Status of Fan Fiction VI

Okay, updating since I didn’t do it within last month. So this would count for both months actually so there wouldn’t be two in one month?

Current Fan Fics:

Heaven’s Gift – Still leaving untouched. Is that even news? But I’ll try something since there was a bit of QiaoRu interaction awhile back.

Hide & Seek – I need to come up with something for the next part.

Payback – Sort of adding bits and pieces here and there since it’s police/crime-related stuff so wouldn’t want to get too careless.

Slicing Boundary – I think I made up my mind how to end this. Just a matter of getting ready for tomatoes and rotten eggs tossed my way now.

The Dating Game 3 – Honestly, I posted it and how many do we have on hand so far? I don’t care really since I got things going again. It’s going to post every Saturday–if I get the chapters done. Still working on it but doesn’t matter. Just want to get it up regardless.

Tri-Visual – Morbid mood release, remember? So it’s in limbo still…

True Friendship – Need to finish up. I hope to put it into the ‘Finished’ section by the next update. We’ll see.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – Chapter 10 got posted, anyone noticed? It’s not translated yet so who cares, eh? Still no audio. Get the message?

Let’s see, 8 in the task list and about bazillions more off-list (aka working in secret). Hope to finish like 3 by the next update. Could I do it? Tough luck!

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Slanted Thoughts 2 – OMG, did I hear syko falling off chair? But did anyone see my hints of doing part 2? Okay, I didn’t intend to at that time and felt like it was a joke. YET now that I thought of something, I’m going ahead with it. Well, what is part 2 about? And will they still be single? (Aside from Jindi that is…) Um…we’ll see. BUT it will still be focused mostly on Wallace.


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