Spring Cleaning 2018

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Since I have a little bit of time, I thought I update on this for the year. Some major changes happening in my life lately so I’ll be even more delayed on updating. I’ve been thinking of making it official and actually upgrading to some fancy blog by next year. So possibly a lot more purging happening this year–whenever I get time in. I’m also moving this off WordPress.com since it’s not completely safe here. I have another site on Siteground and considering my domain is from there, I’m thinking of moving this one on there too. WordPress.com is tempting me with some credit to upgrade to another plan for more flexibility in features, but I think I have to pass. It’s not worth the headache and considering I’m on a budget right now. The deal is better with my current plan on Siteground. All of this will depend on how successful my new venture would be. My hosting plan for this site will expire around October 27 so there’s still time. We’ll see.

If I go through with the plan, the new site will be a clean version of the contents. That means I might get rid of all images regarding stars altogether since the legalities might be too sticky and I don’t want to get into it. (Or I could look it up to see if it’s possible to do a revamped version of posters from my caps so it wouldn’t be violating the terms with using people’s official posters, etc.) I will still bring my reviews (books, games, TV drama/movies, subscription boxes, etc) with me, because those are my opinions. I’ll probably bring Translations along too since it’ll be free (aka I’m not benefiting from it) so it might be okay. But still, a lot to consider later with how I’ll transfer it all.

What led to all these decisions? I’m thinking of starting another blog about life and other topics. It would take too much to maintain several at the same time. Also, because my drama updates are nothing special and have been lagging like insane. (Not starting a pity party here, lol. It’s the truth.) I will still follow the stars I like (whenever time permits), but I just feel too overwhelming at times to update consistently. I might also merge some items here to the new blog–if relevant. It will probably dial back on the entertainment part though. Again, still tossing around ideas so it’s not sealed and shut on everything.

Now, regarding the posts and progress (from the cap above), I’ll try to finish it out–as much as I can, especially how I want to move it by the end of this year. Will it happen–since my drafts count keep going up like that although I did empty stuff out? Possibly, but don’t bet on it. I’ll probably have to make the sacrifice and toss most of ’em because they might not fit with the new theme anymore.

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