Silly Tango

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The other album that I got because of True Love 365. However, not a single regret, just like the other one.

1. Static Electricity (靜電). The thing about this song is the mix is all wrong. I swear! I wanted to forward it so many times. Yet I tried to be patient for the lyrics. The lyrics are good, but I think if the music was better mixed/composed, it would be even more appealing. Or it’s just me.

2. Change It Over (改變 – 偶像劇 求愛365 片尾曲). A very good song. It was the ending theme of True Love 365 for the latter half of the drama. (Since the ending theme was a different song at the beginning of the drama.) Very suitable for the drama as well. Like how some of them were already breaking out on their own or independent individuals trying to survive each day and work toward their goals. Sometimes there are ups and downs, wanting to give up, etc. Yet somehow, they managed to work past that, etc.

3. Silly Tango (傻瓜探戈). Catchy. Why wasn’t this one the first track? Or perhaps if they changed the mix for the first track, I felt it would be better for the opening. Anyway, this song is the one responsible for the title of the album. Lived up to it!

4. Could We Make It? (我們會不會). It’s hard to believe that this songwriter would actually write a bad song. So yeah, I wasn’t disappointed. Nice, thoughtful lyrics. Like always crafty.

5. My Smiles Belong To You (微笑的人). This song takes a while to grow on you. Seriously. Well, that was what happened to me. At first, I was like nothing special. But it got better as the song continued on and even the mix helped.

6. Step Forward (學著走 – 偶像劇 求愛365 – 插曲). The sub-theme of True Love 365. First played when Bi Ting fell asleep in Yu Xiang’s car. It was the first time he even considered draping his jacket over her. Love the song. Possibly loving it more than the 2nd track.

7. Away From Home (離家以後). A very uplifting song. Encouraging and urging one forward. Mostly have to do with those leaving home and striking out to be independent, being strong, etc.

8. Love, One Meter Away (愛情離我一公尺 -韓劇 浪漫滿屋2 片頭曲). Nice.

9. Black Frame Glasses (黑框眼鏡). Another nice song.

10. Always You (一定有個妳). A nice and slow song. Somewhat meaningful, but I wasn’t into it. No idea why. Maybe it was too slow for me.

What can I say about Hu Xia? He has a very unique and addicting voice to listen to. In fact, quite warm and sincere the way he sang the songs. I couldn’t like all the songs. But he made ’em better for some reason.

All in all, an enjoyable album.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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