Status of Fan Fiction II

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So another update, eh? I thought I accomplished something for the past weeks so I have a bit of right to brag about it, LOL!

Past Fan Fics:

The Dating Game 1 & 2 – I re-write it a bit. The only part of the story that I changed was regarding Ming Dao and Qiao Qiao’s story in there. They do not end up together anymore. This is because I’m working on part 3 and I’m stuck and I want to change the direction of the story so went to change that part.

Current Fan Fics:

Desperate Moments II – Still stuck. I’m not sure when I will pick it up again.

Heaven’s Gift – I’m going to try and finish this soon since I just took a bit of a break because school schedule among other things.

Hide & Seek – Working on it slowly so whenever I’m done with a chapter, I will post it up. Not giving this one up. Don’t worry. Just a long wait, that’s all.

Slicing Boundary – Almost done with it. Just slightly stuck. So far, I feel good about it. So just don’t want to ruin it like the other ones.

The Other Extreme – PROUD MODE! LOL! Finished it already and it is scheduled to update every Tuesdays and Thursdays until it is finished.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Adylan fan fic – I’m thinking of starting another one since I’m stuck on the current one and can’t post anyway. It would be better to start a different one.

The Dating Game 3 – Not sure if I should post it now. But maybe should clear out some more? Maybe if I feel like it later.

Wallace, Cyndi, Nic fan fic – Need to get back to that since I’ve been working on those Jindi ones. But I don’t even have a poster yet or know what it would look like. Might post it up first and then think about poster later since I got the title already.

NOTE: This post is no longer relevant regarding some stories–since it has been removed. However, I’m keeping it for context regarding other stories.

Sharing is caring!

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