Rookies’ Diary: Episode 23

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Another day and more trainings and routines. Eh…they get to play today? I meant no pressures with other training? YEAH RIGHT! There’s always a purpose why the game would be introduced to them.

Though they looked like they were having fun but there was an apparent sign with singling out Luo Gang and not allowing him to get to the ball or pass it onto them. Da Tong just practically snatched it out of Luo Gang’s grasp. And there was also the whole thing with him snatching at the ball when Shi Jun was calling out for Luo Gang. Well, Shan Ren interfered but like that would stop Da Tong. They don’t have proof, but I have to agree with Hai Sheng. It was hard to carry on when everyone was suspicious of one another. And in this case, it was Luo Gang. I guess it was like what I mentioned in the previous episode, it was about a test of trust. Shi Jun was definitely molding things over in his mind. What to do now? He was going to tell but too bad those bullies got to him. Gotta give him kudos for being firm on the matter. They coaxed him by saying they would return it. BUT yeah right. Still…not his fault. Those guys were too cunning.

And the confrontation seen in the previews. Well, part of it because there would be a part 2 later. I guess this is the difference between being family and friends–or differences between guys and girls. I don’t know. But the difference between how An Bang acted toward the situation versus Sheng Nan. Luo Gang expected that from his brother because his brother was strict and possibly because it was the insecurity of being trusted by a sibling versus no pressure with friends? If you believe someone, don’t question versus I want to be sure that you didn’t do it. I’m not saying either party is wrong since it was just a different approach in the whole matter. I just found it interesting how both parties dealt with the suspicion. Something to think about really.

Sometimes it pays to be sneaky. Lai Hu was caught red-handed. But of course, there’s a twist. It would be too unbelievable that Lai Hu stole it. We already saw who the culprit was. It was just a misunderstanding since it was Lai Hu’s money. LOL! Payback time for Lai Hu since Da Tong hit his head earlier.

Time to give the ultimatum. Well, didn’t they already? They need to be more effective. No one wanted to confess. What? Luo Gang confessed? He was sure suicidal. I meant was he so fed up with the others suspecting him that he didn’t care if he didn’t do it? Both Shi Jun and Lai Hu couldn’t believe he confessed (’cause they trusted him–and that one know he didn’t do it). Sheng Nan interfered…ooohhh…

So much intensity. I know it’s not right to take it out on Sheng Nan but Luo Gang has a point. If his past doesn’t matter, why does everyone have to point at him and single him out like that? (That song playing in the background the whole time was really powerful also. Suitable for the powerful scene.) And I think that scene was nicely done with how it only showed Sheng Nan shedding a tear or so while Luo Gang was there. Then she broke down afterward when he was gone. It would suit her since she would try to hold it and try to be strong in front of others. (Not too over-killed at all. In fact, more realistic.)

Aww…he cheered her up. My existence is to ensure your happiness? Aww…almost touched. Yet the way he said it wasn’t arrogant at all. And that was so sad. After she left, he was just standing looking at her back. He wanted to cry yet still make himself smile. Probably have to reassure himself that he made her smile?

Ooohhh…this is key! Wu Yong sure is observant. Of course, it’s his money. But this could be a break in their investigation. Secret operation! Yay! Hopefully, it would help reveal things faster. Or at least for them.

Sisterly talk? Must agree with Bi Ying. Sheng Nan’s luckier than her.

More hilarious scenes. Honestly, Lai Hu brought it upon him. AGAIN. He always forgot. Shan Ren’s hilarious! (Did he do it on purpose to cheer Sheng Nan up? Love can’t be forced but he’s just too cute trying to lighten the atmosphere! Even at Lai Hu’s expense.) What in the world? Poor Chen Bo Han! (Ah Hou? Monkey? OKAY!) Da Tong just had to be so careless. And kept making mistakes. OY! What in the world? It was getting crazier by the minute. They were supposed to practice yet it turned into a disaster? Not surprised but still. When I thought that was the end, nothing new, there was always something new. AND that was messed up! Hate Xiao De Ji! But it made sense he wanted to divert attention away from himself. I never enjoyed Shan Ren’s yelling so much. It was stupid to mention it, especially when they were practicing.

