Rookies’ Diary: Episode 29

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I don’t know. I could never get tired of watching these powerful routines. It’s just so lively and full of spirit.

Here were go again. I guess someone couldn’t change at all, so uncooperative, even when Sheng Nan specifically spoke up on his behalf in front of Ding Hao. Ooohhh…he dared to talk back to An Bang? And no wonder since he was getting arrogant again (as always but less subtle at times since he pretended to behave when others were around). So he thought by saying those words and using such threats would scared An Bang? He has a lot to learn all right. (Yeah, An Bang could get in trouble BUT like he would cave in to such attempts.)

Ooohhh….more dramas. We’ll see. And yes, nice team! Da Tong and Wu Yong exposed them, sort of…kind of…WHAT?! They’re PK-ing? Okay! But Da Tong just had to turn and ask Wu Yong what those words mean, LOL!

They were so cunning! (Of course!) They doubled back to check out the situation. But what now?

Hao Zhi was all heart. He wanted to ask for money–not for himself–but to help You Shun yet his father didn’t see it that way. Well, it was hard to blame the old man. It was kind of weird. And he was sort of jealous! LOL! Oooohhh…negotiation. The things Hao Zhi would do for his friends since he was willing to put in the thing with ‘being nice to Su Qing’ in the future. Oooh…Hao Zhi hung up! Couldn’t blame him since he was frustrated with not being able to help You Shun when things were quite time sensitive here. And since the old man doesn’t agree, that means he doesn’t have to be nice to Su Qing either. Nice. (Mean, but yeah…whatever…) Nice scene between Hao Zhi and You Shun. Friendship’s always awesome like that, especially when the genuine kind like these two shared.

More bonding scenes. Nice to see Luo Gang coming to visit An Bang without having been called upon. Things have definitely improved between these two. Always that song playing in the background for their scenes. No more Mo Gui Pai Zhang but now Ying Xiong Pai Zhang? NICE! LOL! Cool that An Bang could joke now. Well, at least in front of Luo Gang. But he has always been nice to his brother anyway. I guess after that whole Bo Wen incident, everyone’s reconsidering things, not just Bo Wen. It wasn’t for nothing after all. (And I did notice how An Bang had the bandage on again. But I guess it wouldn’t be too odd since he would want to look stronger or appear more effective in front of others versus relaxing at nighttime and putting it on to protect his hand.)

They needed direction for every step when drinking water? LOL! Just wondering, but still funny. Ooohhh…Jian Xing was back? But poor him, he got made fun of by others. Sucks. Never good to be picked on. Shan Ren almost looked like he was pitying Jian Xing. We’ll see what next.

So he chose to comfort Jian Xing. Not seeing an eye-to-eye with Jian Xing doesn’t mean he would leave the guy to drown in others’ rude teasing. But that was funny that he jumped right into explaining that even if he respected Jian Xing’s point of view, it still did not mean they were from the same world. What was funnier was seeing how they could become friends. That was funny with Shan Ren drawing the lines, naming the terms before actually accepting Jian Xing as a friend. Well, at least this means that Shan Ren won’t have to run away from Jian Xing from now on since they got things sorted out already.

The day when Hao Zhi’s not running away from Su Qing. Well, he did but he had to stop when he heard about the money. Aww…poor Hao Zhi! Had to sacrifice so much helping You Shun. You Shun had to be grateful. Like not trying other means to betray anyone’s friendship anymore.Yeah, sort of bringing up the past. But Su Qing is seriously good at her game, acting all innocent and understanding in front of her father in law and now using these tactics to get Hao Zhi to cave in. Oh…Hao Zhi’s so cunning. Well, two could play at this game. At least in the deception department.

Awww….An Bang’s expression when he heard about the info. Poor him. Sad… (Still can’t figure out if Jacky’s voice being dubbed. I don’t know. It still doesn’t sound like him. It got dubbed or he manipulated it so it sounds different?)

Another cute and/or bordering touching scene. WHAT?! So she said that they were just friends, not boyfriend/girlfriend? Hmmm…

Anyway, get to see Ding Hao demonstrating more of his righteous actions. (That background music to one of the songs from the soundtrack.)

Awww…poor Hai Sheng. Sort of. Wang Wei just had to single them out. Well, not really since they have each other to rely on, NOT really singling, LOL! Better shape up! Oh…okay…nice…

Good question, time to think up of a good answer now, Wang Ban Zhang, LOL! Man, Shan Ren’s scolding and Wang Wei had to shush Hai Sheng up by signaling behind Shan Ren’s back, LOL! Gosh, Wang Wei’s trying not to laugh BUT it’s so hard. Shan Ren had no idea that they were all in on it. LOL! He made it like Wang Wei couldn’t handle it, telling him to take care, etc. Anyway, to continue their secret operation, Hai Sheng had a good point – even Wang Wei admitted it. (And he blamed it on them so they had to help him with the situation now? LOL!)

