Rookies’ Diary: Episode 35

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More grilling them time. Well, more like encouragements but had to push them a tad harder. They were getting too comfortable as the previous episode was shown.

So they were back at trying the shooting again. Let’s see how they do this time. Shan Ren got stuck with Da Tong again? LOL! Always fun to see Hai Sheng and Luo Gang competing. Though it was more like Hai Sheng not getting over it. Never mind, Luo Gang was competitive as well since he was looking at Hai Sheng when his result was announced and Hai Sheng returned the taunting as his own result was being heard as well.

So they were given time to roam around BUT why in the world was Wu Yong helping her? And You Shun saw them. Of course, that also meant Hao Zhi saw them since he was coming to get You Shun. Classic! Shan Ren interfered. Yet things weren’t going anywhere either. But then Wu Yong thought he could get away but he was sooo wrong. He should’ve left when Shan Ren was distracted with Hao Zhi and Su Qing. Oh well…

Just when they were getting valuable information from this seminar, Da Tong decided to drift off again. Though no one would notice, right? Oh, maybe they will! Since he’s like right in front! Hard to hide. And we see Kurt Chou making an appearance right before the time Tian Bin nudged Da Tong for him to raise his hand and volunteered. LOL! Serves him right for not paying attention! LOL! OY! He was sure making everyone confused. Well, not really but sort of. Hao Zhi trying to convince You Shun? We’ll see. What? Tian Bin…oy… So Hai Sheng was hesitating and remembering about Yu Ting’s words but ended up getting up and going anyway? Hmm…that prompted a reaction from Wu Yong as well? Wow! Most of them got up and joined in? Only Lai Hu was left behind and was still undecided. Da Tong and Tian Bin were urging him to join in yet… Even Luo Gang urged him. He was watching them walking by one at a time. What would he think now? But that wasn’t the most climactic part because when Neng Zhi and Shan Ren exchanged a look upon realizing that Lai Hu wanted to go as well was just priceless! How could it be, right? OMG! How embarrassing. Hao Zhi and You Shun back out at the last moment.

So after that awkward moment, the rest of the group proceeded to a different room for a questioning seminar, etc. So much for his “Not fearing that you’ll ask, just fearing that you won’t ask” mantra since his answer to Tian Bin’s question was just so depressing. Not that depressing but still it was like he might as well say, “No” and get it over with already. But nice comeback from Tian Bin. OMG! Da Tong was actually pulling that one over Huang Lie? LOL! Pulling the ‘connections’ card? (Haven’t he learned from last time when he pulled that one of the officers?) And look at Huang Lie’s expression after the guys left. They were in for good this time.

Rare to see that Luo Gang was comforting Tian Bin instead of the other F4 members. But still nice to see their bonding thus far.

So Hao Zhi was actually paying attention to Su Qing, just that there was no competition before so he acted like he couldn’t care less. Geez whiz. You Shun’s so smart. He saw right through the act. Aww…nice! You Shun recruited Xiao Yan to help. No wonder she agreed immediately. LOL!

Aww…they were indeed cute together. NO wonder that triggered some reactions! And Wu Yong had no idea that he should be worried since he was so into convincing Su Qing not to be sad, etc. And Wu Yong’s reaction when he finally saw Hao Zhi and Xiao Yan together, LOL! Hilarious! He was scolding her and her retort was priceless! Exactly, where should she be, right OMG! Su Qing grabbed onto Wu Yong’s arm but Wu Yong was trying to fend her off, not wanting Xiao Yan to misunderstand? LOL! Okay, so I forgive him since he was just pitying Su Qing. But Xiao Yan’s skit was even funnier! She acted all innocent and weak, wanting Hao Zhi to help with the boxes, LOL! Aww…that was so sweet! LOL! That was definitely killing Wu Yong yet Su Qing still proceeded with her plans. Seeing Xiao Yan’s jealousy was so cute. LOL! Xiao Yan said that Hao Zhi’s stronger? And Hao Zhi concurred? LOL! Couldn’t stop laughing. This is too funny. I didn’t realize I would enjoy scenes of Su Qing but oh well. Xiao Yan’s making it so priceless. Man, Hao Zhi shouldn’t have initiated since now they’re in for good AND You Shun’s standing at the side, worrying his gut out for their well being, LOL! Xiao Yan was all worried for Hao Zhi and being sweet on him again BUT of course, he wouldn’t say his hands were tired, just wanting her to add more boxes. GREAT! Wu Yong’s reaction, LOL! You Shun was totally feeling the load for them, LOL! Was his scheme a good idea, after all, LOL! Ooohhh…Wu Yong caved in first. Yet it was impossible not to. So Xiao Yan and Hao Zhi won this battle. That was a sweet getaway! LOL! So funny that Wu Yong blamed it on Su Qing? GREAT…thought he was supposed to be comforting her. I guess where Xiao Yan was concerned, he had to fend for himself first?

Eh…Xiao De Ji was determined to make it to the top? Was he turning a new leaf for real this time? An Bang saw him practicing and was more than happy to see him try. I guess it was the right decision in letting him have a second chance? Even if he had caused so much troubles before turning around? In a way, I guess this is more meaningful than just tossing Xiao De Ji out–or someone else–and not cared at all what happened afterward. Yes, punishments should be dealt with at times yet it seems more effective that way. If they’re forced to an irreversible route, they would just continue on that route, not being able to start anew. But with this, though slow, would allow them a wider horizon for the future. But then again, it wasn’t like he would turn 360 degrees all nice and kind. It was a matter of step by step. He had a point to prove at the moment. It wasn’t like he would change completely. Still…a small step was better than nothing at all.

Great. Calling her Da Pi Gu (大屁股) at such a time would help situations? YET it was so funny how he was fixing it to Xiao Pi Gu or Da Xiao Pi Gu. OY! And he was clarifying things to her? She said she didn’t care yet she was unknowingly clarifying things with him too! LOL! That was kind of messed up that he was asking if he could pursue her now, LOL! That was the same as celebrating on You Shun’s heartbreak. Oh well… That was too crazy that he was laughing when she walked off already, declaring that she was his, etc. OY! He could be so, so silly. We’ll see if he succeeds.

Things were going well when Wu Yong just had to urge Hai Sheng on since Shan Ren and Neng Zhi weren’t really watching. Yet should Hai Sheng be accounted for himself since he should know better than to take the chance?

So Sheng Nan’s afraid of heights? Man, that was messed up with yelling at Da Tong all these times though. Yet she did encourage Da Tong and even Xiao De Ji on at times too. I guess they were hinting at that, but we didn’t realize it until now. Will Luo Gang succeed in helping her overcome the fear?

While that was happening, Sheng Nan’s mother was coming to visit. And Shan Ren jumped up and called her ‘Mom’ when he heard Neng Zhi saying that Sheng Nan’s mother was visiting. NICE! Time to score some points. Yet it was funny that he sort of got shoot down when she mentioned Luo Gang, LOL!

So they were proceeding with the test. Jia you, Sheng Nan! Yup, shouldn’t give up since she wanted to move on toward the Special Operations Unit. Thank goodness Luo Gang is persistent or she would’ve given up. But I guess that was the point with him helping her. Have to be firm in letting her know she had to try harder and overcome her fear. Darn! They fell! Nothing serious happened yet since that was the end of the episode.

Previews. So Hai Sheng found out the real reason behind how Shan Ren was being so fierce with Hai Sheng and all. Ooohhh…that was messed up! Was that really Xiao De Ji? And Shan Ren just believed Da Tong like that? I guess that was something for Xiao De Ji to reflect on since his past actions weren’t all that innocent either.

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