You Shun better not or I’m so writing him off. It doesn’t matter if he needed the money so badly. Doing that would sever their ties. Well, he could somehow get out of it. BUT would this be the turnaround and Xiao Yan would eventually be with Wu Yong? JUST KIDDING…but something to jump forward about.

More intensity. Darn! Shan Ren was so brave! He just wanted to shut the door and fight? The things that he dared to do for Sheng Nan though he did not understand fully. (And how much Luo Gang was hurting too.) But at least Shan Ren didn’t use his rank to bully Luo Gang like in the past. He didn’t fight back? Ooohhh, nice one. He said he wasn’t like Luo Gang but wanted to warn Luo Gang to not hurt Sheng Nan anymore? OKAY! OMG! Shan Ren seriously was brave. The weather caused him to have a bleeding nose? GREAT!

This is pathetic! He was trying to sing Aaron Kwok’s song. shivers There goes the song. All ruined now. And You Shun went ahead with the plan? Okay, so it was just luring Xiao Yan out. BUT still. That was almost like being stabbed. She trusted him. Serves Xiao De Ji right! Lucky she ran away in time. That was minor for now. But we’ll see what happens when she finds out. OR if she finds out. She’s not convinced that You Shun would do that so…

Didn’t want to talk about this again but getting more and more…annoying. I guess it’s supposed to be frustrated but maybe Shi Jun should have told on them when he was like several steps from the door to the superiors’ offices. Don’t know. Now they’re taking his diary. What next? And they were found out with fighting and/or arguing. And then? OMG! Wang Wei’s back! I miss him so much! (He wasn’t even in the previous episode?) On the other hand, this will teach people not to write diaries. Honestly, it’s more trouble than help. I meant Shi Jun was already being bullied but to be blackmailed too? (Though it would be ironic and defeats the purpose of the drama if there is no ‘diary’ in here,LOL!) Kind of far-fetched, but if Shi Jun’s being pushed too hard by the bullies, would he eventually commit some crime? (Like kill them?) I wouldn’t blame him. These guys were really pushing it. And with what Ding Hao was saying, perhaps this was a test for Shi Jun. The constant encounter with the bullies, testing him and seeing if he’s brave enough to face all these, not caring what others would think of him if the diary were to be exposed. Or breaking past the fear of being attacked or cornered by those bullies and approach the superiors to tell them what was going on, i.e. that Luo Gang didn’t steal the money.

Aww..they were so cute. Okay, cooled down again after all those intense moments. I miss watching them so much too. Definitely need a break from those scenes. Aww…he was asking her for a date? NOPE! He didn’t know the difference? LOL!

Previews…ooohhh…was it Shi Jun? He’s so smart then! I meant he was just at a great disadvantage so couldn’t tell anyone. This way, it would stir suspicion among them all. Spying on Wang Wei and Xiao Rou does help, eh? LOL! And yes, this is moving forward. Super obvious since the money has been circulated like Ding Hao and An Bang predicted. Then now You Shun’s using it. SO…a break for them all…YES! This is not dragging at all. One of the reasons why I’m still in.

BTS…everyone was sick? Aww…At least the main cast…NGs are always the greatest! LOL! Tang Feng couldn’t rip his own picture? That was funny. ‘Cause he rarely have NGs.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 23

  1. vgag says:

    A really useful summary as always–me and my weak Chinese, LOL. Also, I was very impressed with the new layout for your website Legacy Realms. I loved Mafia Principal–it was SO under-rated.

  2. DTLCT says:

    @vgag – Thanks! And glad you like the new layout. (I know…still waiting for the DVD set to come out.)

    As for RD – I’m behind again. But going to catch up again when I’m done with some stuff.


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