Spring Cleaning 2020

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I realized I totally forgot to do one for last year. Not to mention how it’s going into summer now so this post is considered really late. However, I thought it was time I update on some things.

First off, I managed to fix formatting for the majority of the posts already. I’m still reconsidering about getting rid of some of the drama updates or not. But that could be saved for a later time in the future.

Next on the task list? I’m trying to fix the formatting for all the fanfictions right now. It’s lagging since I’ve been busy with real-life stuff again. But this could help me with finishing some of the long-awaited fanfictions still in limbo. The random activity the other day with critiquing my own fan fiction sort of stirred some interest up again so who knows? I’m keeping it on the positive right now, just for the sake of my sanity. Considering all the things happening lately–and that it actually impacts the rest of the world too. I’m not going to go into detail because I want to reserve whatever it is left for the relevancy of this blog only.

I need to fix the links from my Pinterest account too so it reflects and directs back to this blog as intended. Other than that, probably going to check that task list again and debate whether to still review some of the series or not. Because it has been a long time. I have forgotten most of the details already. We’ll see.

Anyway, let’s get right into the stats since it’s what this post is supposed to be about. I actually captured the stats above before I published two posts so it’s a little off. The actual draft count should be 124. I actually have some more posts that should have been published ages ago but most are actually songs translations so I kept it back as cushions. I will probably try to insert them in whenever I get some more posts out.

Notice that the post count for published content has been reduced by about 30 posts since 2018. It’s because I removed some of the irrelevant posts already. It was either too random or those were just placeholders to insert other types of posts. So yeah, had to get rid of them.

What else? I’m mostly active on my Facebook page nowadays, but not by much. Again, like I said in a past post, it’s easier to update with my phone about a random tidbit than hop onto my blog and try to update with a more extensive post. I would feel less like cheating if it’s so short, lol.

So that’s that for now. I’m not making any big promises this year. Since it seems to not worked out so well in the past. So just mini tasks here and there for now.

Sharing is caring!

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