Rookies’ Diary: Episode 31

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Another day…or was it the same day? Anyway, moving on to new things now.

They were walking the poles now. If they messed up and fall down, there’s the mud below so careful, everyone! Man, Lai Hu looked down SO it scared the world out of him hence the slow rate. Didn’t Shan Ren tell him NOT to look down? Oh well, too late! NOT good. Man, that outta hurt! And dragging himself across the wooden pole would help? That was messed up! The second time OR what time was it already? Doesn’t matter, the point is Shan Ren ended up falling down when trying to help Lai Hu. Darn, sucks to be him. As if the first time wasn’t bad enough. The second time Lai Hu fell on him. DARN! Sheng Nan was still able to laugh? So funny. YET she was yelling at the others for laughing. The power of being one of the superiors. And Lai Hu still dared to say that Shan Ren stinks? LOL! If it wasn’t for him, would Shan Ren end down there?

Another disaster waiting to happen. OY! Was Da Tong still playing the card ‘afraid of heights’? Honestly, he didn’t look so when they were playing that trick on Xiao De Ji last time. Ooohhh…cunning! Man, Da Tong did it on purpose. He waited for the right moment to strike! Darn! That was scary! Thought he was having a seizure or something BUT he meant to yell so Xiao De Ji could fall. Good one! Though risking being punished. We’ll see him edging out of it. So funny, Shan Ren actually pretended to not know what Xiao De Ji was talking about since both guys were acting all suspicious anyway? NICE…

Okay, getting annoying again BUT who in the world is he to talk about ‘old ways’ or ‘new ways’? I’m so serious here. I’m almost always speaking against those old ways stuff and how stubborn people are with not willing to change. But regarding this matter, I’m sure those who were there before knows more than those sitting or standing around and talking without bases. Okay, so he’s concerned but I just don’t like his attitude towards the whole thing. Like he couldn’t beat An Bang with the endurance thing SO now he’s just being sore. Glad Ding Hao kept his cool though.

And then comes the time when Xiao Yan has to face Xiao De Ji. One of the scenes seen in the previews.

Oooohhhh…confession! YET he had to compare himself to You Shun, saying he is more than capable of buying her anything she wants. GREAT…YUP, a one-way ticket to the ice pole. AND Xiao Yan just went along with it BUT from her tone, we know she’s NOT going to cave in. She was being so sarcastic YET someone had no idea. Man, how Hai Sheng and the others must have trained her! She was patient all right. AND then comes the trick! YAY! This was too much of a priceless thing. Someone seriously deserves it! OMG! Man, I can’t stop laughing. Idiot! He seriously though Xiao Yan would be like that? LOL! Pervert! No wonder he got deceived so easily. But then it was about time they fight back since he kept hitting them or pulling some tricks in the dark.

Was that Wu Yong who hit him or Da Tong? Doesn’t matter! Still, get to see the show. Man, so Lai Hu was there as well! GREAT! More people to hit him–AND laugh about it.

So he found out BUT too late! The guys were there to protect her. Wu Yong so protective of her, LOL! Of course and Da Tong was saying how they shouldn’t blame Wu Yong since that dude was such a pervert.

An Bang encouraging Shi Jun on. Why does it seem like there’s going to be some goodbye coming up? Like some unchangeable situation they couldn’t prevent. Like…anyway, just too morbid though there was still some essence of humor around. An Bang trying to get Shi Jun to talk to his father more. Great since he would learn different things from others now. Can’t blame him too much since he could feel the pressure from his old man. Yup, if it were that simple with just one talk. Or just some.

Oh yeah, now comes the time when they were being trained by a new instructor. YAY! Not really, Da Tong was being tossed around… He wanted to try. LOL! The demonstration already hurt like crazy SO of course, it hurt ten times more when she told him to do the actual attack. Xiao De Ji looked unconvinced. Was he going to try? Would be nice to see him being tossed around. Would make another priceless moment. Shan Ren volunteered Xiao De Ji! LOL! NICE! That was ridiculous actually, thinking he could impress the others with the fake moves–possibly acquired from watching too many action movies. LAME! Priceless indeed! Shan Ren wanted to laugh too.

Hai Sheng’s turn? Good luck! Not bad…Thought he would get creamed too. Like possibly meeting his match, etc.

They were practicing among themselves now. An Bang actually praised Da Tong? A first so it’s worth a proud moment – or two. Hai Sheng had to partner up with Xiao De Ji? More revenge time! LOL! What? LOL! Shan Ren let Hai Sheng off after the demonstration? LOL! True, they were good friends and like Shan Ren was letting Xiao De Ji have his moment. Come on now. He gave Hai Sheng a warning about safety first, LOL! It doesn’t matter how they switch, Xiao De Ji couldn’t win. Partnering up with Hai Sheng was like his death sentence. And what in the world was that guy doing? Trying to take advantage of Wu Yong or something? Seriously.

Trouble again. Someone seriously needs to give An Bang a break. No wonder An Bang hated their father since he kept causing troubles, etc. Even Luo Gang couldn’t reach him earlier so it must be about the debt thing that he fled already.

So no one knew that An Bang is Luo Dao Cun’s son. Well, hard to since if they were to know, would they support him as much or let him enter and proceed toward such a rank? (Get real, right?) And now Ding Hao know. If he were to trust anyone, it might as well be Ding Hao since the man stood up for him more than once in the past. Now they have something else to pin An Bang for though.

