Status of Fan Fiction III

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News Flash: I removed the links for both parts of Desperate Moments because I don’t feel like continuing. Even if I want to continue, I want to change some details and have it better planned out than that. I started writing it ages ago on Winglin and sort of updated as I go and sometimes the chapters were short or long, depending on the time I had around the computer so it ended up being a hassle to edit or too much effort when I go to re-read to recall past details. So I thought of re-creating. Some things might stay the same such as relationships or some details here and there. But the others will change, such as the age. I might even cut out characters since it’s one long list and some pairings I’m not that obsessed with anymore to write a decent plot for them. Or I have other stories where they either paired up or are in so I don’t want to clash that. Of course, it would take a while for me to do it and when I actually have inspirations. Or maybe it won’t surface again. I don’t know. Thanks for those who read anyway.

Past Fan Fics:

The Other Extreme – Who thought I finished it so early, right? PROUD MODE! (Sorry, had to. Since I’m always so slow with updates.) Of course, I mentioned it in the last update but it’s done posting now–finally.

Current Fan Fics:

Heaven’s Gift – Okay, so I thought I would focus on this after ‘The Other Extreme’ but I’m still stuck. The mood doesn’t feel right. I’m still in my morbid one so I can’t drive the plot around in the happy mood–like it’s supposed to be. And I sure don’t want to ruin it.

Hide & Seek – Almost done with Chapter 3. Almost.

Slanted Thoughts – This is the Wallace, Cyndi, and Nic one that I kept mentioning. I finally posted it. And it’s scheduled to post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. That is as the chapters allowed. This is somewhat long. I scheduled 13 chapters already and I’m working on Chapter 14 now. It was supposed to be 12 chapters. But I cut out 1 chapter and changed some details. I also included additional characters, like Yvonne Yao, Jiro Wang, and Tammy Chen. It’s going to be a Jindi one since I changed my mind about some things. But I could tell you guys right now that Jiro won’t appear until Chapter 13 and I’m not even sure who I would pair Wallace up with in the end. Another thing is Wallace’s the main dude so don’t be surprised if it’s so focused on him to the point where other characters only appear when he’s around.

Slicing Boundary – Stuck. Nothing new. You guys can tune in to the other one. (A little wait but yeah…)

Tri-Visual – Blame it on the mood I’m going through after watching Black & White since I started it while finishing up the last few episodes. It just feels right to me for the most part. And maybe this project is to unleash my morbid mode so I could get my happy mode back soon for the more happy fanfics.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

The Dating Game 3 – I’m doing brainstorming for the most part now. Since I’m sort of in the mood for ‘Slanted Thoughts’ more. I lost inspiration for that one for a while now and am glad to get it back to finish it. Then maybe this one. But need to tie up the other ‘current’ ones first.

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2 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction III

  1. Is SL slanted thoughts? if so Slicing Boundary would be SL too if you think of it that way lol.. yes, I’m also proud of you that you finished TOE *pat pat* glad you’re getting to Hide & Seek… my twin likes that one lol and another lol@TV’s unleash morbid-ness XD guess you’re working on that one right now then haha lol if you’re making Slanted Thoughts a Jindi, that is too funny XD it’s like Wallace or Nic… Wallace or Nic all the way through 13 chapters pluse then suddenly bam neither. lolololo Don’t think you should start on Dating Game 3 too soon XD

  2. @littleblm – Yeah, made a mistake. Was thinking about one of the fics instead! LOL! Hey, I’m the idiot. (Never said I wasn’t…)

    Regarding Slanted Thoughts – Yeah, I don’t know. I just got bored if the guys kept fighting over who’s better. Cyndi needs someone more mature? I have no idea…both guys can go into exile.

    Dating Game 3 – Just jotting notes here and there at times when something comes up. But I haven’t really started yet. Well, if like 1 and a half chapter counts.

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