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Since I did an update on the dramas, I thought I do it for fan fictions too, considering I have been lagging on some of them major time.

Current Fan Fics:

C.R.A. – Stuck. I have one chapter as cushion BUT don’t expect to update anytime soon. Been so frustrated that I kept going off from the main topic that I can’t seem to break out of it. It just gets even worse and worse the more I write. I’m thinking about scrapping it and writing it over OR just leave it until my flow of thought comes back. Since I want to focus on Tony and Cyndi more BUT can’t seem to get it going.

Desperate Moments II – Honestly, I’m stuck. I know where it’s supposed to be going but I need to get the space fillers in to explain everything. Trying to wrap it up since I don’t want it to drag like the first part. Though the first part could be because the chapters were much shorter at times.

Heaven’s Gift – Stuck. I already wrote the last chapter, just need 2 or 3 more chapters before I’m done. I like the flow so far for the most part so I want to think up of something to turn this around and drive it home.

This isn’t bad, right? Only need to update 3! YET I could be proud of one out of 3. Sad.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

I’m almost done with this one Wallace, Cyndi, Nic fan fic and thought I would post it if I could finish it next week.

Jindi fan fics – Got some ideas for the first one but do not even have a title yet. It’s a fun one (I think). The second one might be a bit more intense, possibly on the side of morbid-land but I won’t post that up until after I’m done with HG. That is IF I could come with the title for that as well.

Adylan fan fic – I’m seriously stuck on this one and NOT sure what to do anymore. Maybe if I clear the others up, I might get into it. I kept switching stuff around, trying to adjust the details so it would be more exciting.

Another thing is Winglin has been quite unstable lately–as some of you have noticed. I am not sure what’s going on. However, syko has told me that it was flagged as ‘malware-infected’ for his computer. I think I might remove the links from there later. What do you guys think?

NOTE: This post is no longer relevant regarding some stories–since it has been removed. However, I’m keeping it for context regarding other stories.

Sharing is caring!

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