Rookies’ Diary: Episode 30

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Things are looking super serious this time. Of course, since Ding Hao already warned them of the consequences if they dared to mess around.

OMG! Da Tong almost got into trouble. Gotta hurry and get up! LOL! But then again, he was looking around again. What’s up with that? Need to be serious this time around. I meant the threat with Ding Hao’s warning is enough to get anyone serious.

The funniest thing–and possibly most ironic–was that Da Tong wasn’t the first one to mess up but Tian Bin? Unbelievable all right! But of course Da Tong soon messed up so it didn’t make Tian Bin look so bad? Or would that even help? LOL! But things soon resumed with them being given directions to shoot the target. No wonder Ding Hao warned them how serious it was this time. Of course, they should always take the routines seriously, but this time, they were dealing with real bullets, etc, no longer pretending to shoot anymore. Da Tong closed his eyes the whole time? Eek!

Strange seeing them appreciating each other’s efforts and for once kind of was happy for one another? Though they have been getting along, there was still some subtle hints of competition. But they weren’t so extreme to the point of not congratulate each other–even if silently? And Tian Bin and Da Tong’s mix up! LOL! Seriously, that was hard to resist.

And Bi Ying was following An Bang. But I guess she couldn’t really say anything to help him feel better anyway. The best was to stay silent. Though I feel sad for Bi Ying too, I agree with An Bang. Sometimes it’s just best to be alone and think things over, not wanting anyone to make you feel the pressure–even if they didn’t mean to bring pressure. But sometimes it’s better to talk than just listen to his words and leave? shrugs Whatever works, I guess. Then I wonder if the outcome would be different if it was Jing Wen who talked to him since though Bi Ying tried but wasn’t successful. Things were quite intense this time so either way, maybe he would still be troubled? Who knows? And she was still able to tag him? Hmmm….too complicated.

Ooohhh…here comes trouble. And bluffing wouldn’t work in this case. They were ready to let head rolls – regardless of the consequences. And I thought they were going to beat those two up. Well, not yet. But that was priceless with the water thing. I was wondering where Da Tong was since F4 were kind of inseparable. I also thought that Shan Ren would catch them at it again BUT it was Wang Wei this time around. Hai Sheng’s explanation, nice! LOL! OOOHHHHH…Da Tong was so dead! He dropped the bucket on Wang Wei’s head! It was an accident, but still! Wait a minute! I thought Da Tong was afraid of heights? What happened to that? No wonder it seemed odd that he was up there instead of one of the others. And that was too strange as well. Wang Wei didn’t punish them? At least those actions usually ask for punishments. Well, maybe ’cause of what happened to An Bang so no one cares to punish them anymore? He could’ve at least punished those two, looking so arrogant.

Hao Zhi got exposed already? Eek! Both Hao Zhi and You Shun were laughing so hard at it! LOL! It was indeed funny. She always managed to get the upper hand because she had his father’s support. So for once, he could trick her! So funny with You Shun’s help! Man, they were a team all right!

How unconvincing could Xiao De Ji get? He couldn’t even get Neng Zhi to believe him so how could the soldiers believe him for his good heart? Only one of his henchmen would believe him. Though he was allowed to go, it didn’t mean he was convincing.

So they were lining up to donate blood. Only A and B so it would be understandable that everyone was not around. Not to mention how it was voluntary, so… And that was funny how everyone was making fun of Xiao De Ji’s blood. True. Honestly, who could use it? Might be black…yup… And awww…Wu Yong was seriously scared…

Good to know that their two bravest ones weren’t afraid of the needles–or scared of the sight of blood. Not impossible but still…would take away some points. So Lai Hu and Da Tong couldn’t donate on that day. NO PROBLEM, let’s wait for tomorrow, right? OMG! I guess the biggest bully is usually a scaredy-cat, eh? Xiao De Ji fainted on sight, LOL! That was priceless. He blamed it on the other guy? He was there to check out girls, like anyone was at fault. Geez whiz. But I guess he had to blame it on someone.

