Status of Fan Fiction XIV

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Vote count is now down to 40 because I took Tri-Visual out. See below for further explanation.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Neurotic: Relentless Cycle – 0 Votes – Thanks syko again for another wonderful poster! And this is done! NICE?

Tri-Visual – 11 Votes – YES, it’s finally done. I told you guys I had it almost finished. Just a matter of inspiration and it came at last since there were only two more chapters anyway.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 18 Votes – 1 more chapter, short chapter but hey, it’s one closer to the ending, eh?

Honey In Tea – 0 Votes – Still on hold.

Neurotic: Tainted World – YES, there is a three. I promise this is the last one since I already wrote the final chapters and had also backtracked to the beginning to fill in the gaps. It’s on its way with connecting both ends.

Payback – 1 Vote – This has been sacrificed as well because I was focusing on finishing Tri-Visual and Neurotic series when I have time.

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 1 Vote – I updated one chapter. Proud of me or not? LOL!

The Dating Game 4 – 4 Votes – Somewhat back on track, but can’t promise much.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Fashion Run – I just want to experiment a bit, NOT sure if it would go through. The idea might get scratched later so I won’t announce who’s involved until I get a more solid story.

Fresh Essence – I can say right now that this is one of the new Qiao Qiao fanfics but will contain a group of people less seen with her than in my other fanfics. Just some similar people. NOT a whole bunch overlapping like “The Dating Game” and others.

Gossip Mill – A fun story, supposedly short BUT can’t guarantee as we all know most of my stories are longggg.

The Little People – It’s a theme about the e-circle, somewhat.

VIPS Only – A somewhat fun Ady story. NOT sure about the pairings yet.

And when in the world do I intend to release them all? Considering I have a lot on my plate at this point. NOT sure. But it’s motivation to move forward? LOL!

One-shots is now at 16. I have no idea what I’m going to do with that but we’ll see again.

YUP, until next time.

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