers it as SiEn instead with how she writes it on her Facebook and all.) He was pretending to tie his shoe? Not convincing though. Eh! Yu Ting and Pei Zhen knew each other? Uh oh. How in the world could Hai Sheng get out of this one? He shouldn’t have bluffed regarding the other matter. Ohhhh…they were in it together! Poor Hai Sheng! Well, not really, but have to find out what the real version was in the first place to see what was going on. But still, found that kind of messed up with tricking Hai Sheng like that. Or maybe I’m just biased because I only want to see Hai Sheng and Yu Ting times, not others. Oh, so it wasn’t as extreme as I thought. I almost had a feeling Pei Zhen was his current gf and he lied. But then it was just that he bluffed about not having a girlfriend ever. Then he had a point. If he didn’t like her for real, would he let her play tricks on him like that?

Another scene in the previews. The predictable breakup, considering how past hints had pointed toward this direction. In a way, it might be better for them to break up, but seeing Bo Wen like that, it was too sad. That song in the background made the whole thing even more sad.

Hao Zhi’s sister looked cute. Wonder if she really was, LOL!

Eh…You Shun was willing to go that far for Hao Zhi? LOL! He looked so cute as a girl though! Love the curly hair! LOL! They were so easily fooled. Or perhaps You Shun looked convincing enough? LOL! Qiu You Mei? Hahahahaha. Nice!

Nice, using his girlfriend as a shield like that. (We all know it’s You Shun, but if others were to see, what would they think?)

Oooh…cat fight! (Sort of, LOL!) On the other hand, that wedding dress sure looked nice, but for some reason, it doesn’t suit Su Qing. NOT saying that because I don’t like her character. But because it seemed a bit looser than it’s supposed to? NOT sure since I’m no expert. I knew it! As soon as the door was shut, Su Qing turned back to herself. Poor You Shun! The things he would do for his friend. Can’t stand Su Qing’s fakeness anymore. It was too much! Eek! I understand why the wedding dress was more loose than usual now. It was used for her to tear it up, etc.

Rats! Busted…almost since Ding Hao was staring so intently at You Shun. Seeing the similarity perhaps? OR was that just plain curiosity? Never mind, Hao Zhi ruined it himself since he yanked You Shun’s hair instead of hand. Can’t blamed You Shun for wanting to escape though since the other girl was such a maniac. If the father likes her so much, he should marry her, NOT make Hao Zhi go through it. It was getting quite annoying and ridiculous. Not what I would call comedic at all.

The only part that I could laugh at since Zhen Zhu was so cute, laughing at You Shun. It was only funny when Shi Jun realized it was You Shun and then Ding Hao called out his name, LOL! Poor You Shun. I think I could forgive him for that one time, accidentally selling the itching powder to Di Qiu and his gang.

This showed how much Hai Sheng valued his friendship with Bo Wen. It had been proven in the past but his stubbornness and willing to reassure Bo Wen was touching even. Though he was down in the dumps yet still maintained a strong exterior to support Bo Wen.

And the ridiculous scene unfolded. Gee whiz. I don’t know if such a person existed but it seemed too exaggerated here. How could she be that OVER? I can’t find myself to like Hao Zhi’s sister anymore. I meant she was only listening to her father BUT she was betraying her brother. At least support him somehow, NOT that. (I guess the damage is already done, he couldn’t do anything anyway. His fate was already twisted. Can’t mend it anymore.)

No wonder You Shun was always thinking of ways to make money – regardless of method. That was funny how Hao Zhi was already inside. Another bonding related to friendship. Also, a chance to learn more about You Shun’s background. Actually, You Shun had a point, a very good point. People often lecture others about how money is not important and how they could go on like a bunch of enlightened philosophers, but those are the ones who never experienced such hardship in their lives so they were able to sit around and invent those sayings and lecture others. Reality and those talks were two different things. Regardless of how we don’t want to admit that money isn’t everything but it had become so.

Eh…fun scene–supposedly. I’m not so used to seeing Sheng Nan in regular clothes though, LOL. I like seeing her in her uniforms more. OR maybe I just need to get used to it. (OR NOT since they rarely wear their regular outfits in here, considering how the drama took place inside the military for the majority of the time?) They were so cute together like that though! LOL! Too bad… (Yes, I’m still sore though it’s still hard to tell who she would end up with the way the plot’s going. BUT it could go the obvious way by letting her being with Luo Gang since she likes him and he seems to too?)

