Rookies’ Diary: Episode 34

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More routines and/or practices. Only difference is they’re combining the routines at once like they did sometimes.

Just when things were going smoothly for everyone who went on the pole, Xiao De Ji had to challenge An Bang – who just recovered. But that didn’t discourage An Bang from showing Xiao De Ji that he could still climb and with such speed. GO, Mo Gui Pai Zhang! LOL! He’s back! And surprisingly, Xiao De Ji actually tried again and didn’t do so bad. Was he going to turn a new leaf now? We’ll see. And Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were still fighting, LOL! Or more like competing. Nothing new yet still funny. Eh…Shi Jun was not bad. Pretty good actually. An Bang looked like he was so proud of them. Aww…so Da Tong was still pulling the fear of heights card? Well, he didn’t say it but An Bang told him not to look down. He did it though! Great job! Something to praise…LOL! Yay! Tian Bin made it also. Even Wu Tian Liang and Hai Sheng’s secret admirer were doing quite well also. Strange…getting kind of cheesy. But the important message here is to stride forward and not care about those childish fights anymore? shrugs Still not too unrealistic. Lai Hu was still careless, LOL! Poor Wu Yong. And they got yelled at. Thanks! It would’ve been too good to be true if they didn’t get yelled. Aww…Wu Yong was still so forgiving, even helping Lai Hu without second thoughts. Well, they were in the same band after all so can’t really hold grudges against one another.

Neng Zhi was so nosy, LOL! YET Shan Ren had no idea Sheng Nan was like right there! OMG, Shan Ren was too much, kept taunting Luo Gang. Well, he was curious why Luo Gang wasn’t performing his best on that day but he sort of pushed it. No wonder Sheng Nan was mad. Can’t blame Shan Ren for feeling threatened, but he shouldn’t risk that so much. And the funniest thing about the whole scene wasn’t Shan Ren getting yelled at BUT it was the part where he realized the others were watching him the whole time. LOL!

They’ve been there for twenty-something days already? WOW! But made sense since it’s near the ending now. Oh, so they were helping with set up. No wonder. I thought they were just carrying supplies to the cafeteria. Wu Yong and Lai Hu dared to sneak into the kitchen to get a taste of the food? We’ll see if they succeed. Two guesses though. Yup, they got caught and had to return to work again. Tough luck! LOL! Aww…poor Da Tong, Ah Hou, and Tian Bin. No food for them either. Cruel! Well, they should’ve worked harder instead of messing around earlier. (It was more like there were shifts so had to take turn taking breaks and then switch.) Da Tong being impartial with the foods? Shan Ren’s tease, LOL! Priceless! Yup, what was Da Tong doing? Scoring points with Shan Ren by giving him more?

It was interesting that Wu Yong and Lai Hu got to eat along with Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. No doubt that Hai Sheng and Luo Gang worked their hardest. But the other two? Guess Shan Ren had his reasons. What? It got even better since Wu Yong took too much and Lai Hu only had a little. LOL! OMG! So cunning! I knew it! Lai Hu wasn’t the type to be too sad or too tired or too anything to eat. He hid it!

So Lai Hu hid it again. Was he passing it on to them or was just hiding it for the time being? Hmm… Da Tong went to fetch even more? DARN! If they were caught, they were soooo dead. YUP, Shan Ren walked in. But is he going to catch them? And that was too much. They had to go back and help already? They just started. Shan Ren sure knew how to mess with them. LOL!

Hai Sheng encouraged Bo Wen on again! Yay for brothers! And awww, that was so cute. Yu Ting sneaking up on them. Ooohhh…so she was coming to him for the second task. Hai Sheng exaggerating again, LOL! He feared that the task would be too easy? LOL! Hai Sheng’s expression was priceless! Darn! He asked for it! LOL! Regarding flashback, wow, so Yu Ting liked him since whenever. NICE…it wasn’t impossible though since her reaction was so weird since the first time she met him (or more like saw him again). Bo Wen teasing Hai Sheng! A change! Definitely a change! LOL! And Hai Sheng annoyed? A first…almost…

Another meeting. Yay! Still hope for Luo Gang’s future!

And they were doing fine the whole time until Ding Hao exploded on them and then the rest of the superiors were left to ponder about matters. Hmm… Well, it was sort of careless of the recruits to left things like that. They were getting too comfortable with getting along and going through things these past days. Hopefully, An Bang’s strategy works. He’s being positive but who knows?

Ooohhh..they were seriously pushing it! Talking about Ding Hao at such a time when he was fuming with anger already? Better hurry or else. OMG! This was getting priceless! Wu Yong kept ranting on and on when Ding Hao was right there! Da Tong’s bug-eyes! LOL! Lai Hu was sending him messages but he didn’t get it! Gosh! This was even more than upsetting An Bang. Thanks a lot, Wu Yong. They only had ten seconds left. The others would definitely love him after this. Love to kill him! Darn, so Ah Hou was using that trick to make sure it was accurate? GREAT…NOT REALLY…

So funny. They still had the heart to sing and dance? Well, guess can’t take that away from them or it would be too senseless to live, LOL! Hope they don’t get caught though. What? They were getting morbid and then lighten up again with more ideas? Always good to know. Are they going to sing the song in the background now?

