Rookies’ Diary: Episode 28

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More training.

So after a round of jogging, etc, they were given a break. The guys were gathered around to talk nonsense again as we see Luo Gang on the bar, still training. Well, they weren’t really talking nonsense since it was about the upcoming match. Luo Gang was done with the monkey bars and wanted to practice his technique. And soon everyone was joining in as well, wanting to do their best. Yay for team spirit! (The song by F4 is in the background the whole time. F4 = Funny 4, NOT the ‘F4’, LOL!)

Here we go again. Sometimes I think Sheng Nan’s too nosy. Yet maybe she’s just overly concerned for them. It’s like stop aggravating him, but then she couldn’t help but want to know. I’m starting to get annoyed with the constant flashbacks. Come on, move on. Or more like I’m bored with watching Luo Gang and Sheng Nan. I don’t know. It’s just too fun to watch the others acting crazy than this. NOT that I dislike the characters or actors/actresses. Just feel too bored with watching them together versus the other guys goofing off. They are cute together and do have fun moments or memorable ones. But I don’t know. Just getting bored. On the other hand, listening to the song sang by Ah Pang and Liu Xiang Ci is more fun. BUT would have been fun to see it for Shan Ren and Sheng Nan though that would be super random since they’re not together or anything.

So Shan Ren was supposed to take a late-night shower with Neng Zhi accompanying him. Well, they were both taking showers at a different stall. BUT Neng Zhi left to take a call and Shan Ren was suddenly scared…of Ah Piao? JUST KIDDING…Well, he decided to ignore it BUT it was getting creepy again. Is it really Ah Piao? Careless, he managed to flick his bar of soap out of his stall. How to get it now? No one was around, right? (Except Ah Piao…) So just scramble out there and get it. No big deal…YET…since he realized it was Jian Xing the whole time, NOT Ah Piao. But maybe he rather it was Ah Piao? (He thought the white item in the corner was his bar of soap and Jian Xing was the one who picked up his bar of soap instead..nice?) Why were they playing that song in the background? Teasing him much? LOL! Poor Shan Ren! How to get out of it now? Lucky he was one of those who change really fast or he would be dead! He kept his nerves intact so great…LOL! So funny that he convinced Neng Zhi not to go check it out BUT ended up pulling Neng Zhi out of there as well.

An Bang back and watching them. Everything’s all too familiar, right? Sheng Nan yelling at Da Tong and Shan Ren’s scolding Lai Hu. Just like home, how he left it two days ago.

Everyone welcoming him home. Well, Lai Hu was the first one to yell out in excitement. He was kidding, right? But that wasn’t all since Hai Sheng spoke up on their behalf and thanked An Bang for saving Bo Wen. Da Tong’s attempt to greet An Bang back? LOL! Bo Wen’s inspirational message. Aww… (Love that song. The one in the background.)

So Xiao Yan sought You Shun out and realized of his difficulties, that he wasn’t lying about his father being sick, etc. That was kind of cute seeing how she was hanging up the clothes for him. You Shun was seriously silly though. I meant if she liked him for his money or whatever else, she wouldn’t be worth his time. But I guess I can’t blame him too much, considering how the world today revolved around money, etc. Awww…they were so cute…and the song was so suitable for the scene.

So while Shan Ren was harassing the recruits–as always, Hong Jie came on her bike and told Da Tong that Xiao Yan was missing. And while Da Tong was trying to recount things to Shan Ren–who was like standing there the whole time, they learned from Hao Zhi that Xiao Yan went to You Shun’s house. Hong Jie was relief YET she jumped at Hao Zhi for such a bold comment. She soon got You Shun’s house number–thanks to Shan Ren’s threat–and called Xiao Yan up. Or at least You Shun’s house since Xiao Yan picked it up. The exchange was too funny. LOL!

Eh…an auction? Well…it was more like war! LOL! Wu Yong and Xiao De Ji fighting for the shirt? LOL! They couldn’t even reason for themselves when it comes to Xiao Yan. You Shun looks like he wants to jump in but… Seeing Hao Zhi being the one taking control of the auction was kind of interesting. LOL! That was so funny! Da Tong stopped Wu Yong in time, whispering that it was his mother’s shirt and NOT Xiao Yan’s! LOL! Xiao De Ji was in for good this time! LOL! This was too priceless! This was worth even more than any ball game that they wish for a re-match OR one of those other activities where they could perform their best. The next item was equally interesting since it was believed to be Sheng Nan’s. Shan Ren went ballistic! LOL! Can’t lose! It was between Ah Hou and Kai Wen. Shan Ren had to react soon. Were the others clapping Shan Ren on or laughing at him? Probably both, LOL! He thought he could get the prize right there and then. He forgot what he told Xiao De Ji earlier, LOL! Too into his victory to remember. OMG! It was Neng Zhi’s AND not Sheng Nan’s. Should’ve listened more carefully! That was worth lots of laughs all right! Of course, Shan Ren can’t back down though the others said he could. Sheng Nan was watching. Would be too much of a bad rep on him. Okay, now everything comes out…and Da Tong let it slip that it was Hong Jie’s shirt! LOL! That was another hilarious discovery. Too priceless! Aww…too bad things turned out quite embarrassing for You Shun. So it was a relief for him.

