Rookies’ Diary: Episode 20

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Shan Ren scolding Da Tong and Lai Hu for being late and still standing there eating like that.

He moved on to pick on Wu Yong as the two guys finally got the message and went to change into their uniforms. Countdown from 30? LOL! That was hilarious! Someone stepped on his tail? He was back to being fierce. Oh, of course! He was sabotaged by Luo Gang so he was feeling more than threatened, so had to take it out on them. (LOL!)

It was just two days and they’d forgotten already? No problem, An Bang will refresh their minds! mwuhahahahaha Da Tong remembered but Lai Hu forgot? No problem! They were reminded as well. Lucky Ding Hao came to the rescue since An Bang had let them stop with the push-ups. BUT they were summoned once again. Luck or not? Oooohhh…so it wasn’t so bad. They were being praised for having caught the other dude. The rest of the recruits thought Ding Hao was kidding, LOL! Shan Ren had to yell at them before they start clapping.

Ooohh…Bi Ying’s in trouble. Well, she managed to dive right out of it, LOL!

You Shun back at it again! Haven’t he learned from last time? Well, at least he learned something since he was asking something to be on the lookout for him. We could see that Hao Zhi was less annoyed by what You Shun was doing, considering what he had witnessed and found out already. He was actually standing by You Shun, smiling and enjoying the show. Too bad the others already got their share of cool phones. Though Hao Zhi was teasing You Shun with how he was failing to sell this time, it was really out of fun and not snapping at him like before.

Sad and awkward since he thought it was Jing Wen and then she was feeling uneasy about the whole thing, not enjoying a show that she probably would have if the circumstances were different. Can’t blamed them.

Sheng Nan’s turn. Ooohhh…yup, she was as fierce. Wu Yong, Lai Hu, You Shun, and Hao Zhi should know better to talk at that time. (They were whispering BUT still.) That was a crazy risk. I guess they can’t really change who they are. (Or it wouldn’t be fun anymore?) Hey, no fair! Luo Gang was smiling too, why hadn’t she picked on him? Biased, all right.

I thought they were practicing the old routines again since they have somewhat forgotten some basic stuff earlier. But it was sort of like a test, incorporating everything they learned thus far. Though Sheng Nan was yelling at them, she still managed to coach Shi Jun. Not bad.

Wu Yong was kidding, right? He expected to get an upper-hand on this one? They had to go search for it for him? Whoa! He would be dead with them later. Can’t really blamed him since he was so into the routine that he didn’t pay attention, but…it was still going to be hard work since the place was so spacious! (Good luck, everyone!) They could kind of get in some practice, right? Since it was similar to one of their earlier routines.

Eek! How embarrassing! Shan Ren was acting like some scaredy-cat in front of Sheng Nan! He tried to remain calm BUT when the ‘snake’ was tossed toward him, it was hard to any longer. (LOL!) Was that one of Wu Yong’s friends again? It was so funny that even Hai Sheng showed signs of fear since he was dodging toward Luo Gang a bit upon seeing it. Hahahaha…poor Shan Ren, oh well, Sheng Nan fixed his shirt collar for him. Then he got to yell at the others too. (Having power was so much better, right?)

Whoa, this scene really showed their united force and also proved that their friendship was genuine. Luo Gang found it and handed it to Hai Sheng, who handed down the line until it reached Wu Yong. They weren’t looking for some good laugh or some show like at the beginning. It wasn’t about ratting each other out either. It was an unsaid agreement that they had to watch out for one another’s back. It was kind of funny that Wu Yong even wanted to hand it to Da Tong BUT then he recovered quickly and realized it was his, LOL. Too routine, eh?

Eh! Wang Wei and Xiao Rou! Cute! Anyway, he was so attentive since the minute she uttered a cry, he looked over to check it out. Aww…I thought he was going to help her BUT he wouldn’t want to be too obvious, right? She was looking after him. (They’re so teasing us with these scenes! So little!) Oooooohhhhh…bandage! Duh! My bad! Of course, the practical way was to get one for her instead of standing around, talking nonsense, LOL! Yay! He actually offered to put it on for her! Aww… He said she’s cute! Double awww….and they were being teased by the others!

Shan Ren thought he was taking care of business for Sheng Nan so he ran all the way back. YET he had no idea! LOL! Sheng Nan knew and she was smiling. Shan Ren was all happy that Liu Jian Xing wasn’t seeking out Sheng Nan anymore and he was even congratulating the dude for finding someone already! LOL! He had no idea the dude was referring to him (Shan Ren). I thought it would be exposed! But then Jian Xing managed to hold in it, just giving Shan Ren a gift, LOL! I guess they want us to laugh some more, considering how Shan Ren was so clueless. He misunderstood major time. Poor Jian Xing though, he had to like someone as clueless as Shan Ren. Just when I thought they were saving it for next time, Jian Xing said it! He was willing to do anything for Shan Ren? LOL! (Shan Ren: If there isn’t anything else, I’m going to leave.) YEAH RIGHT! Like he could dodge out of it…that easily. He ran like the wind was chasing him! (But Jian Xing was determined! He wasn’t going to give up so Shan Ren will have to try harder.)

