Rookies’ Diary: Episode 4

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Still practicing with weapons and trying to get the new recruits to learn the ropes. However, there was an obvious biased treatment with Luo Gang. Honestly, he almost poked An Bang’s  eyes out and An Bang didn’t do anything? (Possibly accident BUT that was worth yelling for.) YET when Hai Sheng made a ‘small’ mistake, An Bang personally fixed his move. OKAY…(I’m beginning to believe more and more that An Bang must have owe Luo Gang in some way to let him off so easily like that.) Hai Sheng wasn’t the only one noticing the differences in treatment either since Wu Yong was staring at An Bang while trying to obey the commands as well. Something’s definitely up!

It got even more and more obvious (yes, repeating the ‘more and more’ thing too much BUT honestly, it’s that obvious) by break time when An Bang made a comment about it being hot and that Luo Gang should drink more water. (Of course the reply was Luo Gang didn’t want any. No surprise.) But the others were staring from afar and pondering about the conversation taking place.

Hey, the new recruits and some of the other trainers weren’t the only suspicious groups, even the beauty Sheng Nan was staring too.

Break time and they were allowed to go to the convenient store without sneaking around. YET You Shun still had to sneak around since the ‘boss lady’ was watching Xiao Yan’s every move nearby. Tough luck, You Shun! (So funny that they were exchanging phone numbers through the prices! Witty but still got caught!)

Not only was You Shun taught a lesson but Xiao Yan wasn’t let off either. Being the lady boss’ daughter wasn’t going to get her out of troubles.

Hostility came back as An Bang was confronted by Sheng Nan. Not that he was objecting to her concern regarding his treatment of Lai Hu, BUT he was referring to the whole thing with the other trainers gossiping. I have to agree with him on this one (though it was kind of funny watching the other rants over things) with if they have problems with his ways of doing things, they should come and talk to him, not gossip about it.

I knew the incident would come, it was just a matter of time. They were exposed! Well, at least with the cell phone. Was Wu Yong serious? He just had to shove the cell phone under Luo Gang’s mattress! Can’t blame him since he was in a panic, BUT still…that was causing another riff between Hai Sheng and Luo Gang since Hai Sheng probably thought Luo Gang did it on purpose but Luo Gang had no idea it was there since he just ascended his bed at that time. AND okay, definitely funny with Da Tong sabotaging You Shun. Probably getting back at him for the other incident. BUT Wang Wei wasn’t dumb, he knew the sound was coming from Da Tong. So much for exposing You Shun.

Knew that one was coming also. The intensity had been building up since the first episode. Hai Sheng could ignore all the other stuffs that did not affect him, BUT not this one since it seemed to be challenging him (though it was a misunderstanding). And okay, I forgive Wu Yong for confessing that it was him who was careless AND not Luo Gang. But too late since Hai Sheng was more than ready to jump at such an opportunity.

Nice one, Luo Gang! How does Hai Sheng like to be framed? Not a good feeling at all, right?

But that did not top Shan Ren’s words, lol. Don’t play with water? Who was playing with it? (Okay, maybe Hai Sheng was.) And he calls An Bang Mo Gui Pai Zhang (魔鬼排長)? LOL! He didn’t even care if the others heard it, LOL!

Just after Luo Gang step out to fulfill the command, Hai Sheng continued with his rant. But not for long since he and Da Tong heard some strange sounds that caused them to go investigate. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be scared of? YEAH RIGHT!

Well, the so-called ‘Mo Gui Pai Zhang’ wasn’t so ‘mo gui’ at the moment. It seemed more like he was softening up to Luo Gang. (The suspense is killing me! Come on, reveal the truth! Though I sort of guess what happened but want to verify the matter.) Okay, it’s sort of unleashing now but not by much. Some stuffs are still in the dark. At least we know they had a history. At least some grudges here and there. More like Luo Gang still holding something against An Bang.

Hai Sheng was still telling ghost stories? Okay…that was mean. Serves him right for being paranoid as well since he scared the world out of Da Tong.

