Rookies’ Diary: Episode 6

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The “conversation” between Hao Zhi and his father ended up in a “heated” moment as the latter did not take it lightly with Hao Zhi’s passive response. Poor Shan Ren! Getting caught in the middle of it. He almost got hit! (PHEW!)

Hey! Not cool! Why was Shan Ren rubbing it in for Hao Zhi? LOL! He was singing the same song as Hao Zhi’s father. (Or it seems more like he’s trying to save himself from trouble.) AND I thought the girl was someone gentle but she was just putting up a front to score points with Hao Zhi’s father. (She challenged Hao Zhi with the wink as soon as Hao Zhi’s father turned the other way.)

Yeah, what was with the stare? Ooohhhh…okay. But then what was with using his authority to make Hao Zhi submit to the matter? (I’m actually rooting for Hao Zhi 0n this one! Just because the other girl just looked so deceitful.)

Shan Ren got troubles of his own, so can’t bully others around as much anymore. Well, actually, more like troubles were accumulating on him since he had been stepping on people’s foot left and right since the first episode–whether intentional or not. Wait a minute! If Hai Sheng didn’t tell on Shan Ren then who? Strange…

So what if he was all-powerful during his job? He couldn’t even win over her! (JUST KIDDING…) Oh well…

Eh…what was up? What was with all the spying? But it was so funny that Xiao Yan was reporting to her mother like a soldier to his superior (lol). Her mother was blocking her sight! LOL! I could almost guess who she’s trying to spy on! (LOL) And…what a way to lure in customers, but still hilarious. Shan Ren scolding them to stop staring!

Oh…the other reason why Shan Ren was telling them not to stare. Wouldn’t want to go back on his words with Yu Qiao. But of course, the soldiers had their own minds! AND they picked Xiao Yan! Shan Ren was dead meat with Yu Qiao! (YES, the pattern was all so familiar with him getting on people’s wrong side.)

You Shun trying to get smooth with Xiao Yan again! (Nothing new!) Too bad her mother always managed to sabotage him. (She’ll go with him since she hasn’t gone to the movies for ages now? LOL! Good one!) Xiao Yan still managed to sneak a smile at You Shun! (They’re just so cute!)

Hai Sheng finally meeting Yu Ting! How cunning he was to use such tactics to see her face! Not to mention the over-killed pick-up line! LOL! “I’ll be back”? LOL! That was WAY too funny. AND Wu Yong trying to hide the bottle? Possibly ’cause he was in a rush upon hearing the warning whistle! Yu Ting was so cute–in a mature way, of course.

And how dared they make Shan Ren lose points with Sheng Nan? (Well, at least even more points since he already lost major points with the exposure in the last episode.) Gosh! Even they were making me anxious with their clueless behaviors! Poor Shan Ren!

Aww…why was Hai Sheng scolding Bo Wen? He was already so pitiful. But at least he was helping Bo Wen with answering to Wang Wei, not rubbing it in for him in front of their superior.

Eh…finally more scenes of Shi Jun aside from his recounts in his diary after the day’s end. Brief exchange between him and the ‘big man’ but at least there’s something.

Luo Gang was definitely up to something. He has been watching the others and circulating his brain to find a way. It was only a matter of time before he carried out his plan again. It was funny that You Shun finally get to earn money with his cell phone BUT he didn’t want to take the money! LOL! Gang Ge? So funny trying to suck up to the guy. He gave the others a great surprise! But understandable.

Ekk…You Shun was so unlucky! It was their last alternative! But since Luo Gang had it, how would An Bang react? Well, he had to carry out the punishment or it would be too obvious that he let Luo Gang off so easily – like several times in the past.

Oh…Luo Gang was definitely pushing it. (But of course, we all know he was working out his plan step-by-step. An Bang had no idea!) Luo Gang was crazy all right! He better faint soon OR An Bang might end up being the one who fainted. That would be such a waste of effort to build up his scheme. (But of course, An Bang’s too strong to crash but still…) Too bad Luo Gang’s scheme caused An Bang a major scolding from ‘the big man’.

Shan Ren still found time to talk nonsense? Aww…poor Wang Wei, getting scolded by An Bang and now Sheng Nan. And Shan Ren still found time to discuss those matters? OKAY… (Unsuccessful once again, of course.)

Luo Gang was so rash! He walked right into that one! But can’t blame him since he had to come immediately or else. At least he turned the tables on them! (Temporarily…) He was badly outnumbered anyway. The plan wouldn’t work for too long. (Gotta admit the hype sure cranked up several notches with the fight scenes!)

An Bang finally said it! (But of course, those who read the information on the official site knows about this detail already.) Honestly, they sure found the right time to argue. Luo Gang sure know how to shrug it off! What? OKAY… (Though that was intense and I do feel bad for An Bang BUT that was kind of funny.) These guys are seriously good though. Powerful scene indeed.

Wu Yong was smart all right. Good point, Luo Gang was one of the strongest, how could he crash so easily? Da Tong was backing him up? LOL! (But that could be true with the heatwave…) Hai Sheng’s answer was funnier! How could he go against Mo Gui Pai Zhang and not crash? LOL! (But that does sound like a good reason.) He was celebrating on others’ misery? Crazy all right. Practicing for his routine? It would be hilarious if he got his wish. (Hai Sheng clueless as to why he could hurt Luo Gang with such a light push? LOL!) On the other hand, poor Da Tong and Wu Yong! (They didn’t realize they were in Lai Hu’s way! Accident but still…)

Eh…extracting information from Lai Hu? Oh well, he’s the one with more power so whatever. Lai Hu trying to work around with his current connections? All right… (An Bang had to correct him!) Tough luck! Like he was getting the easy way out by promising to look out for Luo Gang and report back if there was anything.

What was Hai Sheng up to again? (And You Shun couldn’t trust him, LOL!) Ooohhhh… OKAY…

They caught Luo Gang and Sheng Nan walking around in the middle of the night! And Hai Sheng just had to rub it in for Shan Ren! (Or was he using it to his advantage? Aka stirring things up?) Hai Sheng’s so nosy.

So the episode ended with Shan Ren’s ponders and paranoia thoughts, which Hai Sheng managed to lay out the details for him. Previews tell more hilarious scenes and then some more. OH! More You Shun and Xiao Yan scenes! AND Da Tong found out about it! How mean! Wu Yong’s comment! (But he was trying to sabotage You Shun! LOL!) Back to the military base, so Luo Gang got it after all AND Hai Sheng was only dreaming with all his practiced moves. New routines! Definitely worth looking forward to! Lai Hu! (He threw it and it landed on their side!)

Ratings took another dunk to 11.19 yet still an impressive number so it’s not a major disappointment. It might possibly pick up with the new routines in the next episode. Hopefully! But at least it’s maintaining its place thus far.

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