Sisters OST

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1. Sisters (姊妹) by Victor Wong (品冠) and Phoebe Huang (黃嘉千). The main theme of the drama, and was suitable and tied in with the drama.

2. Because of You, I Want to Become A Better Person (為你我想做更好的人) by Victor Wong (品冠). The ending song of the drama. Though Zheng Fang kept repeating his mantra over and over with building a good life for his family (and we could see it at times though not as much), it had failed so many times until he finally let go of Ru Fen, allowing some peace into the house at last that the song rang true. Though ironically, the MV had hinted at marriage versus the drama’s separation scene. Quite a meaningful and touching song. Wasn’t too mushy with the promises.

3. Things Those Girls Taught Me (那些女孩教我的事) by Victor Wong (品冠). My favorite song in here. Though it only played like about 4 times in here? It was used mostly for Ru Li and Pin Chuan and it was indeed suitable. Yet I found it was even more suitable for Zheng Fang since he had learned a lot–the good and bad from all the women in his life, whether it was his wives, his mother, the many female friends surrounding him.

4. I Thought (我以為) by Victor Wong  (品冠). This song was quite good too. Though I don’t remember as much about it being used in the drama, I felt it was suitable for the rest of the scenes too.

5. Suddenly Missing You (突然好想你) by Mayday (五月天). Often used for Ru Fen and Jim moments. I got the point, but I don’t really like it. Might be the mix, I don’t know.

6. Use to Love So Much (很愛過) by Della Ding (丁噹). Used for Chen Wei and Xin Yi when they were missing each other or when they almost broke up that one time when things got quite serious between Zheng Fang and Ru Fen. Though I got it, but don’t really like it. I don’t know. Might be the mix again.

7. Good Sisters: Perfect Meeting Version (好姊妹完美相遇版) – Instrumental. It indeed was the perfect version since I really liked it when it was playing in the background throughout.

8. When You Think of Me (當你想著我) by Victor Wong (品冠) and Angelica Lee (李心潔). Used for Chen Wei and Xin Yi that one time when they were out shopping for their new home. Fun and uplifting song. Also, really suitable for their situation since they seemed to be the only couple with some sort of obvious dreaming within a relationship (versus others’ more practical situations–NOT that I don’t like it, just different).

9. Wind and Beautiful Day (風和日麗) by René Liu (劉若英). I don’t even remember this one being in the drama. Perhaps because it was 60 episodes, lol. But still a good track.

10. The Most Important Small Matter (最重要的小事) by Mayday (五月天). Okay, I guess. Wasn’t too into it.

11. Not Your Truest Happiness (你不是真正的快樂) by Mayday (五月天). It’s starting to be a pattern that I can’t like Mayday songs. Well, at least involving this soundtrack. It’s just me, not them. And I kept switching the translation around and somehow I couldn’t get it right, it’s more like not the most compatible, suitable, deserved one OR something. Or is it genuine? Oy, I got it, but can’t find the correct term in English.

12. Good Sisters: Determined & Courageous, Well-Acquainted Version  (好姊妹堅毅勇敢相知版) – Instrumental. A little closer to track #2 in the tone, but I don’t like it as much. Maybe it was missing the flow when every instrument was combined like in the ‘perfect’ version, making this version sounding a tad slower.

13. Good Sisters: Regretfully Invaluable, Emotional Version (好姊妹情感無價相惜版) – Instrumental. Another version closing to track #2. It was all right, I guess.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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