Spring Cleaning 2015

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Um, yes, I got a head start on this. Or more like it’s WAY overdue, considering how I no longer care for some topics anymore. The feeling is gone so I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. I managed to get rid of 44 posts. They’re in the “Trash” area but not completely deleted yet. Maybe in the future when I manage to publish all drafts or make revisions or just plain get rid of them too, I would just dump it out? Maybe. But the ones I got rid of are like I said above (aka I no longer care for) or too controversial. Well, NOT completely like that or on purpose. But I decided to really carry out that plan with steering from the controversial route completely. Unless I really like something, I wouldn’t touch it. Except when I can’t help it that it might touch on some sticky stuff. But I’ll save the worrying for the future once that happens, lol.

So right now, I just need to focus on working on those 190 drafts! Nice? It’s actually 189 because the +1 draft is counting this post as well. Considering how I have a goal to reach (the 1,000th post mark), I think this would benefit greatly. Going back to old posts, I also realized that I could develop something else if I didn’t really like the previous content. Or just plain get rid of it, who knows?

As I’m reviewing some more posts, I checked the “Private” section and deleted 2 more posts. So now 46 are in the trash.


Sharing is caring!

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