Rookies’ Diary: Episode 32

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So after some more talk between An Bang and Bi Ying, we were brought back to F4 and Hai Sheng carrying out their punishments.

Tian Bin was right. Why in the world would Shan Ren punish them when everyone already knew that he liked Sheng Nan? I guess he has to find a way to maintain the laws around there? (Or getting back at them would be so satisfying–even if temporarily?) Agreed with Hai Sheng though, what did that get to do with him? They were the ones who were laughing, NOT Hai Sheng. NOT really. I meant he was signaling for them to stop even – yet Shan Ren took it out on him as well.

Eh…I thought they were phasing out on the shooting of the film Tian Xin was participating in to focus on other parts and they would be done already but they’re still filming? Okay…

What in the world were they doing now? Not scared that they’ll be punished with more cleaning tasks? Oh, spying on the filming crew. LOL! Hai Sheng’s pose. Will he actually do it though? Ooohhh…they used the uniforms in the storage room. No wonder I was puzzled when they show the previews in the earlier episode. Anyway, Hai Sheng and Wu Yong do look convincing all right. Why not with Da Tong? After seeing Da Tong messed up so many times during the practice and training, it was very hard to take him seriously, LOL! So funny! LOL! Can’t stop laughing. This was getting to be too much fun that Wu Yong almost laughed. Well, he tried to resist. Wu Tian Liang almost ruined it for them. Lucky Wu Yong shooed him away in time. They did a high five, LOL! Shan Ren saw them but he was still watching? LOL!

BUSTED! Hai Sheng wanted to run first and Da Tong followed BUT too bad wasn’t successful. Da Tong wanted to sneak away again while Hai Sheng and Wu Yong were being scolded? YEAH RIGHT! FAILED AGAIN! So funny that Shan Ren was saluting to Hai Sheng and Da Tong since their ranks were higher than him (according to the outfits). Da Tong dared to say that Tian Bin tattle-tell on them? Nope. Shan Ren witnessed it with his own eyes, LOL! Who does Da Tong think Tian Bin is? Would he betray them?

And they were forced to participate in this one fun game. NOT really, but hard to say no. But it was better than encountering other officials and being punished by them, right? It would be ten times worse so they should consider themselves lucky that they were found out by Shan Ren. And Hai Sheng said ‘Tian Bin’, not ‘tian bin’, BUT I guess Shan Ren could say whatever he wants. LOL! OMG! They totally played Shan Ren on that one! It got Shan Ren going for a while too. NICE! And he was at it again even the second time around! It was hard not to catch on! LOL! Okay, since they had so much fun, Shan Ren switched the game. Hope they enjoy this one more. NOT!

Oooh…he dared to make Bo Wen feel guilty about the whole thing. Lucky Bo Wen wasn’t like his past self anymore. I meant wouldn’t want him to turn all mean, but at least not be in the morbid mode and let others stomp on him. He sure told the other guy, even upon learning that his friends were in trouble. Hai Sheng almost lost it again, lucky the others hold him back. Yet I think it would be better to let Bo Wen stand up for himself. He needs to learn to take care of himself, not getting pushed around by others as easily or kept having Hai Sheng baby him. NOT saying that he isn’t man enough, but Hai Sheng should let him handle the situation this time. Though there’s no doubt Hai Sheng could stand up for his buddy any time. Oh, Tian Xin even wanted to protect Bo Wen? NOT that it would mean anything, but luckily she doesn’t side with others or believe in the other guys to get all pissed off at Bo Wen. I guess we’ve been seeing things from Bo Wen’s point of view in the past (like I said before) so it was hard to see what kind of person she was. Now, it seems she’s pretty cool. Regardless of what would or wouldn’t be with her and Bo Wen, she still stands up for him because she, of course, understands him more than some other guy who just came into the picture. Great that Bo Wen sort of clarified the matters though, not just letting Tian Xin get mad at the other dude. It wasn’t like he was taking advantage of the situation to his benefit (sort of but not in that way). He finally realized what kind of things she and the other crew members go through – and more. And Hai Sheng spying on them by the window, LOL!

Luo Gang finally got a hold of one of his gang and learned of his father’s disappearance. DARN! Shan Ren was hurting for him since Luo Gang hit his hand on the phone? LOL!