The reviews. The time when An Bang’s life depends on their responses. Jia you! Ooohhh…brave all right. Hai Sheng just grabbed Shi Jun like that? But he was fast. But then they were worried about what Xiao De Ji would say, so… Luo Gang was letting his temper getting the better of him. But what he said was true. What the heck does the money thing have to do with An Bang? Well, they could say that it was his inability to oversee them BUT who was the one who was ranting about being harsh on the recruits earlier? IRONIC much? Just looking for others to blame. And Wu Yong’s response, awww… Lucky this review was near the end now when they understand An Bang more. Unlike the first few days when they would’ve done anything to bring An bang down. PHEW. But the final decision had to be up to the others. Man, I didn’t mean to laugh! I totally agree with Bo Wen’s response. What in the world does Bo Wen’s suicide thing had to do with An Bang? Their imaginations were sure creative. I literally laughed out loud when Bo Wen asked, “Is Sun Pai Zhang my girlfriend?” LOL! Exactly! And YUP, you tell them! If it wasn’t for An Bang’s observant nature and fast response, would Bo Wen still be here? The four spies had to run because some of the superiors were walking by! LOL! That was sort of hilarious. They sure were fast. Oh, Xiao De Ji’s turn. OY! YUP, it wasn’t like it was news that he would talk bad about An Bang. Man! Shi Jun jumped out before they could hear the rest! Risky but it was hard to hold in. Can’t blame him totally. The others used the opportunity to jump in as well.

Hopefully, it won’t be shrug aside. What? That was dumb! YUP, they needed to listen to everyone and they had turns BUT it was quite extreme and despicable. To think that An Bang spoke up for Xiao De Ji once when he almost got kicked out. This is one guy that doesn’t deserve a second chance. Or even a chance at all. And Shi Jun’s response to the others. True, he’d been quiet and afraid in the past of Xiao De Ji hence not speaking up for Luo Gang SO he had to do something now.

And after all that talk regarding how bad An Bang was, I thought he needed a break to drink water. YET he still had so much energy? Ohh…fight! It was hard to hold back though. How could Luo Gang be patient or calm when someone was hurting his brother, etc?

Ohh..Shan Ren caught them. Time to scram out of there…OR NOT…LOL! NICE! Didn’t realize they were so united. Everyone replied, “No” upon being questioned about the “beating.” Shan Ren even put in some more ‘oil’ to the fire. LOL!

And too bad their little moment was short-lived because Ding Hao came about. OY! That was funny that Xiao De Ji was always the one being yelled first. But then he provoked the whole thing. Getting even more intense. But it would eventually come out. Ding Hao was too mad to care about Sheng Nan’s words. And it came out. Xiao De Ji still dared to open his mouth? Kudos to Sheng Nan! If it wasn’t for Xiao De Ji’s attempts with stirring up things, it wouldn’t turn out this way. It was about time she did something about it since she tried to be patient with him too, giving him a second chance, just like An Bang once did.

Ooohhh…it was getting strange that Shan Ren was addressing Lai Hu in that way – without the yelling but actually whispering aka to the point of having some kind of conspiracy going on. So he was asking about An Bang and Luo Gang’s relation. LOL! Lai Hu’s answer, how funny. YUP, Shan Ren never asked him! It wasn’t like he didn’t want to say it. Xiao De Ji took the time to take a break? YEAH RIGHT! Shan Ren’s eyes were sharp.

The interrogation. Better having Ding Hao do it than others, I guess. Okay, sounds like a plan. BUT not so easy.

Finally, they were using the tree for some worth-mentioning reason. I guess can’t blame them for believing because they couldn’t do anything to change anyone’s decision for now, except wait. The best is to hope. YET some people were using it for nasty means. Would the gods listen? YEAH RIGHT, dream on, Xiao De Ji. He was asking for a beating again. OMG! Someone was really listening! The dog snatched the unlucky packet away! Priceless! So funny, Hai Sheng caught Shan Ren smiling, lol! And Shan Ren’s attempt to defend.

Eh…they were reading another love note? OY! (And I still am puzzled about Da Tong’s fear of heights. Come on now! He’s usually the one muttering about that. Or is he only afraid of heights when they’re training?) YUP, that note was from Shan Ren! How mushy and dramatic so of course, it has to be him, LOL! And the funniest thing–or possibly not so funny anymore–was Shan Ren caught them laughing at him! NICE! Busted! They pretended nothing happened and went on their way while Shan Ren turned to Hai Sheng with a murderous look but Hai Sheng said it was them, not him. NICE! But he was right, he wasn’t in on it. But to get back to the note, was that a sign that Shan Ren’s wish wouldn’t come true since it was on the ground?

Someone’s luck ran out since Hao Nan hung up on him. Was he trying to edge out of it? I’m not going to pity him since others’ background are more complicated and/or tragic but they managed. No excuse… Must give Ding Hao millions of kudos since he’s still willing to give Xiao De Ji a chance. But that’s him, always so nice and supportive, willing to understand. For me, I think if Hao Nan hadn’t dropped him, he wouldn’t think of turning back.

At first, I thought it was Jing Wen coming back since the song hint so, especially if it concerned An Bang with how she was returning? Then there was the whole riding on the bicycle. But then it was Bi Ying. Anyway, looks like An Bang’s hand was healing. Can’t blame An Bang for thinking more troubles for him. Lucky they didn’t steer away from unfriendly grounds since she clarified that she was just concerned for him. Yay, Bi Ying showed him how supportive the others were. An Bang shouldn’t give up hope yet. Though his fate might be wavering, he still had their support, if that counted. Yes, indeed he felt much better after realizing he had so much support. Hai Sheng’s words were the funniest! LOL! He still want to compete with Luo Gang? I guess it wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t competing with Luo Gang.

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