Status of Fan Fiction IV

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This is up because of a request from syko.

Current Fan Fics:

Heaven’s Gift – I actually posted Chapter 9 already and got the ideas going for Chapter 10 but can’t write it yet ’cause I’m working on something else. And that I’m still in my morbid mood so wouldn’t want it to turn out killing all the characters involved or something.

Hide & Seek – Remember the almost done with Chapter 3 comment? Stuck again ’cause been too morbid. Haven’t gotten rid of it yet. Sorry…more waiting…

Slanted Thoughts – Another proud moment for me since I finished it already and syko should know about this. It’s still scheduled to post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday until it is finished. I can tell everyone right now that it’s going to be 20 chapters so you do the math when it’s done posting. Oh yeah, the ending is not to please everyone so if you don’t like it, you have been warned. Another story written during my morbid mode SO not expected to have a happy ending for everyone.

Slicing Boundary – Stuck. Yup, what do you expect? I’ll post it up when I got something.

Tri-Visual – Put it aside temporarily. Just until I get some other things out of the way.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) –  This is the new version of C.R.A. It is still in the works and I can say that it’s completely changed. Okay, not completely BUT in a sense, some people won’t like it anymore. It’s in the ancient wuxia setting now. I’m writing it in Vietnamese and will translate it back. But I’m planning to do an audio version of the Viet version if I do get lazy or slack on translations at times. Another thing to expect is it’s going to be long–like most of my stories. However, I got an excuse to be long this time since most ancient wuxia stories are long, right? BUT I’ll try not to go to the point where they need another book (like those stories you see those famous authors write, LOL). Of course, the previous message was written before I placed the page in (again). SO if you haven’t check out the new page yet, go ahead.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

The Dating Game 3 – In limbo still since I haven’t touched it for a while.

Jindi One-Shot #2 – I got the ideas going but can’t write it yet. Still juggling. But when it’s done, I’ll post it up.

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2 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction IV

  1. littleblm says:

    still waiting for the lazy to make audio doo dee doo and weeee ST only has 2-3 more updates to go. Let see who will die this time… have you ever made Cyndi die? (this can be inserted anywhere) loloolo

  2. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – NOT sure. Maybe when the time comes? Want me to make it like that in SB? JUST KIDDING…typo will kill me. Not really but typo might throw stuff at me. (Like dynamite.)


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