Rookies’ Diary: Episode 33

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So we left off with Shan Ren and Neng Zhi passing words around to make the conspiracy happen, right? So it continues in this one. Though would it be successful? We’ll see.

Poor Hai Sheng and the others. They had no clue that Shan Ren was just stopping and yelling at them to waste time. Or more like stallingl for time until the other vehicle came. Lucky Hai Sheng caught on and he joined in with the skit. LOL!

And finally, they were able to catch up to one of the most important persons there to help An Bang’s case. Or will this lead to anything? They just like to keep us audience on the edge. But to get back to the story, they were seriously too much though. I meant the words they used for such a situation, such as bringing in Bao Qing Tian and all the righteous words. But I guess whatever helps them communicate their thoughts to the superiors. Just when things were going smoothly–or so it seemed, Tian Bin had to make a mistake. I thought he’s ‘tian bin’, why did he mess up like that? But Xu Jia Cheng was standing nearby and witnessed the whole scene. Would this influence him and caused him to change his mind when he is called upon later? (Or I’m just being hopeful and bias here since I seriously do not want Jacky to play such a character. NOT really that despicable or anything since it was just a difference in opinion BUT I had a feeling it had to do with Jing Wen more than the actual difference in opinions SO that’s when the disturbing feeling comes into play.)

The panel is in place and the trial will begin. Well…more like last chance to see the so-called ‘evidence’ and hear everyone’s case before deciding. Definitely keeping us in suspense since some of the reactions are so hard to read while An Bang was talking. It was obvious they were molding things over and some looked lenient yet their expressions could deceive. Kind of obvious that An Bang’s attempt to stop Luo Gang failed yet it still showed that An Bang would never sacrifice his brother–even when he had a chance to clear himself. Ding Hao’s speech was indeed quite moving. Yet will the others be moved by his words? Nice song accompanying the moment to stress the point. So after Ding Hao left, Xu Jia Cheng stepped in – after a word of greeting to Ding Hao. What will it be?

So after that hectic session, they gathered outside for a tea party. JUST KIDDING…was just walking out. Jia Cheng was making his way out as well; Ding Hao told the others to remember to thank Jia Cheng like seconds before Jia Cheng stepped toward them. Just when it seemed okay to like Jia Cheng, he had to make it harder to like him. Just kidding, but still…since he was still clarifying that he didn’t agree with An Bang but just want to be fair toward the situation. Indeed what he said was true regarding how the others were willing to speak up for An Bang. Yet it didn’t mean he would link hands with An Bang and become best buddies. Still, it was somewhat admirable that he was willing to speak up in this situation and put aside his differences in opinions or more like some sort of bias toward An Bang. And then they clarified some things for us by doing the flashbacks with Luo Gang and An Bang at the restaurant with Chen Hao Nan and how the fingerprints became proofs of the whole money thing. Anyway, finally, see Luo Gang accepting An Bang and thanking An Bang for being there for him all these times. Though it had been quite obvious that he appreciated An Bang for what he did, it had been mostly An Bang saying things like, “Because I’m your brother” or “Because you’re my brother” in the past instead of the other way around with how Luo Gang actually admitting it. Still not too cheesy since it proved that Luo Gang was able to do anything to help An Bang.

So they were back to trying to throw the bomb again. Seriously, Tian Bin went WAY past the line, LOL! Yet Shan Ren still put him on about the ‘not bad’ comment before pointing out to him about the line, LOL! Bo Wen’s turn showed that he seriously had the ability but it was because of his own problems that he didn’t do so well in the past (obviously). Yet the funniest was Bo Wen’s words to Shan Ren, LOL! Bo Wen could be so funny at times. I guess he isn’t Hai Sheng’s best buddy for nothing. Lai Hu’s turn proved another disaster, LOL! Shan Ren had to duck. He switched hands! Trying to see if it would make a difference? Yeah right. OMG! Wu Yong got a 48? (And An Bang’s back so everyone’s happy, which is too weird of a sight to witness, LOL!) What? Hai Sheng got 35? Lower than Wu Yong? Unbelievable. Luo Gang also got 35. Was he trying to make it less embarrassing for Hai Sheng? Hmm…still can’t believe Wu Yong got 48. I must have under-estimated him in the past, considering how he’s as crazy as the rest of his bandmates. Shi Jun got 25, 3 points lower than Tian Bin. Not bad, I guess since he wasn’t as confidence last time. Da Tong actually apologized to An Bang for failing to make it? Wow, this is an improvement (aka Da Tong trying to make it instead of just doing it). Wow, Luo Gang and Hai Sheng tied again in the next round? (40) Let’s see how Lai Hu fended for himself the 3rd time. After some minor mishap, Lai Hu managed to score 25 and was so proud of himself that he wanted Shan Ren to praise him too? LOL! Shan Ren was indifference, LOL! Shan Ren shot him down with saying others scored 40? LOL! But still say a few words of encouragement so it wasn’t all for nothing. Da Tong scored 36 this time around. Not bad, showing improvements. No wonder they were in the same band, seriously. He wanted to be praised by Shan Ren as well, LOL! It was funny that Shan Ren was saying that An Bang had changed and was no longer ‘mo gui’, LOL! And Neng Zhi’s response. NICE…