I don’t know why I should be surprised by Xiao De Ji’s move, using You Shun’s hardship as an advantage. But it was just too low. Was this another test for You Shun? I meant if he’d done it, it would be for his father. YET I rather he be a bit embarrassed and accepted help from the others–just temporarily until he could somehow pay them back in the future rather than betray them again. They’re a crazy bunch but they have always been supportive of one another through all sort of difficulties, especially Bo Wen or Wu Yong’s situations. Even went through misunderstandings. But they managed to get past that, even if they had to apologize to one another, etc. Now, this? It was a hard decision but…

What to do now? He didn’t tell Hao Zhi but hinted that he had no heart to play. A game was just a game but the trust was there. Too hard.

This was too exaggerating. Hai Sheng got a game plan ready for them? OKAY! Luo Gang pointed out all the weaknesses, LOL! Even Bo Wen agreed with Luo Gang. Yup, Hai Sheng needed to bring out ‘experience’ to extinguish the others’ doubts. YUP, he was definitely using his persuasion skills to the max YET it had no effect on Luo Gang. Touche. Should we thank Xiao De Ji then? Since Luo Gang was about to leave but since Xiao De Ji worked them up with his taunting, they were more than ready to join forces once again and beat that arrogant dude so he would crawl and beg. (Well, not to that extreme, but yeah…)

So funny! Hai Sheng’s smooth-talking again. Still cute. And funny with his ‘of course’. Her laugh sounded too sinister, LOL! What was he supposed to do this time? Can’t wait to see. And his laugh was not so confident anymore, LOL! He was in for good. Gotta do it now, not just ranting his mantra.

So the match is on. This one will be a real stake to some people. It’s a test of trust and…we’ll see. So funny that Luo Gang was yelling at Shan Ren to pay attention and stop looking at Sheng Nan. LOL! They dared to return all the words Shan Ren used to scold them in the past? OOOooohhhh….I guess it was one of those once in a lifetime thing. Gotta take advantage of it to the max.  OMG! So Yu Ting wanted Hai Sheng to attack Ding Hao with the ball? OOOOHhhh…this was more than yelling at Shan Ren for his slowness. Darn…he actually did it! OMG! He did it! And apparently he got away with it! PHEW! Of course, the others had to convince Ding Hao. And lucky that Ding Hao was that forgivable. If it was any other superior, he was dead! AND I MEAN DEAD! Luo Gang got Xiao De Ji and his gesture was too slick! BUT he signaled to You Shun…is You Shun really going to do it? He just did a high-five with Luo Gang. It felt good to be on the same side and having everyone cheering for him as well, right? Too much pressure. I guess things won’t be resolved or move forward until Xiao De Ji gets kicked out for good since he seems to want to break every one of them down. First bullying Shi Jun and now preying on You Shun’s need with the financial. AND YES, You Shun finally choose to break free from Xiao De Ji’s taunt. He needs to conquer his own demon and not get tempted by others’ offers. It’s so funny that even one of his own teammates was laughing at him. I guess they had no choice but to submit to his power? Victory was so satisfying yet I think what You Shun liked more was their trust and support. (Of course…)

Another scene worth mentioning. Their joined forces to fight against someone as despicable, always wanting to use any method possible to win or sabotage others. Nice that You Shun threw Xiao De Ji’s money back to him. It really showed that You Shun could stand up to such a bully now. Aww…Wu Yong’s reaction. I meant I’ve been struggling in the past few episodes too with seeing how You Shun and Wu Yong looking so cute with Xiao Yan. You Shun truly deserves his happiness, but seeing Wu Yong’s reaction when Da Tong acknowledged You Shun is kind of sad. An Bang’s spying on them? How nice…

And the relief was a success and some more… There would be more good news to come in the next episode. Hopefully so.
They were using the preview time to present a song from the soundtrack again. I don’t mind really. Yay, Mo Gui Pai Zhang is back! LOL! Well, he has been back but he didn’t have to wear the protective cloth anymore. Even more energy to yell at others, LOL! More troubles and control damage. Da Tong poured water on Xiao De Ji and the other dude but the buckets ended up on Wang Wei and Shan Ren’s heads? GREAT! Time to run! Oh no, can’t really since he’s up on a tree. And Hao Zhi’s wife’s back to cause trouble?

More funny BTS. As if it’s not always so funny. They say that Ah Xiang was heavy? LOL! The NGs were always the  best! Fu Zi Chun leaned in for a kiss instead of turning so she could whisper to him? Looked like it! LOL! Then his attempt to toss the game plan on the table got everyone laughing. Lucky Tang Feng didn’t spit out his water, LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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