Priceless expressions from both parties! How could Luo Gang? But I guess he had to OR it wouldn’t be too convincing with Sheng Nan’s mother. Poor Shan Ren though, he was forced to retire his role. Luo Gang said hi to Shan Ren but he might as well slapped Shan Ren already. Eek! Sheng Nan’s mother was all confused! LOL! And Luo Gang still dared to look so innocent when Shan Ren was staring him down? LOL! Gotta give him that. Aww…Shan Ren lost his seat! Slick! That was real slick!

A very good question, LOL! Hard choice, what should Sheng Nan say now? LOL! Yup, Sheng Nan’s mother was right. It was not a matter of rank, LOL! Sheng Nan seemed relief since she was definitely siding with Luo Gang. And that was funny how her mother put it that she didn’t even know why the two guys were interested in Sheng Nan since Sheng Nan did not possess any feminine traits, LOL! Of course, Sheng Nan had to argue, LOL! Shan Ren volunteered to answer first? Nice! Might be an advantage. OR NOT since Sheng Nan already had her mindset. Eh…Luo Gang’s answer seemed to win already (of course it was too obvious) so Shan Ren was losing major time. Hope Shan Ren could get over this one, LOL! (OR NOT!) Sheng Nan’s mother was measuring the two? Funny, LOL! Of course, Luo Gang would win. (Luo Gang only has his father so Sheng Nan would only have to respect him while she would have to deal with Shan Ren’s sisters if she chooses him, LOL!) Sheng Nan’s mother was really brilliant! I love the way she operated! Though she was into match-making, she was just worried for her daughter (unlike someone who ignores the whole thing). (I was just kind of irked with the other situation so had a bad feeling about this one also. But glad it’s different.) Shan Ren got tricked major time! She wanted Sheng Nan to go with Luo Gang because she had some more questions for Shan Ren? YEAH RIGHT! Can’t believe he fell for that one! LOL! He was so easily tricked! She was so smart. Letting Shan Ren ran his mouth while she ate.

Oohhh…he sure had an attitude all right. Not surprised but that was fast. But it was okay. The walk and talk afterward was kind of nice. The song in the background wasn’t overdone with the mushy part, LOL. I guess it was just right. Nice scenery though, lol.

Eh…Hai Sheng found it! Not bad! Still hope.

They sure got in line fast! LOL! That was like record time! Da Tong and Lai Hu arguing? OKAY! They were sure having fun. Just hanging out and pigging out like that. The foods look good though. Da Tong and Lai Hu get to be the hero? Cool! How funny that they missed the bus though so they were late. NOT really but still made it. PHEW! Shan Ren was bragging? He still didn’t get it! Darn! That was sad! I guess it was a good choice that Sheng Nan didn’t choose him after all. Honestly, was he that clueless? Did he have to take it out on Da Tong and Lai Hu like that? LOL! But I guess it was wrong of them to be eating in there.

Previews. So Sheng Nan was getting promoted? Wang Wei back-stabbing Shan Ren? LOL! Xiao Rou! Awww, she’s going to appear again! Oooohhhh….some secret to be revealed! OR it seemed so! So much for it! They were getting a haircut again and they tried to line up in front of Xiao Rou BUT since Wu Yong had the accident, they immediately changed lines? LOL! Serves them right!

BTS! OMG! Poor Ah Xiang! Had to endure all of that. Even if it was just acting, BUT the stuff being tossed was real! Eek! You Shun and Hao Zhi’s little exchange was hard! They kept laughing, lol. Awww…they were celebrating Qian Jun Zhong’s birthday.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 19

  1. Hao Zhi looked very nervous and quite hilarious with that little bow tie, LOL. There’s nothing like a wedding to add interest to an ep!

  2. @vgag – Actually I hate this kind of wedding to say the least since it’s more like revolving around some superstition and there’s the whole arranged marriage thing. So it’s a major turn off for me. Who knows? Maybe they’ll learn to get along together since it’s already a done deal. But going into it so far, it doesn’t look that promising.

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