Rookies’ Diary: Episode 25

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

They were finally learning the techniques to pass the wires. Eek! Looks dangerous and tricky. Look at those sharp things.

And Shan Ren get to show off for everyone! NOT really, demonstrate, lol. We already seen Sheng Nan and Luo Gang going through the trials because Sheng Nan was trying to make a point. Now we get to see how the others would deal with it, LOL! Wu Yong got yelled at! LOL! He thought he could receive special privileges? LOL! And Xiao De Ji’s method: STUPID. Yes, he could see while he slides but so what? It’s not going to be useful if we think about it realistically with encountering those wires somewhere else, not safely behind their base. Hahahaha…Shan Ren creamed him! Da Tong’s turn, LOL! His neck’s crooked so he can’t do it? OKAY! Lai Hu’s turn though. OMG! That was uncalled for! But could happen. Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were competing again. Funny! LOL! An Bang’s a proud brother! On the other hand, why was Shan Ren studying An Bang so intently? And Sheng Nan was experiencing flashbacks. Tian Bin and Bo Han were having tea? LOL! Shan Ren was back to attacking Mo Gui Pai Zhang? LOL!

Hai Sheng and Da Tong did not know what they were getting themselves into. They thought they were still pulling the schemes on Yu Ting but they had no idea she already found out. OMG! Yu Ting seriously match Hai Sheng wit per wit. They were in for good this time. Da Tong’s pushing it! He’s going to be sooo dead! LOL! Ohhhh…Da Tong was speaking Cantonese at one point. Got too excited! And Hai Sheng’s so arrogant! He’ll know if he’s awesome tomorrow!

Ooohh…yup! Time to kill You Shun. Not really but he’s history since Da Tong’s on his case now. Dared to use his sister for profit. Well, nothing happened but still… Calling Da Tong ‘Ge’ helps? LOL! NOPE!

And they were at war! LOL! Jia you!

And the beauties were there to support them! LOL!

They managed to take revenge by attacking Xiao De Ji with the ball instead of caring if they win or lose. LOL! Well, it matters if they win since they would get free drinks. Yet revenge is so sweet. Xiao Yan even cheered for Wu Yong! Yay! Cute! Wonder if that would become his inspiration! Too bad…OY! They lost! Sucks! Now the other side could laugh at them. The only reason why they lost so badly was Luo Gang’s change in attitude. Couldn’t blame him…

You Shun trying to patch things up? Too late! She agreed…but…we’ll see.

Lai Hu sure said it. Though they had no idea and didn’t know better, but Lai Hu still has the right to defend his buddy.

What’s the effective way to apologize to Luo Gang? Tian Bin’s dancing and singing! NOPE, Da Tong shushed him. Next? Umm…Da Tong’s ineffective communication techniques, LOL! Hai Sheng was more straight-forward and to the point. And then Da Tong finally got to the point. I guess they just needed someone to start first to break the awkward atmosphere. That was nice, Da Tong dragging Shi Jun out to take the blame. Geez…

And they dared to talk about her Hai Sheng? Someone needs to be taught a lesson. And the exchange between Hai Sheng and Yu Ting…awww…

They were still reading other people’s notes? GREAT! OMG! Hai Sheng was so arrogant. He thought it was Yu Ting’s note? LOL! He had no idea! And when Da Tong discovered the person’s name on the back, it got even more interesting! LOL! They get to laugh at Hai Sheng! What? Wu Xiang Lin? LOL! Hai Sheng’s so slick. His theory is so funny. Probably trying to save face? LOL! Yu Ting didn’t want people to know it’s her so she used some other person’s name? OKAY! But Wu Yong sabotaged him by saying that Wu Xiang Lin usually sneak looks at him SO…it must be true. Da Tong congratulate him? LOL! Da Tong had to go take care of matters regarding his sister so the others followed to interfere, leaving Hai Sheng behind. BUT Wu Yong doubled-back and told Hai Sheng Wu Xiang Lin was watching him from behind? LOL! Priceless! That was freaky all right – with him being stalked.

The inevitable confrontation. So funny with Da Tong’s sound effects! And Lai Hu had to try and stop him from jumping out. While You Shun was trying to make up excuses for himself. And before it got too out of hand, Da Tong had to jump out to interfere. Well, Lai Hu couldn’t stand it and jump out first. Anyway, Wu Yong and Lai Hu had to stand aside (more like sit aside) because it didn’t concern them. But okay, they were fine sitting there, being entertained. So the interrogation continued and You Shun was tongue-tied while Da Tong threatened to beat You Shun up–since You Shun sold his sister out. AND then he had to say, “Don’t try to stop me” BUT Lai Hu and Wu Yong were just sitting there playing with the leaves. GREAT! Before Da Tong could pull through, they were being stopped and had to go back…so much for a show…But Da Tong promised to help his sister seek revenge. YEAH RIGHT! She cursed the male population and ran off. Nice exit!

