Rookies’ Diary: Episode 24

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Of course more training and practice, which also mean more aggravating the trainers. And like always, there are a few exceptions. But it doesn’t matter. Since the ones who messed up accounted for all the high blood pressure problems already, LOL! And I thought Lai Hu would make it through this time with his initial performance working like it should, but he has to goof up again. I guess it wouldn’t be the same if he’s able to carry through without getting yelled at.

Oy, if there were two Sheng Nan, huh? But then if that was so, she wouldn’t be special anymore. And the guys wouldn’t be fighting for her attention. (It’s not like they were but still…)

That was so messed up! They were reading the letters from those people. But I guess that was how they discovered the note like the previews show. Yup, they ended up reading various messages around the tree hence discovering the note about Luo Gang.

Regrouping. Yup, they need a good plan all right. And the first step was to figure out who wrote the note. The less people know the better, right? Hai Sheng is really suitable to be their leader. And he was right that Shan Ren wouldn’t be as petty about helping Luo Gang. Yes, he was pissed off that Luo Gang was hurting Sheng Nan, but he still offered to hep her afterward. (He did say those words about letting Luo Gang be but I feel like it’s better that he say it than be all fake about it, pretending nothing’s happening.)

They were seriously getting better with this. (Of course since first time always create hilarious scenes.) That meant Shan Ren won’t be scolded by Sheng Nan anymore? (LOL) What? Eek, Shan Ren stomped on Luo Gang’s hand. Well, he didn’t know ’cause Luo Gang was so into the scenery so Shan Ren didn’t know. But ouch! AND grrr…Xiao De Ji was so despicable. He used those low tactics to try and find them? (Or would he be rewarded since he managed to use any types of tactics to seek out the enemy?) Tian Bin almost made it! Too bad he was a bit nosy about listening to Shi Jun talking to the others. So Hai Sheng, Wu Yong, and Da Tong didn’t get caught? YAY! Three for our team! OMG! Da Tong was so clever. He got rid of the costumes and went to sit at a different group. No wonder the others had no idea! LOL! Shan Ren had to go get him! Aww…poor Shan Ren. Got yelled at to the point where he couldn’t say anymore. What in the world was Da Tong thinking? Did he have to go that far to deceive others? I knew it! He would get it big with Shan Ren when they were back within their territory again. That was funny. They were looking for Wu Yong but did they have to exaggerate so far? Storm and rain? LOL! So funny that Wu Yong’s not falling for their tricks. He thought they were still under the test. Ewww…that was so gross. Poor Wu Yong! (And what? That was weird. He said it’s sweet? Eek!) Hai Sheng was hiding on some tree? LOL! Clever! No one cared to look there. So funny. Hai Sheng making fun of Shan Ren? This was something familiar. Kind of fun watching these two. And he saw Shan Ren getting scold? LOL! Poor Shan Ren!

More confrontation. Not really but at least Luo Gang knows that they’re not giving up on him, especially Sheng Nan. Aww…that was sweet that he poured the water for her. (Okay, nothing extraordinary about the gesture but it was the thought that count.) And I’m torn between rooting for who again. BUT guess it doesn’t have to be. Can like both of the guys without wanting them to be with her.

Aww…see what I mean with this is hard to pick? Though I know that it would be appropriate that Luo Gang and Sheng Nan end up together. What?! He must be day-dreaming, right? I’m confused now… Darn! There’s that song in the back, teasing us again! YUP! He was day-dreaming! LOL! I knew it! Sheng Nan sounded too gentle. LOL! It was Jian Xing all along! Eek! He had to run again! LOL! Cheng Gong Ling is such a romantic place? LOL! Shan Ren already sneaked away! (Or more like he was walking away while Jian Xing was talking on and on.) Okay, so he was unsuccessful since Jian Xing turned around and called him again. OY! How to get out of this one? So funny! It was tricky but he managed to get away!

Exam time! Man, what a way to cheat! And I thought Hai Sheng wouldn’t pull such thing but he was willing to be in on it too? LOL! Well, if Tian Bin wasn’t so noisy or acting so suspicious, they would’ve gotten away with it. So much for it! Should’ve more attention. That was a great move, he sneaked it to Wu Yong on the way to the front? I almost forget that Tian Bin was the sneakiest among them all.

That was funny. Wang Wei was being nosy and Sheng Nan told him off. (Sort of!) But it was funny how she almost confide in him. LOL!

What in the world? He grabbed everyone’s papers? Well, at least the ones he could reach to snatch. That was messed up but funny at the same time! What? Bo Wen was willing to let Hai Sheng copy but Hai Sheng doesn’t want it? Hinting something? Or he only wanted to cheat off of others in case they get in trouble but doesn’t want Bo Wen to get into trouble? OKAY! Da Tong and Lai Hu were doing the same but they actually asked the others for permission before looking versus Hai Sheng’s maniac snatching method! LOL! OOOOHHHH…No wonder! They were trying to see who was the one who wrote the note! NOT cheating! That was a risky technique since they could get in trouble for cheating. No wonder Hai Sheng doesn’t want to look at Bo Wen’s… AND they were caught! Xiao De Ji wanted to bring Da Tong down BUT Da Tong dragged him along. Sweet! Everyone’s using Shan Ren’s “Didn’t eat yet or something” phrase now. LOL! (Love it that Wang Wei’s back to scold them!)

Ooohhh…finally some leads. Well, after looking at the note and going through so many of the booklets, of course, she would memorize the style and recognize it without needing the note to compare. But she’s always so careful, wanting to make sure. YES! This was moving forward.

AND yes, another break! You Shun had to use the money sometime, right? SO there comes another lead. Sweet! So funny that Xiao De Ji thought he could just put the blame on You Shun YET he accidentally spilled out of the amount without knowing. NICE!

Always love watching them getting along. And An Bang was also teasing Luo Gang about Sheng Nan? LOL!

And Xiao De Ji sure doesn’t learn. OF COURSE. If he was any good, he wouldn’t pick on Shi Jun or others. OR even resort to stealing like that.

Previews…more exciting scenes! And yes, I knew it! Wu Yong likes Xiao Yan! This could be it! Too funny but Ai Cheng kept messing up with his lines! LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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