Rookies’ Diary: Fate & Tidbits

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So I’m finished with the drama–or at least part 1 and I’m back to discuss some of the things that occurred at the end of part 1–as I had promised in the other post.

First off, let’s take care of some items, such as:

  • Was Lai Hu responsible for Luo Gang’s downfall? We all know by now that Tang Feng couldn’t make it because of schedule conflicts, etc so they need a good reason for Luo Gang to not be in part 2. So who was the scapegoat? Lai Hu portrayed by Lin Dao Yuan. But just for the sake of the discussion and the relevancy of the plot only, was Lai Hu really responsible for Luo Gang’s downfall? Seriously to say, I think that a number of us who watched were quite shocked and pissed off at how Luo Gang’s ending was crafted out. I meant he’d been too awesome to not make it into the Special Operations Unit, right? So why not? They had to approached it that way and made someone take the blame for it. Yet ironically, Yang Hai Sheng (portrayed by Fu Zi Chun) kept claiming that it was his fault in causing Luo Gang’s injury to become even worse near the end. But we all knew it was Lai Hu, right? NO. Yes, I just said it. It wasn’t Lai Hu’s fault. Why not then? In this situation, it was Lai Hu because the plot steered toward that way (and no, I’m not blaming the scriptwriters). Because of the upcoming trials to prove that they could make it into different departments/parts/regions of the military, they had to try their best hence the whole dedication and the effort in helping Lai Hu making it. Though his reason to want to join in because of the rest of the F4 members were determined to make it as well might not be a good reason to even be considered important, but it was a reason for him to even try or was even willing to strive for. So Luo Gang, Hai Sheng, and the others were determined to help him. They did not have to but they were too righteous, too loyal not to, especially Luo Gang since he had this bond with Lai Hu since they knew each other before coming to fulfill their military duties. He’d always valued their friendship (as well as with others when the story progressed) and add in his righteous nature, it was hard not to get involved with Lai Hu’s situation. AND because of these two catalysts, regardless time, place, or situation, he would eventually be brought down by it–one way or another. We loved to think that he was invincible yet he was not. He was too reckless at times–though he had learned to control it. It was less realistic that Lai Hu even made it or how Luo Gang could be careless to sacrifice a future that he held so strong to make happen, but it was not impossible that Luo Gang would dive in for his friends with no questions asked. Regarding Lai Hu, I think it was because they were sending a message about accepting anyone who was willing to work hard, etc. instead of disregarding it as a silly attempt and just shrug it aside. In other words, no one should be left behind–if they were willing to try. So realistically it might not work to convince, but I guessed it was trying to give us some hope in that area and help others strive hard, never giving up. But just because I understood and accepted it for what it was didn’t mean that I wasn’t mad when it occurred. I wasn’t blaming Lai Hu but was more feeling the pain for Hai Sheng and Luo Gang when they were suffering while still bravely continuing on with the trials. What I was actually mad at Lai Hu about (yes, I DO get mad at him) was seeing in the later parts that he wanted to back out even after what Hai Sheng and Luo Gang had done for him. YES, after he was accepted and realized the reality of it all–aka what he would face when entering, BUT I felt it was too much of a joke and a wasted effort for Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. He should’ve thought more carefully before joining then. It possibly was aiming at humoring us with seeing some of the other guys wanting to back out too–not just Lai Hu, but I wasn’t amused since knowing what just happened previously. The second thing I was mad at Lai Hu about was being so ungrateful toward Hai Sheng and the others. I meant he knew they were helping him YET along the way, he would get mad at Hai Sheng or someone just because they made some comments. One of the times, it had caused the superior in charge to halt all trials and almost cost everyone’s future. If he had so much energy, he should try to focus more on the trials AND not argue with Hai Sheng when Hai Sheng was just trying to help. This also brought forth another point, like was Lai Hu really growing up? ‘Cause it seemed like he still needed others to back him up. I wasn’t encouraging for the other two not to help him or be supportive of him, but it was like he still needed their protection and help, not really growing on his own.

  • Was that even reasonable with how Luo Gang couldn’t even jump accurately during the actual test? I think some of us might wonder how and why it would be possible now that we got the ‘blame’ game out of the way. When I was watching the previews, I was thinking, “NO WAY” but after watching the actual scene unfolding, not impossible. He had used too much energy in helping Lai Hu that he was drained so it had ended up that way. I’m not blaming Lai Hu since we already moved past that in the previous discussion. What I meant was every single day they went through the same set of trials–or it would vary with the once in a while practice, shifting between different tasks. Yet they had always been working individually–unless required like the wall task with how they could get someone to help to climb past it. They had always been making it look so effortless–or at least that held true for Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. It was because they had no pressure and so they took it just as part of daily routine versus the intensity going into the actual test. They would approach the routines without a thought in mind, trying to make it through the day so they didn’t take it as seriously–though they try to perform each task correctly. But with the actual test, it was obvious how Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were helping Lai Hu so much that they were lagging behind and their energy was wasted throughout so there they went with being the two strongest guys to being the weakest at the end (energy-wise since they’d been drained). SO, therefore, it was not impossible for Luo Gang to not make it like that, causing his injury and eventually the worst as the trial continued on.