WHAT?! And I thought Hao Zhi could get the upper-hand YET she’s coming up with another scheme to force Hao Zhi to pay attention to her? GREAT… Not really. Of course, I was being sarcastic. I can’t find myself to like her regardless. When in the world is Xiao Rou and the others back? (Just look at the list and Xiao Rou won’t appear anymore! AAHHHH…this sucks!) And why in the world is Wu Yong acting like a pervert in front of her? I’m taking his points back just for that. Why are the other sympathizing with her? GREAT…They had no idea how manipulative she could be. Of course, she’s working her charm at that very moment to lure them in and take her side instead of Hao Zhi’s. You Shun better speak up before I whack him over the head with something too. And yes, Hao Zhi seemed to be affected by it. But I seriously don’t care. I’m getting too impatient with unnecessary people appearing. Rather no girls around than keep seeing her around. (YES, mean BUT SORRY…)

Okay, Da Tong caught red-handed, LOL! Trying to spy for his mother? Not really but he got caught anyway. Can’t seem to explain himself. But he managed to gain the upper-hand again, LOL! So he was really spying for his mother. Darn…and I thought the other girl was too paranoid. What? Hong Jie took money from son? LOL! What difference does it make really? LOL! Too funny.

The date finally came. Why were they matching? Yup, teasing us again since we know it’s impossible between them. Honestly. But still funny that Shan Ren was saying that. (I like it that they were playing the song the two sang though.) She called him by his name and he got overly happy, LOL! But that also meant he cut her off. How would she be able to start now? Well, she has to be firm on it, can’t just keep him hanging like that. She wants to be nice about it yet it was giving him even more hope. OY! Please don’t make this turn into a typical soap. She’s a strong, independent girl so would be cool that she just approach it the straight-forward way instead of falling into those traps like those typical girls. Well, it was hard to start again when those annoying people were coming by to sing her happy birthday. I think they didn’t mean any harm but it’s delaying things even more. (To be absolutely random though, I like her hairdo this time more than the time she took Shan Ren to meet her mother.) And Shan Ren’s so dead… Who was playing him with this arrangement?

And here they are again. Luckily, Shan Ren’s words didn’t come true, LOL! Well, they’re waiting for the results still yet it seems like it’s always better to get the trial over with already than just sitting around and anticipating the moment when they go in front of the panel. Well, the hostility between Shan Ren and Sheng Nan are still there. Hard to forget actually.
That’s another episode. Oy, keeping us hanging again.

Previews…Yu Ting’s back! Yay! At least something to look forward to. Then suddenly I remember that it must be because she’s filming ‘Love Together’ with Zhao Jun Ya that they aren’t around as much during the later episodes than the earlier ones. Not to mention the relevant parts of the plot wouldn’t allow too much of her screen time. Back to this one, Bo Wen teasing Hai Sheng, so funny! Aww…Xiao Yan help Hao Zhi get back at his wife? LOL! So funny! Would love to see it. She thought she could get him all jealous with her schemes, huh? Two can play this game! LOL! Everyone’s spying on each other now, LOL! All messed up, LOL! And An Bang wearing the red string again, does that mean he’s been acknowledged again? (Aka rank still attached?) I’m so going to beat Wu Yong up for siding with Hao Zhi’s wife. What the heck? And Xiao De Ji finally turning a new leaf? Seriously?

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