This was getting quite priceless by the moment. Wu Yong was seriously scared. OMG! Man, this was too hard to resist. He grabbed onto the next-door neighbor so the other guy would experience the pain too? OY! Ah Hou and Tian Bin were disturbed from their beauty sleep. (LOL!) Wu Yong was sure pushing it though. He dared to tease Xiao Yan at such a time? She’s still tending to him. She could cause him more pain than he could ever imagine at that point. Was he suicidal? LOL! Ah Hou and Tian Bin were whispering. Aww…so if Xiao Yan’s not with You Shun anymore then the plot’s heading towards Wu Yong? I know it’s kind of mean to wish that, BUT with the plot’s current hint, couldn’t help but get obsessed too. I would never expect it to be that way though since it usually lets couples stay together till the end if they paired them up already. Possibly it’s more realistic this way? Hope it’s not teasing us again.

The inevitable scene. But I guess it all made sense now. It was kind of strange that she was still taking care of his father yet was all distance toward him. At least kept a polite distance. Yet the blood donation scene made sense because it was in her nature to help others, not just because of You Shun. And I would understand too if they’re not together. It’s not whether there’s the whole ‘money’ thing, but there were already some things that would never return, like the trust. Though he thought that was the best solution at that time and went and protect her along the way, that was a risk he was willing to take. What about the future? We know he learned his lesson, but it wasn’t like there wouldn’t be an obstacle in the future. Would he be tempted again? What if the situation was different? Like ten times worse? Or it’s not about that either, but there’s already the unsafe feeling about the whole situation, like thinking ‘what if’ and feeling not so reassured. Though You Shun said that he felt the same way regarding sorting things out, but I think he was just trying to be strong for her sake, trying to make it easier for her. Must admit he’s really brave to make this move also. Can’t blame anyone for it actually, just that they haven’t met the right person or get through the obstacles? Suitable song for the scene.

Secret meeting in the middle of the night. Will they get caught again? Two guesses. They were there for another confrontation and possibly to settle the scores once and for all. Or will it be so? Love Hai Sheng’s righteousness. It makes the whole thing so dramatic without trying, LOL! Darn, Hai Sheng’s proposal. Tian Bin and Wu Yong had to grab Da Tong before things get too ugly. We’ll see what Hai Sheng’s up to. No way would he let Xiao De Ji experience happiness. Oh, so in order to save An Bang, they had to sacrifice Xiao Yan? But what difference does that make them from You Shun’s betrayal? Well, Hai Sheng’s always so clever so let’s hope he’s more than what meets the eyes. Tian Bin and Wu Yong better not choke Da Tong to death…

YUP, Hai Sheng was so clever. Always have a back-up plan. Why would he sacrifice Xiao Yan, right? Even if they’re desperate, they’re not crazy. At least he’s not. (Though he could be at times.)

Here we go again, LOL! That was soooo unexpected yet touching. Okay, I’m such a sucker for it. Shan Ren always trying to cheer Sheng Nan up. LOL! She was actually worried? LOL! And yes, Luo Gang saw them. Aww…Shan Ren was putting her in a tough spot. She should’ve said she already did regarding previous commitments. Now it’s hard to edge out of it. Though she could turn super mean and chase him away. Oh, so funny that she was threatening him with not letting the others know, ESPECIALLY that nosy Wang Wei! Well, she didn’t say that, but it’s too obvious it was Wang Wei’s fault the last time with the whole show. But what would Luo Gang think now? Since he saw the whole thing…

That was funny that Luo Gang wasn’t mad but she was? Made sense since she was attempting to tease him but he outdid her? OY…strange. What? Maybe Luo Gang doesn’t have a knack for humor then? Ooohhh…needs to work harder. Was this a hint of another breakup? Well, they haven’t officially dated but it was already obvious that the feelings are mutual thus far.

Eh…who’s the unlucky person? And he found some more interesting items. GREAT…What a day. Or more like what a way to start the day off. Darn! And I thought he would stomp on Luo Gang’s picture for real! That was a good scare! At least he wasn’t that low. Yes, he was frustrated but wasn’t despicable to resort to such methods. And honestly, what a way to start the day off–with a totally different definition now.