And it was Wu Yong’s turn to comfort her. And nice, Wu Yong. Just when things were going well (NOT REALLY), you had to blow it (even more). He was actually happy that they argued? LOL! She couldn’t believe it either though she was prepared that he’ll laugh at her. Well, the explanation made sense but then it got into a danger zone. Someone was honestly describing himself when he mentioned about there are so many guys there that she could like, LOL! And why was he calling You Shun a monkey? That was going to help? (Still funny…) And aww…he had to watch her leave. Can’t blame her since she was really mad at You Shun and was now taking it out on him. Not to mention it was like she said, she thought he was persuading her otherwise because her brother told him to. (They need to stop playing that song for every couple. I meant I like that song BUT I want it to be a different song for this two–like how Shan Ren and Sheng Nan has a different song and Wang Wei and Xiao Rou has a song as well.) Aww…that was so sad. The first time we get to see it from Wu Yong’s point of view. At least the serious Wu Yong.

Another confrontation. What Hao Zhi said was very powerful. Xiao Yan was Da Tong’s sister hence she was also their sister, they had to look out for her. (Thank you. For once I see the guys standing on the girls’ side in an argument. I meant okay, it was mostly for Da Tong’s sake but usually, they would try to patch things up and say how he has his reasons, etc, etc. But now they actually made You Shun suffer regardless of how he had a good reason to try and get some cash flow.) YES, You Shun needed money for his father to see the doctor, BUT he could’ve asked the guys to pool their money and then he would eventually return it later. Considering how they were good brothers, they would help him AND wouldn’t laugh at him or anything for his not so well off status. Maybe this will teach him?

OMG! More trouble! Shi Jun’s diary got exposed? They were able to laugh it off? At least that was not too extreme? YET! Yup, getting intense. Two guesses it was Xiao De Ji and his gang’s doing. AND poor Shi Jun! Lucky the others weren’t taking it out on Shi Jun with his criticism. They really learned to laugh it off. Though they were turning on themselves, it wasn’t too extreme–YET.

And as they say, never force someone to the wall. That person will fight back! So he was fighting a losing battle. But it was a matter of principle. Hai Sheng to the rescue! Lucky for Shi Jun! YET those guys were playing dirty and they were outnumbered. Lucky Luo Gang arrived in time to save the day. He’s more capable than that, having been in numerous fights in the past. Bring it on! Wang Wei just had to come by at that time. Eek!

They looked so innocent doing push-ups. Yeah right! They had a mutual agreement to not rat one another out? ‘Cause Hai Sheng was reminding Xiao De Ji not to spill the beans–or else. Like Wang Wei would believe them. Doing push-ups this time of the night? When they could be relaxing before bedtime? Okay, at least they only had to clean up. AND then Xiao De Ji got it with exposing Shi Jun’s diary. BUT he had to say that he wants everyone to read and learn from Shi Jun’s composition skills? GREAT! YEAH RIGHT! Man, now I know why I love Wang Wei so much! He smiles one minute and turns fierce again! LOL! Serves them right! Couldn’t sleep tonight! SORRY! Luo Gang and Hai Sheng admiring one another’s abilities? LOL! NICE!

So what’s the verdict? One more chance. But I want to know what the punishment would be…(DARN, I’m evil, right?) But then it was him who brought it onto himself. They’d given him too many chances to repent. I know Sheng Nan and An Bang got a point. BUT…still…

Finally, a chance for them to reconcile. Funny how  Sheng Nan was giving him a hard time. Nice scene still…like the song in the background. (See what I mean with every couple has their song?) Lai Hu’s talking in his sleep, so funny. And Shan Ren misunderstood Sheng Nan! LOL! But of course, he found out later that it wasn’t his that Sheng Nan was drinking. But he still misunderstood when he overheard Bi Ying’s words. OY! Aww…that sucks! Bi Ying shot him down with the info. She was just teasing but that was just too sad. So funny how he was mumbling when Bi Ying was gone. And that was the end of the episode after that genuine speech.

Previews…Shi Jun’s father appearance. More tension but we get more info regarding their father and son conflict. Hai Sheng and Shi Jun’s talk. A change. What? Tian Xin coming to their place? What in the world is she doing there? Ooohhh…shooting some scenes there. Hai Sheng to the rescue when they wanted to cast Bo Wen as the main guy. What? Bo Wen’s going to commit suicide? AGAIN?

BTS…Tang Feng and Fu Zi Chun were still fighting over who was best? LOL! OMG! The ball hit Xia Zheng Feng instead, LOL! Painful. It was too easy getting hurt there. Honestly, they were just too strong. Tang Feng wants to PK everyone? LOL! Fu Zi Chun’s just too funny. Where in the world was he planning to toss that ball to? Wang Wei’s NG, LOL!

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