Rookies’ Diary: Episode 5

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with the challenge, which Luo Gang thought he was winning. But Sheng Nan was quite strong so he was not going to get it so easy – like he thought. Nice set of routines but might lean on the edge of dramatic since some could not be accomplished too easily. OR it might look easy the way they do it.

And I can’t believe someone’s still sore over it. Come on now! Funny but in a way, it’s not since Hai Sheng is pushing it too far!

Finally things were proceeding smoothly again since Luo Gang had fulfilled his promise since he was defeated by Sheng Nan’s persistence. (An Bang was seen standing afar and looking proud.)

Shan Ren must be kidding, right? Trusting Hai Sheng to keep a secret? OKAY…he was definitely asking for trouble. (And Hai Sheng was back to telling ghost stories again. Come on, it was getting old BUT Shan Ren still fell for it.)

More developments with Luo Gang’s urgent calls at times and not receiving any types of response. We now know why he was so anxious several episodes earlier with the call – though he claimed he did not have any family to call. No wonder. It was really something urgent. (But I have to say that the chase scene was kind of cool though. Tang Feng got injured while filming that scene – sort of – and posted some details regarding that in his blog several months back.)

I wonder what possessed Da Tong to play such prank on them. It was a close call all right since they weren’t prepared at all. BUT Da Tong was good since he managed to sound so fierce and authoritative.

While the others were gathering around Hai Sheng to pry some information from him regarding being called upon by Shan Ren, Luo Gang expressed his wanting to leave the place. That caused Lai Hu to check both of their temperatures to see if Luo Gang was sick – or something. (Lai Hu had no idea it was regarding the call from earlier.)

Honestly? Okay, Shan Ren was also a big chicken. Didn’t realize he would get carried away with the whole ‘ghost’ thing. He actually had someone go buy the charm for him to protect him from the ‘ghost’? LOL!

The most hilarious thing was being caught by Sheng Nan and having to make up an excuse for carrying the ‘item’! LOL! That was priceless. She wasn’t scared but he was? Cute all right.

In the heart of the night, Luo Gang was seem sneaking around, trying to escape. OKAY, not to that extreme but close enough since he needed to get out of there and check on matters at home. This was the scene seen in the previews of the last episode.

Luo Gang wasn’t the only one going about in the middle of the night though since Shan Ren was taking Hai Sheng out on a trip as well. Claiming to be not scared, Shan Ren sent Hai Sheng to investigate on a certain suspicious activity happening. Having power was so much better, right? Shan Ren even snatched the flashlight away from Hai Sheng! LOL! Serves Hai Sheng right for keep teling ghost stories and scaring others. Like he wasn’t scared as well. And Shan Ren chanting the ‘codes’ while walking? LOL! He freaked out so bad it wasn’t even funny! That was priceless! He thought he seen a ghost for real! LOL! He didn’t bother to check anymore but relied on the idea that no one else was around, except for him and Hai Sheng. AND Hai Sheng ran even faster than him.

Back to Luo Gang, he thought that he was sneaking around unnoticed yet he had no idea that Sheng Nan saw him. But gotta admit his moves were clever and cautious for the most part. That was too funny! Thanks to Hai Sheng for bragging, Luo Gang got some basis to wiggle his way out of the sticky situation, LOL! Shan Ren was dead meat with Sheng Nan all right!

Caught red-handed! LOL! Shan Ren couldn’t say anything now. Too bad! I just love the expression on Sheng Nan’s face while she flipped through the notebook AND Shan Ren’s face while he was waiting for some major yelling (or along those lines). And then when she turned to Luo Gang, he looked like he wanted to laugh too BUT was forced to keep it inside since her expression was too threatening. Even the night guard was laughing as well! LOL! And the one who benefited the most was Luo Gang – who managed to make a clean exit after Sheng Nan went outside to have a ‘chat’ with Shan Ren. (LOL)

WAY beyond hilarious! Shan Ren getting beat up by Sheng Nan! Serves him right! He got it all wrong! LOL! That was why she was pissed off? (JUST KIDDING, LOL!) But good to see more developments between these two after the constant stares, etc. At least it’s going somewhere – even IF it is this situation where Shan Ren wants to find a hole to hide under. AND he still dared to want it back? LOL! He was still chanting the ‘Hitting is loving, Scolding is loving’ mantra! LOL!

And Hai Sheng thought that he could get friendly with Shan Ren because of how they were in the whole scheme from last night together. YET he had no idea Shan Ren was so unpredictable. So much for it. AND Shan Ren trying to extract information from Luo Gang! LOL! Tough luck!

Eh…was An Bang’s training ways too extreme? Has it finally gotten to the point that the others had to step in and adjust the schedule?

After that hectic atmosphere, it was seen that Bi Ying was looking through Shan Ren’s notebook at the convenient store while Sheng Nan was seen still pissed off. So funny how Bi Ying was teasing Sheng Nan! And the Lady Boss had to jump in and called Shan Ren over for a ‘chat’! LOL! So she was offended that he didn’t include her in the book? LOL! That was messed up! Bi Ying was definitely enjoying it! All the women were ganging up on Shan Ren! So funny!

And the episode ended with the intensity of Hao Zhi’s father scolding him to no end. Will have to wait for the next episode to see how it develop.

Ratings went down to 11.66 though not losing its place and I do understand why it went down a bit. There were good, humorous parts in this one as well as more development regarding Luo Gang’s story but not enough to pull some people in. That will have to wait for the future. I’m just happy that it has gained so much recognition and that all the cast and production team’s efforts have not been wasted all these times. Hopefully it would remain around the same range for the upcoming episodes. (But I wouldn’t mind if it raises again! It’s totally worth it!) Anyway, previews showed that the pace picked up even more with Luo Gang attempting to break away and go back home to take care of things and how An Bang was following Luo Gang to help also. OR at least sort things out. So there are lots to see.

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