Rookies’ Diary: Episode 39

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So the episode continued with the same intensity that was going on with how the test was suddenly halted. For what it matters, I think Lai Hu should learn to control his words at times. YES, he feels hopeless with some stuff, but shouldn’t have taken it out on Hai Sheng when Hai Sheng was just helping him and have been encouraging him on all along. He should just focus on his training and techniques, instead of just feeling sorry for himself all the time.

Though Lai Hu admitted his wrong, what good does it do? The damage was already done. It wasn’t up to them anymore. But Hai Sheng was always so righteous, always wanting to take the blame and protect others. It was interesting that Xiao De Ji even spoke up to scold Wu Tian Liang as Wu Tian Liang was still saying stuff about their differences in groups, etc. It was funny that Luo Gang got to scold Hai Sheng’s secret admirer? I meant when he wasn’t even one of the officers. Since it made more sense that Shan Ren or Sheng Nan would scold them for talking too much, etc.

And they had to deal with the situation. I won’t comment much here. Since it was the toss between differences in opinions, as always, the obvious conflicts. The line between only wanting to see the result versus how hard they worked all along. The typical song. Though I do get the frustration with seeing how they were whispering and/or talking too much during the trials, it makes one think they’re not taking it seriously.

Yet, of course, An Bang delivered toward the group so hope that they won’t mess it up again. So the bomb tossing test continued with You Shun. And the results are as follow: You Shun – 34, Hao Zhi – 25, Ah Hou – around 30 or higher, Tian Bin – bordering on 40, Xiao De Ji – between 25 and 30.

And the day carried on with another set of trials to overcome. According to the previews, it was going to be Hai Sheng’s downfall. Man, sucks big time. After so many laps, there was an obvious sign that Lai Hu was trailing and the others took turns encouraging him on. Another obvious sign with how the outcome would be with how Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were trailing on purpose, doubling back to help Lai Hu, cheering him on. It was because they needed to cover their tracks since Fu Zi Chun won’t be in the second one, BUT it was so frustrating. He was one of the strongest ones there and it had to result in that. Sometimes his righteousness is his downfall. So not worth it. YES, I’m kind of mean here but sometimes I wish he would turn on his stingy attitude and fend for himself. But that wouldn’t be Hai Sheng and we wouldn’t love him as much, right? But because of what Hai Sheng and Luo Gang did, they were praised by the officer in charge of the whole test.

Nightfall and it was obvious that Hai Sheng was limping around. Wu Yong asked and his answer was hilarious yet it showed his bravery. He just shrugged it off as nothing, never whining and/or complaining because of pain or anything. And some things seriously never changed since You Shun was urging others to put in their bet as to who would win between Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. DARN! It was a gamble that they would eventually lose. How sad was that? So funny that Tian Bin was betting on Hai Sheng first and then he raised the amount betting for Luo Gang, LOL! Guess who Wu Xiang Lin bet on? LOL! Ooohh…Xiao De Ji’s joke went too far? But then again, he was actually quite apologetic toward the situation, unlike previous times when he just let things slip without caring to explain. An improvement indeed.

How could Lai Hu say that? I know he’s frustrated and fed up with all the side attacks or rather the hopeless feeling. Yet Hai Sheng, Luo Gang, and the others had done so much for him. If he gave up now, wouldn’t it be too much of their wasted efforts? So I totally support Sheng Nan for scolding him. Someone needs to wake him up out of his pitiful shell. And yes, he definitely needs to prove to his old man that he’s capable. Then there’s his grandma, shouldn’t let her down. Sheng Nan is right. Though it’s always so hard to do since the world’s always comparing between people YET we’re always competing against ourselves, not others.

We soon discovered that not only had Luo Gang overheard the conversation between Sheng Nan and Lai Hu, but Hai Sheng had as well. It was because he was getting something to drink and the announcement came overhead, asking for him that we see him limping down the steps. So brave, still not stating the real reason why he was limping around.

Guess it wasn’t for nothing after all since he managed to score some points with Yu Ting. They were so cute together! Darn, almost forgot how addicting it was to watch them. So funny how she was edging out of it! LOL! Yup, there could be lots of others named Yu Ting. So let’s circulate his memory, right? LOL! And Hai Sheng should definitely thank Bo Wen for this little sweet meeting.