Sheng Nan got to tease Luo Gang? LOL! She was getting the upper-hand this time. LOL! He wouldn’t guess it in millions of years! Hahahaha, he was feeling a bit unsure. Honestly, Luo Gang needed to keep cool. (But he was just trying to get some information. Too bad. Sheng Nan was having too much fun.) She made it like the handkerchief was given to her by none other than…LOL! Can’t stop laughing.

Sheng Nan taking the time to tease Shan Ren? LOL! Maybe because she could finally find something to get back at both guys – Luo Gang and Shan Ren. She was always at a disadvantage because she didn’t know what they were thinking or not know how to deal with them. Now she had her chance and she was really taking the opportunity to the fullest. So funny that Shan Ren still managed to get crafty, trying to place his hand on Sheng Nan’s shoulder BUT she dodged! LOL! Sheng Nan told him to think it over? LOL! He was so stunned! Now she took the opportunity, even more, to tell him that, “Things can’t be forced.” (This was sort of implying her and Shan Ren’s situation as well.)

Haircut time! Yay! We get to witness the scene shown in the preview. Those perverts! Trying to take advantage of Xiao Rou. (Where was Wang Wei when we need him? Shan Ren saw through their actions BUT it still doesn’t count.) Da Tong dropped it twice while Tian Bin dropped it once BUT Shan Ren got to him, LOL! Ooohh…too fast BUT they were dropping money, lol. No wonder Shan Ren was yelling about them having too much money. (Shan Ren: No one claims it? It’s mine then.)

Only Hai Sheng and Luo Gang got into one of the other lines. Made sense since they already have someone. Even IF they didn’t, Luo Gang’s not the type. While Hai Sheng might, not sure. Wu Yong was the one at the seat in Xiao Rou’s line. (And would be the victim like we’ve seen in the previews! Good luck! What a price to pay.) Shan Ren yelled at them but only some moved, and Da Tong was forced to switch to the next line over. Whoa! Shan Ren had to take Wu Yong to get some medical help while Wang Wei got a chance to reassure Xiao Rou. (Wu Yong was bleeding and he wasn’t kidding. Eek!)

Aww…she was going to cut his hair. The best way to boost her confidence was letting her try it on him, right? Yet it would mean his hair would be gone for a while. Oh well, had to make the sacrifice for his precious Xiao Rou. (Hai Sheng and the others were exchanging signals, lol. They knew!)

Eh…it wasn’t so bad. Still shuai! (LOL) And why were they talking like there wasn’t anyone else around but them? It seemed that way, lol. Maybe because he wasn’t giving her any pressures so she was able to do her job. Wang Wei even forced the others to go! LOL! (They dared to tease him, huh? Well, seeing how he was really happy lately, not so stern like the beginning.) Shan Ren was back and observing his head as well, noticing he just had his hair cut, LOL! (Shan Ren: Xiao Rou, he’s treating you so well, how are you going to repay him?) Wang Wei turned on Shan Ren, LOL! Serves him right, trying to put his Xiao Rou into a hard spot. (Hey, Wang Wei did try to help him in the past with Sheng Nan.) Shan Ren didn’t stop, he even went on and on with how tall and handsome Wang Wei was, etc. Darn, he was really pushing it. (And Xiao Rou’s answer was kind of sad. Too slim of a chance for Wang Wei. Let’s hope he could somehow keep count and be that person! LOL!) Wang Wei said that Xiao Rou’s working, LOL! She wasn’t really paying attention though. Hope there won’t be any more accidents.

Ooohhh…Hai Sheng was still pissed off at Yu Ting. He was entitled to. But seeing his secret smile was so funny. He was putting her on! LOL! Payback time is just so satisfying, eh?

This answers Hai Sheng’s secret smile. No wonder he and Da Tong were sneaking around earlier. They were leading their own little operation, right? Man, this was sort of mean too BUT it was getting funny since she was so easily tricked.

Previews. Yu Ting fell for it and even texted Hai Sheng, asking about his well-being, LOL! What? Wu Yong and Xiao De Ji PK? OKAY! (I’m rooting for Wu Yong, of course!) More troubles, they were looking for the thief but found out that Shan Ren was keeping Sheng Nan’s pictures under the blankets? LOL! (The others had a good laugh, but of course a secret laugh.)
BTS. Hard-working cast and crew as always. More scars. Jia you! And that was so cool that Fu Zi Chun was showing Xiao De Ji the correct moves. (I didn’t realize it was Fu Zi Chun until later.) Not surprised but it was still cool to see Yao Yuan Hao helping one of the others too. (He and the others who were portraying the superiors had to train first and for a period of time before the shoot–and sort of during. Or so I learned of awhile back.) And NGs were always the funniest, LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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