Rookies’ Diary: Episode 36

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Wait, what I don’t get is why they didn’t connect the previous scene with this episode since they left us hanging. Oh well…

Yay! Lai Hu’s putting forth even more effort!

Whoa! Ding Hao even got down and demonstrated for them. This should encourage them to work harder. That was so funny though! Ding Hao told the other officers to get up AND Lai Hu just got up without thinking? He only paid attention to the part about getting up and not the ‘who’ part? LOL!

So after Hai Sheng accidentally overheard Shan Ren and Neng Zhi’s conversation in the restroom, he came back and dropped the news on the others. That was so funny that everyone wanted one of Bo Wen’s face mask thing too! LOL! That was funny that the others were wondering why Da Tong needed it, LOL! Hai Sheng just had to have the last word, LOL! So funny that Tian Bin was turning to seek Da Tong and Wu Yong’s advice but they ended up fixing each other’s face masks! LOL! Too busy to meddle into others’ businesses? LOL! Lai Hu was sleeping and Hai Sheng pretended to be focused on his exercise routines? LOL!

Wow! Only two of them showed up? The others on strike? That was so funny that Neng Zhi was asking about how Shan Ren was picking on Luo Gang, wondering if Shan Ren and Luo Gang had some kind of grudge against one another. LOL!

Da Tong taking advantage of the situation? Well, Wu Yong just had to like his sister. Gotta get on Da Tong’s good side now. That was funny, he ended up hitting Da Tong’s back instead of giving him a message? GREAT! OMG! Hai Sheng’s secret admirer caught them? So funny how Wu Yong shooed him off, telling him to go find his ‘Hai Sheng’, LOL!

Here they are again with trying to disguise themselves. Wonder if they would all succeed this time. Wang Wei’s back! YAY! All’s good again! I don’t know. Just so glad he’s back. I just miss seeing him and Shan Ren whispering away or being random, etc. Not that I don’t like Neng Zhi since he’s funny too. But always good to see them all there. So Hai Sheng got to be in charge of them this time around? GREAT… Gosh, they were so exaggerating with the fake battle. Oh, Shan Ren’s sound effects on his cell phone while he made Wang Wei literally pretending to shoot with the gun. OY! Both of their hands were hurting like mad. Of course, it was more like getting tired of the motion. Oh…Hai Sheng discovered their plan. Fight back time? LOL! But then Da Tong was freaking out so bad it wasn’t even funny. Poor Da Tong. He had no idea. Da Tong’s answer! NICE! I actually agreed though. If he didn’t protect himself first, how could he protect the country? Oh well…Sheng Nan didn’t buy it. Tian Bin was even more pitiful! He was praying? LOL! Too much! Man, I miss Wang Wei’s yelling so much. Well, it had been a while now since he had been quite lenient on them recently. So seeing him yell was like restoring to his old self. The others were yelling for Lai Hu and telling him it was all fake, BUT too late. Shan Ren caught him! Darn, harsh. He was judging Lai Hu by his size? Aww… Okay, moving on. Sheng Nan yelling at them for being so slow, LOL! I sort of agreed that if they were any slower, they would’ve died from the poisoning already. And why is Wang Wei doubting Hai Sheng? He has always been quite righteous.

Sheng Nan’s worries. I actually enjoy Shan Ren’s encouragements and support towards Sheng Nan. Not too much. Since she already has so much pressure within her.

Ooohhh…so that was how it began. One of the scenes we saw in the previous episode’s preview. Da Tong was talking in his sleep, causing Xiao De Ji to wake up and followed the morning routines. Yet he thought Da Tong was messing with him SO he rattled out some commands as well, causing Da Tong – and some of the others to wake up AND went to get ready, which resulted in them bumping into Shan Ren. It wasn’t like Da Tong was framing Xiao De Ji since it was really him. And Da Tong said it sounded like him, didn’t say that it was him. Then he was forced to confirm yet it wasn’t like he added anything else. It was what he heard AND Xiao De Ji still wanted to elude the matter. It wasn’t like Shan Ren didn’t know that they were all so tired. SO funny that Xiao De Ji was forced to sleep by Shan Ren so he could ‘take care’ of Xiao De Ji. LOL! What Da Tong did cause Xiao De Ji to react but he didn’t do it on purpose – like Shan Ren said, so Xiao De Ji shouldn’t have triggered it further. But I guess he can’t change overnight so have to let him learn little by little. And indeed he was reflecting. Not sure how it would turn out but maybe for the better? Shi Jun caught sight of that and wrote it in his diary. Perhaps it is true that this story was told from Shi Jun’s POV?

And indeed Sheng Nan’s working hard to overcome her fear once again. We’ll see how it is this time around. I think it might be more effective this way though. NOT sinking anyone’s method down in this case. But I’m just saying how she relies on Luo Gang more ’cause of her feelings for him. YET she needs to get used to it when he’s not around. And because she feels she needs to prove her point, so she works even harder. (The part where Shan Ren said he would help her down after the almost fall incident said it all.) Yay! She succeeded! At least that’s the first step. And they high-fived each other! LOL! Well, I guess being best buddies isn’t that bad? Well, he still had hope lingering within him. Yet I found their friendship more stable since when he’s serious and helping her, it wasn’t just all talks. Sure, he could cheer her up too at other times, but this proves that he’s willing to help her in such times as well. (She felt safe with him? I wouldn’t be surprised. He has always projected that image–if one would just take away his silly behaviors at times.) And that was the end of the episode.

Previews. Things that were supposed to happen in this episode since the previous episode’s previews show some scenes of that too. And some more practice with the battles? Well, they weren’t in disguise anymore. Possibly because they were actually doing the routines now instead of preparing for future tests like previously? Since they were caught and Sheng Nan got scold at? Have to wait and see. They’re drinking soda and celebrating and Ding Hao’s even smiling so can’t be bad, right? They could use a break after so much nerve-breaking situations going on around there.

BTS. Poor them, it was too cold! YET they were so brave still. Was Yao Yuan Hao sick at that time? Sounds like it. OMG! He’s so smart, hugging the other two so he could get some heat from them. AND people could say there were bonding and getting along? Nice…LOL! Was Tang Feng suffering from some really major laughing fit? ‘Cause he kept laughing like crazy and NG-ed several times. That was so funny! The others were walking away while Ai Cheng was trying to sing. Then was that Xia Zheng Feng jumping in saying that he was listening? So then Ai Cheng continued singing and he sneaked away too! LOL! Ah Pang and Xiang Ci rock climbing! Seriously brave. I know it was just part of the plot but they did it for real–though with precautions, etc.

Eh…they finally played the song sung by Zhao Jun Ya after the NGs. Though I watched it several times already and have it on my mp3, but still listened to it.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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