Rookies’ Diary: Episode 37

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

That was so funny! Shan Ren turned off the lights and they thought they get to sleep early? LOL! They were soooo wrong!

Let’s check who managed to get it all together in the dark, eh? Not surprising that Lai Hu failed. Well, it was a miracle already that he got dressed. Wu Yong actually got praised? Wow… And of course, Hai Sheng passed. Wang Wei’s comments about that dude not forgetting to eat, LOL! Da Tong was wearing Shan Ren’s outfit? LOL! That was too far-fetched since Shan Ren’s bed was all the way at the end. NICE! Wu Tian Liang’s mismatched outfit! LOL! Man, I never enjoyed Wang Wei’s yelling so much before. Man, Xiao De Ji thought he got it all? Was he bragging too early? YUP! Forgot something and he even turned to Wu Tian Liang, asking for it, LOL! Shan Ren, of course, couldn’t find anything to pick about Luo Gang this time, LOL! Too bad… Tian Bin’s pants… OY!

So the results are out? Shan Ren’s shocked expression! LOL! Lai Hu and Da Tong made it, LOL! Yup, impossible all right. Yay! Luo Gang made it! Of course, it was unquestionable in the capabilities area but it was the history thing that might have gotten him stuck. Yet if he made it, now they have to work around the plot by explaining why he’s not in part 2? Both him and Hai Sheng actually.

So they were doing their usual routines until Wu Tian Liang spoke up regarding the ground’s condition, etc. Then An Bang gathered everyone together for a round of…well, not quite sure what since he said he wasn’t going to yell at them or punish them, so… Wow, that was indeed a moving speech. So they were covering the part where An Bang’s leaving, giving us the answer we’ve been waiting for with An Bang’s fate in the plot as well as covering the tracks for part 2. And Ding Hao’s speech was equally powerful.

Not only do we get to see the rest of the routines but how they managed in the rain. Not to mention how An Bang was joining in with them too. Wow, Luo Gang’s brave notion–and Hai Sheng even seconded it. Notice Wu Yong joined in too after the other two guys got down and slid under the wires, making their way across. Totally agree with An Bang. Not wanting to force anyone is the way to go, considering how they wouldn’t want to get in trouble for being barbaric again–according to some people. Tian Bin and Ah Hou followed first before a hesitative Da Tong gave in as well. Wow, didn’t realize they all continued–eventually. And this would only happen because they’ve been through so much already. And all the while, why was Shan Ren kind of hesitating when Neng Zhi was signaling to him? LOL! (Seriously, I respect the cast and crew even more and more for this. So hard-working and not caring that they’ll get really dirty for these scenes.) Wait, was Wang Wei one of the last ones? Or did he dodge the scene? If he dodged, I’m taking Zhao Jun Ya’s points away. Guess have to wait for BTS to find out. On the other hand, Ding Hao was awesome! (Li Xing Wen should take care of himself though…that was so risky. Though he made it looked so easy yet the weather condition and all.)

Yup, I knew some people would get sick. If not, it would be too unrealistic. Darn, Hai Sheng so lazy, made the others apply it for him. That was like asking for trouble. YUP! It was their chance to pull a prank on him. (Of course, he was tired and everyone was too BUT he asked for it, LOL!) OMG! They went WAY over. I knew they were up to something with the whispering but didn’t realize that they had Wu Xiang Lin apply it for Hai Sheng! LOL! That was priceless all right! That was so cute that even Luo Gang was laughing by his locker. LOL!

So things proceeded the next day and they should be glad that it wasn’t raining anymore. Nice going, Da Tong dropped his helmet. Darn! Having Sheng Nan right there too. So funny! Wu Yong and Ah Hou refused to help him. Aww…Da Tong was forced to retrieve it himself while he was still playing the ‘afraid of heights’ card. (I swear how in the world could he get up and down on the wishing tree AND that one tree when they were playing tricks on Xiao De Ji, BUT can’t seem to deal with this one?) That was so slick! LOL! He managed to retrieve it just like that? Not so slick anymore since Da Tong and Wu Yong got punished. Serves them right for messing with Shan Ren? LOL!

So they made it to lunchtime. We’ll see what else happens. OOOhhh…I didn’t realize in the previews that it was Wu Yong who was responsible for dropping the food pantry. Saw Da Tong but couldn’t see Wu Yong very well until now. I guess it was because of the punishment thing so they were burnt out? Yet it’s no excuse for them with the superiors. They were in for good this time. I guess it sort of help being pals with Shan Ren since Hai Sheng could stall for time? Maybe just a little? We’ll see.

Nice going. Hai Sheng jumped right to Shan Ren’s favorite subject of discussion. Darn! Didn’t work. Since Shan Ren was inspecting Hai Sheng and how Hai Sheng was leaning on Shan Ren like they were best buddies. LOL! Ooohhh…so that was how they cover it? By not eating? Hope it works. And yup, they were strange. So unlike them, suddenly they were behaving, etc. Yet their little chant was kind of cool. Totally show unity. OMG! So funny that Hai Sheng was even escorting Shan Ren around. So unlike him…LOL!

So they were summoned to be given food? Well, Lai Hu jumped the gun and got yelled at, so… So funny that Lai Hu ate first and heard that Shan Ren said the others were so smart, catching on that he had poisoned the noodles. LOL! He was kidding! LOL! It was interesting that Shan Ren chose to sit down next to Hai Sheng? Was he acknowledging their friendship? But then again, maybe because the others were already piling into the other seats? Aww…Wu Yong admitted? Yup, they were indeed growing up now. Da Tong was still afraid but of course, it wasn’t like he didn’t feel bad? WOW! So Shan Ren knew. It would be too much of a joke if he didn’t though. Since he’d been with them for a while now. Should know how they operate already. A little bonding? And Hai Sheng looks like he’s reconsidering matters? That was the end of the episode. Nice ending.

Previews. Wow, Shan Ren putting his hand around Da Tong? Are they buddies now? Hahahaha…can’t wait to see it. Ooohhh…after all those subtle hints and randomness with somewhat of a rivalry, Luo Gang and Shan Ren were in for the real showdown now? The actual party? Since we didn’t see the part in this episode. The results will be announced? Exciting. Or could be nerve-racking. Both actually. The actual test! Even more exciting.

BTS. Yup, the part where they were preparing to shoot the scene in the rain was included. Nice to see the process of it all. Have to take precautions. Ah Xiang had on his wetsuit? LOL! Well, whatever works. Fake rain! LOL! Still, they had to cope with it in such weather. OMG! Fu Zi Chun was cheating? He was too fast, LOL! They had to shoot again. Tang Feng threatening him, lol. They all gathered around Fu Zi Chun and took pictures of him? So funny that he was just posing. Yao Yuan Hao asking for some rain BUT he received A LOT! LOL! OMG! Lin Dao Yuan tossed it so hard!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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