Rookies’ Diary: Episode 8

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Some things seriously never change since Shan Ren was at it again, bragging. AND he was caught off guard again, lol.

Getting repetitive but still funny for some reason. Possibly because Shan Ren’s expression was so funny.

Oooohhh…Shan Ren dared to say it. Like Sheng Nan’s comeback though! (You tell him, girl!) But I sort of feel bad for him since Luo Gang used him as an excuse before so now he couldn’t really justify himself, considering how Sheng Nan already saw him with the ‘notebook’ and all. (Luo Gang was definitely dead meat! NOT really but Shan Ren will keep a close eye on him from now on.)

Ooohhh…revenge. Darn, poor Da Tong was going to get in trouble again. A bunch of bullies were getting revenge. AND I hope they seriously get their deserved punishment.

Wang Wei backstabbing Shan Ren! (NOT really but sort of funny.) It was strange though.

I seriously like Wang Wei more and more. Just for that scene, I’m putting him on top of the list.

Another reason to put Wang Wei on top of the list. Gosh! The others were so out of it! Da Tong almost hit Wang Wei, but he was the only one who managed to catch the gun in time. Man, Da Tong was so out of it! He was trying to dive away from An Bang. Lucky he didn’t hit An Bang or it would be a bigger stir!

And I guess I shouldn’t feel bad for Shan Ren anymore. Since he managed to find a way to get back at Luo Gang. Being a person with power does have its advantages, especially if he could use it craftily. But honestly though, Luo Gang was getting even more popular, especially among the higher authority. It was sort of funny and nice at the same time that Sheng Nan was checking out matters while An Bang was worried for Luo Gang. (And of course the others were all jealous of him getting all the attention. They had no idea.) It was funny that Sheng Nan was trying to get Lai Hu to talk BUT Lai Hu had no idea what she was talking about. She thought Luo Gang and Hai Sheng had a fight. If she knew what really happened, it would be funnier. (NOT really but still funny how everyone was playing the guessing game.) What was even funnier was seeing Sheng Nan summoning Hai Sheng over for questioning too. Luo Gang was really enjoying it. Everyone was so confused, except for 3 people. Funny is an understatement for what happened. Hai Sheng was even more creative with his description! LOL! Poor An Bang! Sheng Nan was being so protective of the soldiers. YET she had no idea what happened. An Bang was trying to stop her from investigating any further but it got out of hand. Typical, considering how Sheng Nan was.

The famous battle some of us were anticipating since seeing the previews. You Shun was still calling Luo Gang ‘Gang Ge’? LOL! The worst they could get was in trouble! LOL! But it was only a little friendly battle, right? LOL! You Shun definitely took advantage of the situation and called for bets, LOL! Hahahahaha. Hai Sheng was in for big this time. He didn’t realize there could be someone sabotaging his victory. It was his fault for celebrating when Yu Qiao was calling Yu Ting, telling Yu Ting to come to the shop. It was kind of ironic though. Since Hai Sheng was gaining on Luo Gang when Yu Ting appeared BUT then she had to call him by that ‘name’. So he went from impressing her to embarrassing himself in front of her. (LOL) That was cute! Though he lost and everyone was scolded by Wang Wei to get back, but Hai Sheng still manage to sneak to Yu Ting and signal to her, lol.

An Bang attempting to protect Luo Gang again? Darn! That was harsh! But of course he had to risk it or Luo Gang would get in trouble for sure. Luo Gang, of course, didn’t want to keep his mouth shut, but An Bang kept gaining the upper hand, lashing out first. Even when he finally got a chance to speak up, An Bang stopped him by signaling his hand. That was truly touching without being too corny. The phrase An Bang uttered out (another one of those he said before), but was very effective. Short, but to the point. (In case anyone needed any reminder, it was: Because I’m your brother.) The song “You’re Always Here” (你一直都在) by Yang Pei An and Xiao Huang Qi were playing in the back the whole time. It really suited the whole scene. Though An Bang got in trouble for it, I think it would end up being of the things that would pull at Luo Gang, making him see the good sides of An Bang, letting go of what happened in the past with their family.

Wow! Shan Ren was prepared this time! LOL! Don’t blame You Shun for praising him. Still funny… Oooh…Shan Ren seriously knows how to use ‘An Bang’ in this situation. But Wang Wei was back and yelling at that ‘bully’ again. Shi Jun got a kick out of that though. The other dude totally deserved it.

How in the world was Luo Gang going to wing it through? He had no idea what his ‘brother’ would write. So funny! Luo Gang was having a blast all right! He was getting Sheng Nan all rattled by diverting the conversation onto her and Shan Ren.

Hilarious that Lai Hu was sitting there eating KFC while his old man ranted away. Wow….didn’t realize there was that story behind it. Good background information. (And it was about time too.)

Definitely a powerful scene. Shows some bonding between the guys. (And it was funny how Chen Tian Bin was singing, then the others just walked away and practiced their own routine, lol.)

Aww…Wang Wei’s so cute. (Okay, it’s getting more and more addicting watching him.) Anyway, it was the part where Wang Wei discovered the guys were all wearing beauty masks, LOL!

Someone never learns. He was so badly outnumbered regardless of place and situation. Now Da Tong could see the true shade of the others, lol. If it wasn’t for Lai Hu, he would’ve been creamed already.

The first time Luo Gang wasn’t using attitude toward An Bang. Something for An Bang to be reassured of. His kindness was paying off–even if it meant from the worst.

Chen Tian Bin was at it again! Him and his habit of talking too loud! Lucky Lai Hu managed to dive out of the situation fast enough. (And the scene seen in the preview with Bo Wen confronting his girlfriend was there. I thought they forgot about it. But it wasn’t as extreme. Or seemed to be for now.) It was so funny that it was all a coincidence and Chen Tian Bin was so confused. Asking Bo Wen was no help either.

Previews look promising once again. More progress here and there.

Ratings went down to 11.27. At least it didn’t go way down. It’s at stability at this point.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 8

  1. vgag says:

    The ratings are very high for the middle of the run, and are much higher than the ratings for the idol romances currently screening. Rookies Diary is doing well. I really like that song ‘Ni Yi Zhi Dou Zai’. Going by the lyrics it is a love song, but it also works well as a song for friends–or brothers.

  2. DTLCT says:

    Yes, I guess I should be glad that Rookies’ Diary is doing so well. The latest episode show a drop to around 10 but hopefully it will stay stable and not drop WAY down.


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