This scene sort of reminds me of the time Sheng Nan sought everyone out to pose as her ‘boyfriend’, LOL! But this time Wang Wei’s the one who’s asking her to go show support for Shan Ren. Sheng Nan’s so clever! LOL! Made Wang Wei invite An Bang as well. He smiled too soon! LOL!

A rare talk between An Bang and Wang Wei. NOT rare but more like on the same level versus having to receive orders only, etc. Still cool.

Eh…Shan Ren found some interesting lines written in the notebook. Ooohh…who dared to write that one? Seriously, it wasn’t Sheng Nan. Was he going to fall for that? Okay, he fell for it. Sucker! LOL! Mean, but come on now! He should learn by now. Fixing his hair and getting ready? OKAY…

OMG! It was too much to be true. No wonder he hit himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming! Yay! They played the song they sang in the background just for them. Nice…  (Well, not really since they let the tune played instead of letting the song take over. Good idea since they were still talking. Didn’t want to drown out the talk with the music.) This is killing me! Sheng Nan was signaling to Wang Wei! What in the world! Shan Ren had no idea since he was too busy talking and was too drown in happiness to know Sheng Nan’s secret messages. LOL! Wang Wei’s going to be soooo dead! LOL! Was he the one who wrote the mushy message? Look at the smile on Sheng Nan’s face. She was like trying to hold it in for just one day before killing Wang Wei tomorrow–OR something.

Okay, getting funnier and funnier since Da Tong and the others were behind the other door. And Wang Wei was signaling to him. AND Sheng Nan wanted to kill Wang Wei again.

Oohh…so everyone knew. NOT just F4 and Hai Sheng. Now even Shan Ren wanted to kill Wang Wei, not just Sheng Nan, LOL! OY! It was getting out of hand and Sheng Nan thought Shan Ren was in on it. YUP, sounds like a lot to settle with Wang Wei later. If An Bang was here, would he be able to resist from laughing? LOL! And nice, An Bang’s joining them as well. So funny how they were all serious again but when An Bang clarified things, they dug in.

And imagine that. An Bang’s stabbing Luo Gang in the back without knowing. ‘Cause he was cheering Shan Ren on regarding Sheng Nan, LOL!

And was Shan Ren serious? He was still taking advantage of the situation?

Now I understand why Ding Hao still had great respect for Shi Jun’s father. The man stood up for him years ago, not letting others scold him. Even if he had to do the scolding (or something), he would rather do it himself, under his own wing, NOT because of some rich guy’s son. We could see also how Ding Hao would often look out for others as well, possibly influenced by Shi Guo Zhong (Shi Jun’s father).

What? He dared to play deaf in front of Sheng Nan? Or was he too deep in thoughts? To even respond to Sheng Nan? Impossible! Yup, he jumped up as soon as he realized what he just did. Oh, he plugged his ears in, no wonder he couldn’t hear anyone. Losing his points again. But like he ever had points, to begin with?

Kind of mean but still funny, lol. On the other hand, that was fast! Sheng Nan wanting to seek revenge when Wang Wei just had to hint stuff again BUT he ran fast! AND Shan Ren was reacting super fast too, getting out of the line of fire. LOL!

Xiao De Ji dared to say stuff at that point? What in the world? Well, Shan Ren scold him but like he would quit. Aww…shucks. An Bang’s expression. And that was the end of the episode.

We get to hear the powerful song again! Yay!

Plot moving forward in the next episode. NOT that it wasn’t moving in this one, but focusing on some of the more essential ones. Like Shi Jun’s story and some others. Looks like Xiao Yan and You Shun broke up for good? We’ll see. What? So Xiao Yan’s with Wu Yong? Ooohh, they’re teasing us back and forth, left and right, and now more teasing? Can’t believe Wu Yong’s that scared of the needles! He gripped the other guy’s hand so hard! And what in the world is Shan Ren doing now? Trying to piss Sheng Nan off even more? Luo Gang’s turn to spy on them instead of the other way around? OKAY…

BTS! Yao Yuan Hao trying to teach Ai Cheng the correct way, LOL! So different from the scene (of course). Now it was everyone’s turn to show off or something? LOL! Okay, after Lin Dao Yuan messed up (lol), YYH took it back again. Then Fu Zi Chun jumped in. Great. Might be more successful? They’re making fun of Xia Zheng Feng? LOL! So funny yet cute at the same time. Ohh…poor the director. He has to demonstrate for Hao Zi! LOL!

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