And I thought it was Hai Sheng’s since Hai Sheng has one too? But then Hai Sheng’s wouldn’t ring at such a time, right? PHEW! Yet Xiao De Ji was still so arrogant. (Of course…) And he thought he could get away with whispering also? GREAT…Sheng Nan was willing to let heads roll today.

Just when they were getting together for tea time, someone was appearing to ruin the moment again. Well, not really tea time, but was just waiting and talking. I don’t know. Just feel like easing things out while An Bang was waiting for the result. (And Jacky sneaked in behind them. NOT really but it seemed that way.) AND Shan Ren just had to get all smart aleck-y. Come on now! Who was he kidding? Why in the world did he dare to pull that one? Crazy? (And okay, Jacky’s voice not dubbed anymore? NOT sure. My ears are really deceiving me because it sounds like him now. It could be it was dubbed in one of the earlier episodes and now it’s not? Or did he catch a cold and it sounded different before? Oy, too many possibilities.) OY! Poor Shan Ren! Darn! That must have hurt! But he sort of brought it onto himself. Sort of… (Okay, I don’t like it but why was Jia Cheng kept staring at An Bang? Jealous? JUST WONDERING… He better not be bad OR ELSE… I’m switching back to character names so I wouldn’t end up getting overly biased, LOL!)

Okay, now the trails. Man, such a dangerous test! AND An Bang was so helping Shan Ren and Neng Zhi with tips to endure the trial. Jia you! Man, Jia Cheng was sure trying to hold on too. GREAT…I don’t care for him much right now. It’s okay. He doesn’t have to hold on. (Hey, characters here, NOT caring about actors right now since I like all. Just didn’t like his attitude earlier. Though Shan Ren was sure asking for it, don’t know. Been rooting for Shan Ren and the gang for too long to care about the others.) Man, yay! They won! Well, at least that was over, right? AND just when I decided that it was okay to let my guard down, Jia Cheng strike again. Darn! When will he stop? Well, can’t hold on for long, eh? Since he would only appear for like 2 more episodes. Great that Neng Zhi showed support for An Bang–AND Shan Ren as well. (I almost thought that Shan Ren didn’t. But considering how Jia Cheng was taunting him earlier, it was too much, he needed to do something.) And more team spirit! Yay! And that was the end of the episode.

Previews. What? Xiao Yan actually smiling and talking to Xiao De Ji? Kidding, right? Must be some kind of trick or something. Oh…interviews. That would be interesting to know what they’re talking about. Or how creative they could get. Leave it up to them, they will. More troubles for Luo Gang…oy…more headaches…

BTS….I kept hoping they had the scene with the blood donation so great that they included it. Oh, so Xia Zheng Feng was for real? Everyone was tuning him out, except for Xiao Yu who was telling him to cry, LOL! Sad, can’t escape. Oh, he cried? They were just teasing, right? Man, that was so wrong. YET that was really sacrificing for filming. Man, he was really distracted. They let him eat so it wouldn’t be as nerve-racking? LOL! So they had someone to do it in Xiao Yu’s place. Had to be safe. Then the last part was her again since the switch was only to place the needle in for him.

Moving on to the endurance scene. Lucky they included that part. Want to see the trick. (Of course, it’s not real, but just curious of how they did it.) Yup, way harder. ‘Cause they had to do retakes and then take breaks. Okay, now I’m convinced that since the last episode, Jacky’s voice wasn’t dubbed. ‘Cause it sounds like him now. (Of course this is BTS, but then it sounds the same…PHEW…glad got that straighten out.) OMG! That was so funny, Jacky teasing Ah Pang! YUP, he’s such a teaser all right. Poor Ah Pang, NOT knowing how to respond–or defend himself.

NGs…LOL! They wanted to punch out the person who messed up! Man, Zhao Jun Ya was so serious. He knew he messed up so he apologized like mad. NOT really that extreme but yeah. So professional. Ai Cheng got punch after the cut? He hit so hard! No wonder! That must have hurt! LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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