Spring Cleaning 2017

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Well, spring started already so I thought it was suitable to bring back this post. Although I didn’t make much progress last year regarding overall posts, I did clear out like thirty-plus posts out of the drafts. It was mostly because I did a cleansing around the X-mas/New Year time, lol. I went back to all the published posts and the drafts, clearing out absolutely irrelevant posts and/or too random posts. I know I started this blog out in total randomness and didn’t expect it to be all glossy all the time, but I felt some stuff could do without. So yeah, I cleared it off, mostly posts relating to polls, etc. Also, the three private posts are gone. I decided I was done. I no longer wanted to go down that road any longer. Those were three posts in regard to a certain drama and I wanted to fix the summaries before making them public again yet I don’t think I could do that so I might as well put that idea out of its misery.

What to make of the rest of the drafts? I actually had eight done and two more almost done–all of which were translations. Also, I have totally forgotten about six of the songs I had translated long ago and didn’t bother publishing them. Talk about bad memory, right? Going back to do another cleansing, I realized I’d made drafts for a song twice so I deleted one, which just brought the total of drafts down one more. Then I deleted four more since I know that I probably won’t get around to it anyway. No point in keeping it around.

I’m still debating whether to delete about fifteen more drafts so we’ll see about that. As I was thinking, I ended up finishing a review so one more down. The total of drafts left is now 119. With that, I think I should end this post here and see how it goes for the rest of the year

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