Royal Tramp 2014: Zeng Rou FOUND at long last

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Yes, mystery solved at long last! I swear I was getting unease because they might go and cut her out like some of the past adaptations. Yet it just took a while to find her. PHEW! So even if this one turns out crazy, I’ll still hang on to see how it goes since they did include all seven girls.

Mona Wang Ya Hui (王雅慧) is going to be Zeng Rou. She looked serious here but probably the scene called for it.

Oh yeah, they managed to film the parts with Zheng Ke Shuang (鄭克塽) already. Lin Jiang Guo (林江国) will be portraying that role.

On the latest highlight, Han Dong celebrated his birthday on the set with some of the cast and crew. They seemed to have a lot of fun.

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2 thoughts on “Royal Tramp 2014: Zeng Rou FOUND at long last

  1. Actually the actress Wang Yahui who played Zeng Rou had worked with him before in Demi Gods Semi Devils 2013, Han Dong was Xuzhu, Wang Yahui played Princess Yinchuan whom he had a love affair with and they married after she identified him as her ‘ Dream lover’. Watch Demi Gods 2013 and look at the actress carefully, I am very sure she is the very same woman who played Zeng Rou. 🙂

    1. I know. I already watched DGSD2013, lol. Loved them in there. It was just that during the filming of “The Deer and the Cauldron”, they (the production team) didn’t disclose who was going to play Zeng Rou until way later, that was why I got worried that there would be no Zeng Rou (the character), because some past adaptations had cut her out.

      Thanks for commenting though!

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