Status of Fan Fiction VII

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Another fan fic update, hurray, right?

Current Fan Fics:

Heaven’s Gift – Still dead–even though I did get all excited for a short while with some ideas. Still can’t write it for some reason, keep backspacing.

Hide & Seek – Still stuck…

Payback – I almost forgot about this? Does that even make sense? (Hey, I didn’t say I was sane.)

Slicing Boundary – I retaliated again since I didn’t really want to go into killing mode YET didn’t want it to be too soapy either.

The Dating Game 3 – Put it aside at the moment. Will never abandon it.

Tri-Visual – Posted 1 chapter and working on the next part. I’m sort of on a roll for this at the moment.

True Friendship – NOPE, didn’t put it in the ‘Finished’ section like I thought I would by this update. Been writing bit by bit though. I did post one update?

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – Chapter 10 got taken down since I changed my mind regarding part of the plot. Then I fixed the end of Chapter 9. It was getting too random though I like Ady’s humor.

Still planning to finish like 3 by next update. Possible?

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Slanted Thoughts 2 – Keeping this underground for the moment. YUP, I honestly want to clear 3 or more off before I post this.

Honey In Tea – It has been in hiding since I started ‘Hide & Seek’ and I could say that it’s a companion to ‘Hide & Seek’ though it doesn’t involve the same characters. Nice? It stars Joe and Janine. (YES, the couple from Honey & Clover…) It will still be in hiding until I clear some of the other ones. Just thought I mention it.

Redish Orange – Don’t ask how red-ish could be orange. I don’t know either. I started for most of the stars under ‘Tangerine Entertainment Co.’ and then the agency’s website sort of disappeared after some members left. After that, they are scattered out. I have a feeling Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu are still in the same agency though. Then Jacky and Joanne are in the same one (aka Oneness). Not sure about the rest, but I’m still going ahead with the story. When is it posting? I’m just keeping some people waiting–if you’re even interested at all. YET I’ll post it maybe after finishing even more stuffs. This is a happy, random one so it might take over after TD3- OR one fine, sunny day, I could just post it.

Of course those aren’t all of the ones I have hidden at the moment but those are the top 3 I plan to post without deleting it altogether. Some of the other ones are either unsure or don’t feel like disclosing yet. See you guys in the next one!

Oh yeah, I might throw in some more one-shots in the future. AND did you guys know that there’s a fan fiction poll now? Yeah, to the bottom right-hand corner. SO…if you haven’t voted yet, go ahead. I just want to see who’s reading what. I have one vote for ‘True Friendship’ and was surprised yet I’m glad and it has been motivating me to work more on it–even if just bit-by-bit.

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