  • The Shan Ren-Sheng Nan-Luo Gang triangle wasn’t resolved, not really. What in the world happened here? Did I miss something? I might have since I was watching at odds hours, determined to finish it and might miss something ’cause I was so off. But why did I feel they were teasing us? Then again, Luo Gang’s departure might solve it after all? It didn’t mean that she would end up liking Shan Ren–though she did appreciate his help with conquering her fear of heights. Not to mention how everyone was shocked that he would join the Special Operations Unit just for her, wanting to reassure Sheng Nan’s mother that, “The country couldn’t protect her, but I will.” But that didn’t mean she would like him. That was just gratitude for supporting her and backing her up. Part 2 might show something else? ‘Cause I would rather she ended up with someone she loved, not playing on the pity card. But I wouldn’t mind either that she somehow saw otherwise later. Am I trying to be ironic on purpose? No, I’d always been a Shan Ren and Sheng Nan shipper all along–despite being a Tang Feng/Luo Gang fan. It was not just because of all the things Shan Ren did for Sheng Nan since I’m NOT a fan of the gratitude/pity card. YET I was pulled in at how they started at the beginning–with the game at the beginning that night when Wu Yong was singing and asking everyone their names, past bfs/gfs, etc. The question that got my attention the most and of course had become a joke throughout the series was how the others had replied in Sheng Nan’s place. (Which the question was asking of her future person and the answer the others uttered was Shan Ren.) At that time, Sheng Nan had shown signs of being shy about it–or at least it seemed awkward to her yet she didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps, she was just trying not to be a spoiled-sport in front of the other recruits–after the superiors/officers had agreed to let them play that game. But it was something to hold on to. Not to mention how she was sneaking looks at him at various points. (Wang Wei had told Shan Ren at one time when they were eating that she was monitoring him AND Shan Ren tried to shape up and act appropriately–which caused Sheng Nan to smile.) Yes, those little pieces throughout had been the driving force for my support of them, but then we learned that she liked Luo Gang later on. I’m not going to even blame it on Luo Gang for appearing since love is like that, if it’s your (fate), it would happen and others appearing in your life wouldn’t affect it. But I just thought it was a shame that the scriptwriters were teasing us Shan Ren/Sheng Nan shippers so bad. (IF there are other Shan Ren/Sheng Nan shippers out there.) Or perhaps, that was just another comedic element, which later became an open joke with everyone knowing that Shan Ren liked Sheng Nan. SO, will it be focused on in part 2 or be resolved completely? We’ll see.

  • Is losing Tang Feng/Luo Gang that big of a loss? I know it might be brainless to ask this. YET I’m beginning to accept it more. I can say upfront that because I’m both a fan of the actor and character that it is for me. But is it overall when analyzed carefully? Most of the things in his life had already been resolved, well–the whole conflict/misunderstanding with his mother, etc had already ironed out during the last few episodes. Aside from him not being able to join the Special Operations Unit, things were already made out for him. He had gotten over it, willing to accept the consequences. So what else could they focus on? More awesomeness of how he would approach the trials for the upcoming parts. And there might be a possible relationship with Sheng Nan. But could they make it good without focusing on the love part too much? I don’t know. I’m not too hopeful on that. Then they could focus on his continued friendship with the rest of the gang, which I might enjoy even more. So it’s 50/50 actually.

  • Will Fu Zi Chun appear in part 2? I don’t know. It seemed too fishy to me because it never really answered us. I meant Sheng Nan said at the end of part 1 (during their last conversation outside) that even if they wanted to back out, it was too late, right? So Hai Sheng can’t back out anymore. Yet Fu Zi Chun hasn’t appeared yet in part 2. He’s too important of a character not to appear right in episode 1 so is that like saying he won’t appear? Anything is possible really. Or I just want to hold on to something.

Secondly, what are the satisfying things about the ending?

  • Hai Sheng and Yu Ting. Seriously, I thought they might run out of time–after some of the so subtle things with the ‘Shan Ren-Sheng Nan-Luo Gang’ triangle. Yet they managed to wrap it up. It was too obvious already that they liked each other, but I liked to see some sort of closure–at least for their case. And especially when Fu Zi Chun might not be in it. He was one of the main guys, after all, gotta give us some answers about what would or might happen.

  • Wu Yong and Xiao Yan. It was so cute to see the last few episodes of them. I really liked how it turned out, giving us hints with some of the earlier episodes and then wrapping it up like that. Not too overdone but still really cute at the same time.

Oh yeah, one more thing that I want to add with the new cast. Who else is in it that got my attention?

Enson Chang/ Zhang Yan Ming (張雁名). After watching Kingfisher, I was quite impressed with him so I’m glad he’s in and could add more flavor to the new team. He’s portraying Tang Kai Yu (湯凱宇), one of the superiors/officers and just made his appearance in episode 5. I haven’t watched it yet since I’m still taking a break after finishing part 1 but it’s something else that motivates me to continue watching–despite losing so much.

So what next? I actually went around searching for some news or related information that could suggest otherwise with some of the cast members and wonder what’s going on (since I was a bit behind on news). So the answer comes down to two things with some of the cast no longer in part 1 anymore though kind of brainless: they have new projects. (DUH, right?) What is it then? According to several sources, Tang Feng has two: Lian Zheng Ying Xiong (廉政英雄) and Father and Son (父與子). Though I need to search around more to make sure on Father and Son since I’m behind on news, like I said before, and couldn’t find much of that. Good news for some fans regarding Lian Zheng Ying Xiong though since some of the cast from part 1 is going to be in it too. Who then? Yao Yuan Hao, Fu Zi Chun, Zhao Jun Ya, and possibly Pan Bo Xi. Also, Lian Zheng Ying Xiong has already started filming this month. I’ll try to update in the future when I find more information.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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