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My obsession with J-Stars artists began with 183 Club but my actual respect for someone under that agency after having already lost faith with most of the artists–mostly because of their manager–is ironically Tony Sun Xie Zhi. He definitely lives up to a senior that is expected of him and is good to all his colleagues. (Don’t take my word for it but for the most part, it must be true since words that are mentioned of him in interviews of other J-Star members are mostly positive.)

I must confess that I was turn off by him because of the role he portrayed in Westside Story. It was not his role that made it hard to endure the drama but maybe his relationship with Esther Liu’s character. Maybe it was the weak plot also. However, I started to like him better after listening to some of his songs, especially those Hokkien songs that he sang when he was younger.

His voice is so good that it’s really hard not to like. (However, that is just my take since I love how soothing his voice is.)

The exception of not liking him is being turned off by some of his ‘fans’ who attack others left and right. (But we shouldn’t hold it against him since he doesn’t know. After all, he’s  too busy in his hardworking effort to bring us great projects to come.)

Because I haven’t watched all of his dramas so I must say that my favorite role of him is actually Duan Yu Qiao from Mr. Fighting. The most surprising part is I love him in there with Esther more than I did in Westside Story--than the other couple. It’s really funny that both dramas are somewhat alike with the whole fighting theme, but I guess because Mr. Fighting was better crafted that it was not frustrating to watch.

For Westside Story, I actually enjoyed watching his friendship between Wallace Huo’s Xing Wang more than of the romantic relationship. Their friendship was odd with the whole misunderstanding at first and then somehow growing to a more serious one with subtle support and much more. It was more fun seeing them compete at various points. (I would’ve rooted for the triangle between Ya Yu, Yin He, and Xing Wang more since their characters were better than the other ones in that drama. But I guess it was better not to have Ya Yu and Xing Wang in the same triangle or it would’ve been even more frustrating to watch.)

Anyway, the main point? I honestly miss him a lot in series and actually want an album release also–but a solo one. Having him sing alongside other 5566 members is fine, but it’s totally different when he sings alone. (You just get to hear him more, if you know what I mean!)

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3 thoughts on “Senior Xie Zhi

  1. vgag says:

    I never went for Tony’s looks in any great way, and I didn’t like that rich boy he played in My MVP Valentine, the one who breaks Angela Zhang’s heart when his mother sends him off to Switzerland. But can he ever sing! He has some splendid solos on the J-stars 2 karaoke albums ‘Super Music Classroom’ from 2007.

  2. DTLCT says:

    Really? Maybe I’ll check it out. But I doubt it’s still in print. Oh well, I’ll search around.
    I didn’t watch MVP Valentine so I don’t know what happened but I was a bit upset that people kept bashing Johnny Yan and wanting Angela to end up with Tony. (Though I have no idea what happened but still a bit irritating to see such actions from Tony fans.)

    Oh yeah, I remember watching this one interview that asked Tony to pick his co-stars or his favorite collaboration (or something like that) and he picked Angela? (Not sure since I watched ages ago and might remember it wrong.)

  3. vgag says:

    I wanted Angela’s character to get together with Johnny Yan because she was fond of his cat. He drops it off to her in a cat carrier when he departs for America. The viewer then has to be in suspense about whether they will ever get back together or not…


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