Speech of Silence (甜言蜜語)

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The series itself was unexpectedly good. Although many still complained about Kate’s acting, but I think she had really gone far from her previous dramas. There had been traces of her improvement in several dramas already but this one was by far her best performance. She was able to express her emotions mostly through her eye contacts and interactions with Kenneth and the other actors and actresses around her, considering how her character–Tong Tong–was deaf and could only use actions and her eyes, facial expressions, and voice to express herself. It was really touching especially toward the last five episodes of the series. Things were going up and down and we as the audience thought it was just another happy ending where Tong Tong’s hearing would be restored again but no it didn’t. She had to learn to live with another disappointment after the unsuccessful surgery and go on with her life, appreciating other things around her and the people in it. It was really nice to see her bravely face it after many failures. It was even more meaningful than just watching just another one of those perfect endings. It was a semi-happy ending but still a satisfied one. Definitely liked both Kenneth and Kate’s performances in here. I was really touched by their interactions. Kenneth had really gone far as well since he was WAY better than his days in The Driving Power and previous series before that.

Other things aside, I really liked the fact that Ga Ji didn’t go all the way with Herbert and actually still didn’t lose herself totally but only suffered an embarrassment. I really loved watching her and Cheung Yau bicker on an ongoing process. It was so funny to see how he bullied Herbert back in the end for going after his girl, lol. Still great to see that things turned out all right in the end toward family and friends–NOT too gift-wrapped although it still felt that way. But it was all right since Cheung Yau was really funny and probably didn’t hold grudges if the other party already realized it. I thought Elaine had really improved since her days of Hearts of Fencing although it seemed so late. I have seen her improvements in the several last series she was in but didn’t really recognize her until now that I checked up on her profile again and realized she was in HOF. But still, better late than never since she seemed more natural than before in her playful scenes instead of somewhat awkward performances like in HOF. Lai Lok Yi–unlike many I heard say about him–seemed still good as always like his days in HOF because he managed to deliver every single one of his characters well–whether in comedic roles as this one or an honest person or a cunning person even, etc.

Claire Yiu’s performance in here was really brilliant also. I really liked her character despite the fact that she sort of went the selfish way toward the end. It was really understandable and I don’t blame her. She actually revealed the truth in the end since she realized how much Tong Tong was willing to sacrifice for her. Claire Yiu was probably the second lead in here (in my opinion) and I think she should receive more roles like these so it would be up to her talent.

It wouldn’t be a comedy in the end if there wasn’t the whole drama with Seung Fung and his wife. It was way too funny to add that part. He had to learn his wrongs so he would know better than act stuck up in the future.

Really liked this series as an overall with tons of touching scenes mixed in with drama among families and comedy as well.

Posted (on Xanga): November 5, 2008

Re-posted: Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

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3 thoughts on “Speech of Silence (甜言蜜語)

  1. DTLCT says:

    I was surprised to like the series too since I heard people saying how good it was and sort of doubted it. BUT I had to just try it out myself and thought that I could always drop it. BUT was amazed, like you said. IF compared to other well-known actors/actresses, the case could use a load of help, but by rating it just by their past performances, I really like that they had improved themselves. I know it’s NOT major but I want to be positive that they could still be able to work hard and improve, NOT shoot them down just like that.

    I don’t blame Claire either – like I said in the review. She’s very likable and I really feel for her at times with what she’s going through.

  2. llwy12 says:

    Amazingly, I really liked this series as well. I say “amazingly” because I never really liked the artists in this series (I would be the first one to tell you that Kate needs to improve her acting) and the only reason I started watching was because it came on TV (translation — I would never have watched it just seeing the artists alone). Yet, when I started watching it, I got hooked — to the point where I got upset that it hadn’t come out on DVD yet (though it has now so of course I bought it..lol), which meant I had to “wait” everyday to watch 1 episode…
    I definitely agree that Kenneth and Kate did a great job in this series — they had really good chemistry in here, to the point where I was actually rooting for them to be together and was saddened when they “broke up” (though it was only briefly). Many of the scenes were touching, to the point that I got teary eyed (and may have actually shed a tear or two) at certain parts (i.e.: the scene in the woods…)
    And even though Claire Yiu’s character was selfish (though she did the right thing in the end), I think she did her part quite well…I mean, yes, her character was selfish, but not evil — in fact, she was just being human and wanting to be in a good relationship with a good man (nothing wrong with that) — she just went about it the wrong way by lying…but since she redeemed herself, by the end of the series, she was still “likable”…
    I think part of the reason why I like this series is because it’s one of the “genres” of series/movies that I’ve always enjoyed — romantic comedies…the type that make you laugh but also make you cry (in a non-cheesy type of way)…
    And I have to comment on the themesong — I absolutely loved the themesong (“Intuition” by Joyce Cheng). From the first time I heard the song (the first episode of the series), I was drawn in by the beautiful music and lyrics (which is rare for me, since I usually start liking a themesong at the end of the series after I hear it like 20 times)….I didn’t know that Joyce sang the song until like 2-3 episodes in and I finally looked at the ending credits. I was like — wow! In addition to the musice and lyrics, the other thing I liked about the song was how perfectly it fit the series and the storyline — lighthearted, yet emotional at the same time. When I first found the mp3 version of the song, I kept listening to it over and over….just loved it (and still do!).


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