Ooohhhh…they were more unbelievable than Wu Yong and Lai Hu. Seriously, aren’t they afraid of Shan Ren? Or anyone else? Darn! Better be prepared with some explanation first. That was too much. It got even more whacked since they were tasting every single one of the batches. YUP, Shan Ren was lurking around. Or more like he stepped in right on time. Caught red-handed! Can’t deny it now. OMG, he ate the piece that he confiscated from the other two? GREAT…that’s kind of weird though. And the funniest thing about it was that he was walking away and mumbling about how right the other two were since it was pretty good.

Eh…An Bang and Sheng Nan feeling bad for Shan Ren? Hmm… They were softening all right. Well, maybe they shouldn’t feel so bad for Shan Ren since Shan Ren could always yell at the recruits, LOL! And yay for teamwork! Shouldn’t give up! Suitable song for the situation. And just when things were going smoothly, Da Tong made an oops! He sure knew how to choose who to offend. Honestly! What? He got out of that one so easily? There must be some other catch, right? LOL! I knew it! If the others knew, they wouldn’t envy him for having connections! LOL! He got to mop the floor! Good luck!

Always good to see that they were like old times again. I meant with the consistent talk and bonding like once upon a time–even if they have other new friends. What will Lai Hu’s decision be then? Will Luo Gang’s encouragement go through and he would eventually try out? (Hey, he’s in part 2 so you could pretty much guess the result.)

Eh…Ah Hou delivering Hai Sheng’s love letter to Yu Ting? Aww…OMG! Yu Ting practically running! Was this a trick? It would be too cruel if it was. OMG! They fixed the song and plugged in Hai Sheng and Yu Ting’s name? LOL! Cute! And not to mention replacing all the words as necessary for the situation, LOL! Too much! Leave it up to Hai Sheng to think of such tactic to confess.

OMG! That was so unexpected! And quite creative too! Yay, using Xiang Ci and Ah Pang’s song to emphasize the point. Aww…so sweet! And I thought he was like right behind her already. But no, had to yell it out, right? Can’t hide it after what the others went through for him. Oooohhhh…Xiao De Ji strike again? I knew it! That totally ruined the moment YET it caused Yu Ting to laugh and then accepted Hai Sheng’s confession. Tian Bin trying to jinx him? LOL! Hai Sheng was so confidence though, LOL! Ooohhh…darn! Hai Sheng had to ruin it! And he had to pay them? No wonder. I thought they were all heart. Well, Bo Wen didn’t ask for money so Hai Sheng should be glad.

Yup, time to encourage them AND remind them not to mess up, LOL! So funny and somewhat nice at the same time that Shan Ren finally accepted and included An Bang. It was obvious already when he attempted to help An Bang with the sticky situation. But it was like he was willing to admit it more now. So after that powerful speech from An Bang, will they do their best? We’ll see. Yay, Lai Hu got help again with the wall climbing task but it was one of the methods they could use to aid one another. So much companionship going on. Hope things won’t upset Ding Hao–again. Ooohhh…Xiao De Ji wasn’t doing so hot today. What’s with that? Got scolded by Sheng Nan again? Or was this telling us it was one of those days that he didn’t feel like causing trouble previously? Hmm… And then things continued with less frustration afterward with Da Tong and Tian Bin’s turn at the poles. Ooohhh…Shi Jun’s father is back. He always looked grim so not sure how he would react. Two guesses though since he would especially pay attention to his son–or pick on him. Oh…he fell. Lucky nothing serious happened. Watching Shi Jun’s father could be so funny though. He’s unwilling to accept that his son could do so well in the other tasks, so had to stick around to monitor some more. (But it was more like he wanted to see what else his son could do, LOL!) Oh, great to know that we could see other tasks too since we only saw like several incorporated into the trial previously. But didn’t see this far. At least not seeing how they were able to master the horizontal bars already. And some people were making Ding Hao’s blood boil again. Darn…not good.

But great to know that Shi Jun’s father finally let him do what he wanted all along. At least we’ll see if he pass the test or not. That was almost a touching moment. Acceptance. After Shi Jun was gone, Ding Hao talked some more with the old man. Yup, can’t help but worry. But that was the end of the episode.

Previews…more training. Need to try harder! Back at shooting skills. Aww…Wu Yong questioning Xiao Yan about being with Hao Zhi? LOL! NICE…more randomness then. But that meant Su Qing’s going to be around too. OY! The sacrifice! What? Will Luo Gang’s fall cause his chance hence not appearing in the next part? DARN! Wu Yong and Hao Zhi competing to see who could carry more boxes? Sucks to be them but serve them right for using such tactics to get Xiao Yan and Su Qing’s attention. OR more like a fight to see who could hold out longer.

BTS…yay, showing the parts where they were doing the trails. And then the part where they were doing the confession! So hardworking! Looks so easy yet not easy to set up–like always!

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