Royal Tramp 2014: Additional Cast

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While Zeng Rou’s still nowhere to be found–and even the person in charge of their Weibo page was seen crying out for Zeng Rou Mei Zi (曾柔妹子), there is some information regarding the rest of the cast.

I just found out that Director Samson Lai had taken on the role of one of the key characters, Ao Bai (鰲拜). Though I had seen pictures floating around already, but didn’t realize that was the director until I finally followed his page.

Zhao Yuan Yuan (趙圓瑗) is portraying a character called Yin Hu (銀狐), which means Silver Fox. I’m not sure what kind of character that is since it’s probably a character created by this new production team, because she wasn’t in the novel. There were some pictures from her page that suggested she was probably someone close to Ao Bai, maybe one of the people working for him. Some people have suspected her to be Zeng Rou. Yet there are no definite words about it yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

He Zhong Hua as Chen Jin Nan (陳近南). He was the leader of the Heaven and Earth Society, and aslo Xiao Bao’s master. Many are probably more used to seeing him in a villain role or bordering on one. So it might be hard to imagine him in such a righteous role. However, who knows? He might convince? Anyway, his role? Honestly, really dumb and getting killed off near the end. Nice, I spoiled it for everyone. YET if this version follows some of the previous ones, it should be that way. Okay, I will admit he was very patriotic and righteous, but his downfall was too trusting and forgiving of some people.

Li Qing Xiang (李慶祥) as Suo E Tu (索額圖). He was Xiao Bao sworn brother. He looked quite grim in the picture here. Who knows?

Liu Zhang Sheng (刘长生) as Xu Tian Chuan (徐天川). He was one of the members of the Heaven and Earth Society, under the Qing Mu Lodge (青木堂).

Min Zheng (闵政) as Feng  Zi Zhong (风济忠). He was a spy from Emperor Kang Xi, planted to report on the society’s activities. Why does he look so fierce and suspicious here? Or it’s just the picture? Seriously, he had to blend in with the rest of the group, not draw more attention to himself.

Liu Chang De (刘长德) as Feng Yi Fei (风逸飞). I don’t even remember this character. Is this another made-up character? Or has my memory failed me? After all, there A LOT of characters in the novel.

Louis Tang (唐谨) as Wen You Yi (温有义).

Hou Rui Xiang (侯瑞祥) as Wen You Dao (温有道).

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.

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