LOL! (Shan Ren: You called? Hai Sheng: I am Yang Hai Sheng. Shan Ren: I asked you why did you call.) That was dumb, all right–Shan Ren banging his hand like that.

Just when I thought that was funny already, it got even funnier. Come on now! Ding Hao (the Commander Captain) was so supportive yet he had no idea. Shi lian (失恋) is not something to cry over? LOL! Girls do not like guys who cry? LOL! Wow, a captain to new recruit talk about love. Nice…just the right thing to include in the whole military training as well. (LOL) Wait, was he comforting Bo Wen or was he trying to get ideas into Bo Wen’s mind? (What suicide?)  But he was all heart so can’t blame him for being overly enthusiastic about the subject matter.

Eh…Shan Ren caving into Hai Sheng’s hare-brain ideas? This is serious. Oh well, at least Hai Sheng tried.

Luo Gang got recognized? An Bang looked proud BUT Hai Sheng looked pissed off (as always). He thought it was him. He got happy too early.

Not nice! Why were they talking about Luo Gang in that way? Though it seemed suspicious, Luo Gang was quite hard-working too. It wasn’t like he didn’t do anything and got it. (And Luo Gang wasn’t happy with receiving it either. Poor him. He wanted to use his own strength and/or abilities to achieve, not hiding behind An bang’s shadow like that. Okay, so An Bang didn’t know but I could totally feel Luo Gang’s frustration. He was losing patience with Luo Gang as well? I guess he needed to do something since he had to show his sense of power.)

Wu Yong was so surprised that Da Tong got special treatments, considering how fierce those ladies were. Da Tong’s comeback, LOL! Wu Yong trying to be cute! LOL! That was priceless. He had no idea!

Da Tong getting more food? Wu Yong shocked? LOL! Lost in translation! LOL! Wu Yong misunderstood Da Tong! Oh well, that was fun to see! NO, Da Tong actually set him up! LOL! So funny! Beyond believable. If Wu Yong wanted the soup, he had to play the part. (Wu Yong: I love…you! Chen Tian Bin: I already have a girlfriend.) BUT he still got what he wanted, lol. That was way too funny! And suddenly they were one happy family!

Hai Sheng still sore about not getting it? Bo Wen was still down in the dumps. AND Hai Sheng just had to switch targets. Come on now.

Ooohhh…finally singing! Hilarious performance. And even Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were laughing along with everyone. I guess that did help.

Pay back time! LOL! Well, sort of. So funny that Da Tong was caught staring at Sheng Nan but he soon looked away and pretended to clap along with the others. It was all Shan Ren’s fault! Now everyone was calling An Bang ‘Mo Gui Pai Zhang’ as well. Lai Hu had to cover Da Tong’s mouth BUT it was too late. Sheng Nan’s turn was expected by some people – namely the whispering twins, LOL! Sheng Nan directed her eyes toward Shan Ren and Wang Wei saw that. (I wonder if it was true OR they were teasing us with the details.) Though it was obvious that they called out Shan Ren’s name! Probably Shan Ren was glad to be targeted but pretended not to enjoy it. (LOL)

An Bang being fierce again? Can’t blamed him since he only wanted the best for them. But what Bi Ying said was true also. (Okay, now I’m being wishy-washy, LOL!) But at least she supported him.

Night calls again. And I thought they were trying to tease Lai Hu. But Da Tong and Wu Yong were actually encouraging him on. Awww… they were finally getting along. At least for some of them.

An important day. At least for Luo Gang. But it seemed he was still reluctant. (And commented too early. I was right! Luo Gang made his move and he did it on purpose!)

Sheng Nan had to step up, huh? I guess we’ll get to see the face off in the next episode since it ended right there.

Overall thoughts? It’s moving all right. Still maintaining its pace and not overdoing anything. Ratings? It went up to 11.74 for this episode. (Wow! YES, keep going!)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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