So they proceeded with the test the next day. We’ll see how they all fend this time, considering how there had been improvements here and there when they were practicing the previous few times. Hai Sheng’s continued limping. Like it would go away after a night of rest but still. Seeing it is just painful. Hearing his yelp upon landing when he was finished with climbing the pole task was equally painful. And seeing how they helped Xiao De Ji surpass the wall task showed that they finally broke through the barriers of being in different groups, etc. Man, just when I was putting Hai Sheng’s name on a shrine already, it got even better. He kept insisting on waiting for Lai Hu at the wall task until Luo Gang told him to go since Luo Gang could handle it. I can’t bear it anymore! YES, I know it’s all fake and part of acting…YET it’s so frustrating seeing how Hai Sheng’s downfall is unfolding bit by bit. But this showed that their bond had broke through that of caring about winning or losing or making it or not. It was about helping one another break through all obstacles. And DARN, Luo Gang’s fall. I think he wouldn’t have done so poorly if he hadn’t helped Lai Hu along the way. NO, not playing the blame game since it was true. They’d been more relaxed on the days that they were just practicing but this day weighs much more than just another round of practice hence them focusing on doing their best YET they see past what was about making it or not to helping everyone make it. It just had to be Lai Hu for their case, that’s all. To make a long story short, it was on Lai Hu’s head that the two strongest men were brought down.

Watching these scenes is getting more and more nerve-racking. To think that I even worried for Xiao De Ji when he almost fell in when crossing that cemented bridge. He handled quite well. And how in the world is Hai Sheng going to cross the bridge now? Not in that condition. Well, he would try yet it seems too unbearable to watch, seeing him injuring himself even more. He did it! I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until he jumped at the last bit of the bridge. Lai Hu was finally doing his bit of helping Luo Gang along. Yet what was even more admirable was Hai Sheng turning back–once again, even in his state – to see if he could help them, thus delaying his own progress. Watching Luo Gang was even more painful since he slammed his leg pretty bad several times and the amount of sweat on his face showed even more pain. It seemed like the same scene as the race yesterday yet this time, Lai Hu had to help them both. (BUT it was because they had injured themselves helping him first.) And this is why I don’t believe in the results as much as the process. YES, it’s good to know there are achievements and success since it showed that they had practiced to build up to that point. But in this case, it doesn’t prove anything. Their abilities showed much more yet they were bogged down by their righteousness. It would eventually become their most admirable spot, but realistically in life, how many people would admire that? Yet I seriously want to cry for them, especially Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. But they chose it and if they had to pick again, they would’ve done the same thing. It doesn’t matter if it was Lai Hu or not. It has to be someone that needs help.

Previews. So tragic, to the point that I’m not even looking forward to the comedic part anymore. We’ll see.

BTS. Totally lighten up the atmosphere again. They’re PK-ing with the pole climbing task? LOL! The others were betting? NICE! The director won! So funny! Ai Cheng couldn’t beat a 40 years old man? LOL! Definitely losing face here. Still funny though. So Fu Zi Chun was the stunt double for Lin Dao Yuan with the pole. No surprise since he was awesome with that task. And then there was the whole thing with being realistic. Though I know he tried his best, but it was kind of unbelievable that Lin Dao Yuan could do it all the way without aid. The wall task, Zhao Jun Ya totally involved in it, LOL! Man, yup, so immersed into his role and with the whole ordering them around. Yup, they were hurt for real. I meant while filming with some minor injuries, NOT the whole nerve-racking scenes. Unavoidable. It made me admired them even more for willing to do this. Ooohhh…looked serious with Qian Jun Zhong yet we all know he was fine now since part 2’s carrying on, etc. PHEW. So funny! Fu Zi Chun yelling out that Lin Dao Yuan was too heavy? YUP, NG-ed. But to think it was so intense, LOL!
NGs. So funny! An Bang’s surname got changed? Song Pai Zhang? LOL!

They included the song “Dream” by Zhao Jun Ya again. Never tired of listening to the song.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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