Rookies’ Diary: Episode 21

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Study time since they were going over some basics. Wu Yong finally earned some praises from Shan Ren. Well, sort of since he answered the question correctly.

And I knew it! It was just too good to be true. Sooner or later, someone would get yelled at. It might as well be Da Tong. So not cool. Da Tong messed it up ’cause he couldn’t tell? LOL! Even the other guy was clueless… NICE!

Break time and they had to do those skits. AND whoa! Da Tong just had to pull that one on everyone. But Wu Yong was the first one who discovered that it wasn’t just part of the show BUT was real. Like really! And they still didn’t believe Wu Yong until later? OKAY…

And trouble arrived. But luckily it was short-lived. Yet it wasn’t so since Xiao De Ji had it paved with his next schemes.

And I thought Shan Ren got it already with how he was being played. BUT he still dared brag about his progress? Or was he just covering up for his failed attempt the last time? Was he that clueless? Still funny though.

Moving on, more cute scenes between Xiao Yan and You Shun! Those dolls were indeed cute! (And what in the world? Xiao De Ji’s moving on on Xiao Yan! Lucky she didn’t fall for that one, LOL!)

So as night arrived and everyone was getting ready for bed, we see that Hai Sheng and Da Tong were laughing over their plan going ever so smoothly. (Let’s hope they don’t get busted soon, LOL!)

On a more serious side, a different type of evil as brewing somewhere around them. Yet they did not know. YUP, Wu Yong’s money was gone and considering how he overheard part of Luo Gang’s conversation at the phone area, what would it result in? It would get ugly. Wouldn’t blame either party, except for the one responsible for causing problems (aka the thief).

Such a serious matter, of course, the superiors were involved to take care of it. (Though it was a serious part, I felt kind of amused with Sheng Nan’s orders and how the others were waiting outside and watching her rattle out the orders. It wasn’t until they were called upon that they dared to move–or come in.) And the search began.

No surprise that they were going to stick something like this in to ease the hectic situation. Well, thank You Shun’s wonderment about how the superiors’ beds weren’t searched. SO of course Sheng Nan had to show them that she was being fair (or more like they were being fair with searching everyone, not just the soldiers). And Wang Wei came clean with some books under his mattress. (Aww…such a bookworm.) BUT as seen in the above picture, Shan Ren’s possession was another story. Too obvious. Always about Sheng Nan. That, of course, earned a good, silent laugh among the soldiers AND  ‘thumbs-up’ from Wang Wei. Nice going, Shan Ren! IF they didn’t know before, now they know his obsession for Sheng Nan. Or more like these were proofs.

Whoever it was (of course we as the viewers know) was SO DEAD with the rest of them. Since they got their goodies confiscated again. The person suffering the most lost was, of course, You Shun, who couldn’t carry on with his little shop anymore.

OMG! Ding Hao sure scared the world out of me! But it made sense since this was a serious matter. He had the right to yell. Anyway, that was too strange to see Shan Ren and Sheng Nan trying to put the blame on themselves. Okay, Sheng Nan, being the responsible person that she was, would take the blame because she felt she wasn’t working hard enough or guiding the soldiers correctly hence the problem coming up. BUT Shan Ren dared to be pulling such a scene in front of Ding Hao? Well, he was trying to protect Sheng Nan but that was still brave. Regardless of how silly he is at times, he’s still a responsible person.

So while they were still trying to figure out where the money went, Xiao De Ji and his gang already approached Shi Jun and threatened him. (They had no idea that Shi Jun was clueless until they told him themselves regarding the money.) What to do now? Too many possibilities. But all would be clear tomorrow? (OR NOT?)

So after a restless night – for most of them, morning finally arrived to greet them. While everyone was brushing their teeth and taking care of their morning necessities, F4 decided to sneak around and snoop on Shan Ren. Though that was short-lived since he spotted them. (It was hard not to since they were too obvious.) Well, Shan Ren was looking for possibly hidden places around the restroom area and was unsuccessful regarding the ‘money’ BUT he found a suspicious item, which was an interesting magazine. So all of them turned to look at Da Tong! (The obvious pervert around here!) OMG! Da Tong dared to say that it might be An Bang’s? WHAT?! That was too far-fetched! And Tian Bin had to ruin it for him by jumping in to comment about the magazine.

And maybe they shouldn’t be talking about others since An Bang was seen coming toward them like a minute later. Freaky! Speaking of the devil, right? (Funny that Da Tong actually got his magazine back AND how they were all hiding it for him.) But it was somewhat understandable because they did not need another scolding marathon to top the previous one with the serious offense someone was committing at the moment. Too bad they were too enthusiastic with their high spirits to capture the culprit that they totally forget about the magazine still in Da Tong’s possession hence An Bang saw it anyway. Hard not to since it was flying by him. AND that was strange that he chose to ignore it – though he did see the cover when it was on the ground. I guess there were more pressing matters and how it was not a good idea to trigger Ding Hao even more with all the side problems. AND Shan Ren picked it up. GREAT!

So after a round of torturing exercise conducted by none other than Ding Hao, they were relieved of it because Jing Wen was visiting them. (Sort of…) AND then Lai Hu just had to be a smart-aleck. Cooperative, isn’t he? Well, Jing Wen was talking about CPR so of course, he was interested. OMG! I can’t believe Lai Hu dared to pull that stunt while An Bang was there staring him down! LOL! That was priceless! He brought it onto himself big time! AND Da Tong got yelled at by Shan Ren again. Nothing new yet still funny how he was scolding at Da Tong for being a pervert. (Like he isn’t!) More lectures and babysitting time. Well, at least You Shun was sleeping and then Hao Zhi got pulled into it too. So much for a simple round of CPR lessons.

Indeed strange because they weren’t so eager to volunteer before, right? LOL! Of course. It was a different matter with helping a beauty versus helping Shan Ren demonstrate, right? Hao Zhi got it! (Just because he’s married…) But that wasn’t the funniest because the funniest part was seeing how Hao Zhi reacted when Jing Wen turned to call the other volunteer. YEAH RIGHT! Predictable but still funny. And they thought they were in for a relaxing set of exercises? So much for light activities. Shan Ren yelling at Wu Yong because he was hurting Annie? LOL! Only Hai Sheng received words of praise? No surprise. He has always been consistent in his performance thus far.

They were kidding, right? Letting Hai Sheng and Luo Gang be partners for the practice was like too much. Providing a chance for them to get back at each other. Well, they weren’t that childish. At least not at the most crucial moment. But who knows what happens when the others turned their backs? Well, nothing happened. (YET!) What was Hao Zhi doing though? Trying to kill You Shun?

They were back at it again. Wu Yong trying to be the good guy while Xiao Yan was fending him off because he was spying and reading the letter? LOL! I don’t know but this is too hard to see who I would root for. Too funny but still cute. Xiao Yan had to resort to yelling out for her mother? But that worked! He didn’t want to lose any points!

The inevitable scene with their suspicion for Luo Gang hadn’t happened yet but it was shown in this ep’s previews. Have to watch the next one to see. But the scenes where Xiao Yan was talking Wu Yong showed that she must have forgiven him? Looks serious.

More BTS and NGs. Weather change. Poor everyone! Chen De Lie was so funny. Doing those gestures behind Fu Zi Chun’s back! LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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