Rookies’ Diary: Episode 3

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Oh wow, something new happening. NOT really, picking on Lai Hu was so fun, right? Why move on to another topic?

That wasn’t the most amusing though since I honestly pitied Lai Hu at that point. Wu Yong was the funniest, LOL! Shan Ren had to resort to using ‘the code’ to get Wu Yong to obey, lol. (And Wu Yong totally fell for that one!) Unbelievable, routine stuff again and they still get caught! LOL! Or were they trying to piss Shan Ren off on purpose?

Okay, so the whole rivalry between Shan Ren and An Bang became even more apparent. More like Shan Ren being a tad too petty about it! (LOL) I felt bad for the new recruits having to obey both sides’ commands. They were sooo confused! (Luckily An Bang managed to dismiss them temporarily so he could talk to Shan Ren and the others.) And Shan Ren thought he got off so easily since ‘the beauty’ was giving him the long face, lol.

After such excitements happening, Wu Yong still found the time to take a nap? Should’ve been more alert!

Moving on to new activities. They were now trained to handle weapons. And of course, Luo Gang was learning fast. Aside from that little ‘acting up’ scene, he was fine with everyone else.

And I was right with my prediction. The pace sure picked up a bit more after the initial detailed training from the previous episodes. They were moving forward to allow for new developments aside from the usual routine that was to be maintained every single day. Poor Shi Jun. So he was the kindest or at least seemed to be the kindest one among the guys thus far because Da Tong still managed to scare the world out of him.

Bo Wen was back to missing his girlfriend again while Hai Sheng tried to comfort him. (LOL) Hai Sheng sure knew how to gamble with his life since he dared to bring in the 3G cell phone like that. You Shun saw them! It wasn’t like that place could hide any type of secret. (Too bad You Shun’s attempt to make money failed!) Some, like Bo Wen, wished for a phone call but others did not appreciate it as much, like Tian Bin. I honestly wonder what was going on with Bo Wen’s girlfriend. Though she was probably busy somehow and he called at the wrong time, BUT couldn’t help it. It seemed a little too suspicious.

Wu Yong never failed to make me laugh. Honestly, who was he fooling? Was he that filial? Hai Sheng totally saw through that one! LOL! But Hai Sheng was all heart after all since he didn’t charge Wu Yong for it. Da Tong jumped at the advantage! And then some more. It was getting out of hand. IF they weren’t careful, Hai Sheng might be found out. Yup, it goes right back to my statement with how Hai Sheng was living dangerously.

And the day wouldn’t be complete without Shi Jun’s recounts of events in his diary.

Wu Yong got in trouble again! Should’ve paid more attention. Too bad he was caught sleeping last time so it was hard to reprimand his reputation. Phew! Close one since he almost stepped on An Bang’s foot. Almost! But he wasn’t spared that easily, considering he was caught several times in the past already. Finally, some action going on–though nothing major, but at least got to see some other types of punishment scene. And Wu Yong wanted An Bang to go check? OKAY…that went well, NOT…

You Shun was back to it again! That was funny! Nice try BUT yea, Hai Sheng have his own cell phone, why would he want to use You Shun’s and be charged for it? LOL! Seriously, he was a persistent salesman since he still managed to seek other ways to drive in customers!

The introduction of many of the girl population at last! The battles between both stores! LOL! Yay! Xiao Xiao Yu finally came into the scene! This will teach You Shun a major lesson since he was busy trying to stare at ‘the beauty’ and forget about the prices. Too bad! The lady look too threatening to back down! They thought they were saved when they step out of that store. But like Yu Qiao was going to let them off that easily! So they wanted to shrug off the ‘Shuai Ge’ title? LOL! Too late! They never learned those lessons about not to mess with women, LOL. Poor Hao Zhi had to take care of the bill.

They were in for good! Yes, I agreed with Hao Zhi – though he was staring too! LOL! We’ll see if You Shun’s plan will work. Da Tong had to cover for them! (They should appreciate Da Tong more.) Old rotten trick but it worked! At least for now, they better be more careful! Unbelievable! They were still able to roam around and try to sort out the dispute with money while they should watch their backs more cautiously? Honestly!

I knew they would get caught! It was too good to be true! This would teach You Shun a lesson! Shan Ren got them big time! You Shun’s attempt to make money went out the window! Of course, he couldn’t object! Now he even owes Hao Zhi money.

Though Yao Yuan Hao really has the authoritative look and the powerful voice, I wonder if he hurt his throat while doing such scenes. Honestly, that was a lot of yelling, etc. Still amazing though to see him carry it on. (Again, no wonder everyone was scared of him afterward, LOL!)

You Shun and Hao Zhi never learned. They were supposed to carry out their sentences YET they still found time to spy on others and risk the chance of getting caught once again. So they learned some important facts to file away for the future but they better mind their own businesses.

They finally have to face the music! At least it’s only Da Tong, right? WRONG! An angry crowd could form any second from now if they said otherwise! What to do? Eh… suddenly You Shun want to talk about ‘gan qing’? And what was with the whole thing about “Money, I have none, but there’s only one life, take it or leave it” deal? Dramatic all right! You Shun played the wrong card all right! He thought it was only Da Tong so he wanted to use that for dramatic effects, knowing Da Tong won’t attack him! But he calculated wrong since the others were in there as well! They were in for good this time! Oh well, that was effective since You Shun finally cough up the money. The end result wasn’t so good either since he still has to face Hao Zhi! And Hao Zhi wasn’t falling for that trick anymore!

Luo Gang and Lai Hu have to endure Hai Sheng’s bragging? LOL! Can’t blame him since he was trying to reassure his family about his well being. Too bad he got cut off by Luo Gang! Though I knew it was too good to be true, considering how he still has some grudges against Luo Gang. He couldn’t obey the guy like that. And Luo Gang thought it was finally his turn. I guess we have to thank Bo Wen (though it was for the worst) that Hai Sheng finally hangs up!

Poor Lai Hu! So much pressures. And that was harsh! I totally felt his pain at that moment. He didn’t mean to wolf down all that food, it was just a way of taking out his anger. Luckily, Luo Gang was the one who found him or he’ll get in trouble again. An emotional scene indeed and a change of air for once aside from the usual comedic moments. It was always a good thing to have a friend nearby to talk to and indeed Luo Gang was helpful.

Eh…girl talk? Unusual for this type of drama but not impossible. Some feelings expressed and advice exchanged, wonder what this would lead to.

Previews look promising – once again. More development and moving onto new things. Singing? Awww…finally… And more intensity between Luo Gang and An Bang. More comedic scenes at the convenient store!

Riding on the success of last week’s episode, it continued its ascend into 11.02 for this one. On the other hand, Yao Yuan Hao opened his own cafe.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 3

  1. I kind of stretched it a bit since I didn’t want to narrate bit by bit, lol. But still glad you found it helpful somehow.
    And you’re probably right with how others could relate to it. Though it varies from country to country but my mom was watching with me from time to time and she said it reminded her of what it was like for some family members. (And how she used to be a nurse and had some interaction with the military base too.)

  2. The ratings are extraordinary! I suppose it is in part because RD is different from the usual romance or idol drama. And a lot of people have done their military service so would identify with what is happening to the characters.
    Thanks for these synopses. I am watching the series without English subs so they are very useful.

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