And Neng Zhi was asking about Shan Ren. So funny how Shan Ren was suspicious of him and his reply was just hilarious. It got Shan Ren speechless…for a while. That was funny that everyone knew about the dramas between the three of them (aka the Shan Ren-Sheng Nan-Luo Gang triangle). So much for a secret, eh? And what? Luo Gang was spying on them instead of going to sleep like he was supposed to? And Luo Gang had to reconsider lots of things that night. Hmm….what to do now?

Another secret meeting at the peak of the night. That means he made his decision in letting go? Hmm… Yup, definitely letting go. Talking about your past catching up to you no matter how far you go – or trying to go. And Bi Ying is seriously too nosy. (Yes, I know, she’s worried and/or concerned but yeah…) Bi Ying’s suggestion, NICE….YEAH RIGHT…

WOW! Someone getting ready already though the date is supposed to be at night AND it was only morning. YET Shan Ren soon told Wang Wei off, telling him (Wang Wei) that he didn’t know any better. LOL! (AND OMG, I miss Wang Wei sooo much!) Hai Sheng sure was fast in spying on Shan Ren! Can’t blame him. It was almost like those once in a lifetime thing. Man, he sure was forgiving today. Wonder how he would react if he learned Sheng Nan would turn him down? Or like cancel the meeting in the end? Hmm… Wang Wei and the other dude! LOL!

Eh…the guys were chipping in all they could to help make this date a perfect one for Shan Ren? Aww…they were all heart! Even Bo Wen was giving him the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. AND oh yeah, what did Sheng Nan say about ‘not letting others know’, huh? I guess it was hard to not let words get around. He turned down the face-mask idea? LOL! Wu Yong and Da Tong trying to convince him otherwise, LOL! OY! This was getting harder to resist! Come on now! They were too much with their suggestions. Lucky Hai Sheng shot down the glasses idea or Shan Ren would end up blind during the date, LOL! And they thought they would score points with him? He still remembered about the time limit, LOL! Too bad! So funny that Shan Ren stopped Bo Wen to ask about the face mask thing though he claimed that it was unmanly earlier? LOL! Aww…Luo Gang’s expression…but Shan Ren had no idea. He didn’t realize it was that extreme. But of course, they would soon find out. (Not to mention he thought Luo Gang was taunting him again.)

What? They were getting too overboard here. Too comfortable. What if the other officials found out? Yup, someone came in. They were soooo dead! Better hope it’s either Shan Ren or Wang Wei. Or heads are going to be rolled. Yup, it’s Shan Ren, lol. Found a hiding place BUT they will soon be exposed if they don’t stop laughing. Oh…that was a good one! Darn! That sucks! Shan Ren found out he just ate the whole bag of the spilled contents! OY! YUP, they were dead for real since he couldn’t spit it out anymore.

Rare scene since usually would gather around to discuss crucial matters. So funny that Ding Hao wasn’t convinced of Shan Ren’s words. Of course, the open secret, LOL! I sort of agreed with Shan Ren’s words regarding how it sounded like Ding Hao was saying goodbye to them all, etc. Exaggerating or not, it sounded like it. And I think it’s once of those classic moments for this drama when Ding Hao announced that it was time for him and An Bang to go – and then he picked up his hat and straightened it. The song ‘Cai Hong’ was playing in the background. In a way, it’s full circle since Shi Jun’s father went through the same thing for Ding Hao in the past and now it was Ding Hao’s turn to help An Bang. Though unsure of the outcome yet they wouldn’t back down.

Another powerful song. And Hai Sheng and Wu Yong chatted while Luo Gang followed Sheng Nan out? LOL! Well, Shan Ren scolded them yet still answered to their concerns, LOL! Shan Ren whispering to Neng Zhi about something. Was that the plan that Bi Ying mentioned earlier? Possible.

More confrontation. Was it even time? But I guess she couldn’t resist. It was killing her inside. Sort of, kind of. Though it was supposedly a serious and somewhat sad moment YET I couldn’t help laughing when she used her rank on him and he answered with an equally clever answer regarding the ‘confidential’ matter.

Previews…they’re putting the show on! So funny with Shan Ren’s pretense! Yet I think it’s his best act so far since the past ones were so exaggerated. But of course, since he was super serious this time in helping Ding Hao and An Bang. And why was Jia Cheng lurking in the back? Was he going to sabotage them? HOPE NOT OR ELSE!
So this was the new year episode. Nice.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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