Stitch Fix: Fix #1 – September 2014

YES, I jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon. NOT just because everyone and their cousins are doing it, but more like I need to change my style and it’s a real hassle AND I’m hopeless when it comes to fashion so I thought I try it out. So what’s in the box? A bundle of clothes covered in white tissue to protect it and a personalized envelope on top. Inside the envelope contains 3 pieces of paper, the turquoise one is for directions, the other two are regarding styling information and receipt.

And the bundle of clothes look like this when I take the tissue off. All nice and ready to go. Before I unfolded it and made a big mess, of course, lol. Oh yeah, before I began, I have to say I have no photographer available SO have to try it on and then wrap it up to head for the post office the next day so I couldn’t really take pictures in them. Selfies are out since I’m not pro like some people, lol.

First off?


Fun2Fun’s Matias Floral Print Flutter Sleeve Blouse. Color: Navy. Price: $44.00. Status: KEPT. OMG, this is so cute. And nice. I have a variation of this type of blouse in the past. I guess I should revisit it again. (P.S. I updated it with the picture of me looking like an idiot in the hot sun! Nice?)

41Hawthorn’s Walden Solid Trim Zipper Detail Blouse. Color: Burgundy. Price: $44.00. Status: SENT BACK. Um, material is nice. However, I don’t like zipper on blouses. It makes me feel uncomfortable and at times when my hair is long, it somehow gets caught on the zipper. YES, I’m talented like that. So I rather not. Also because I didn’t like the sleeveless bit of it, plus the dip in front is a bit low for me.

Tart’s Ottlie Lace Overlay Fit & Flare Dress. Color: Navy. Price: $98.00. Status: SENT BACK. I wish I could keep this, because it’s really nice and cute. I thought I wouldn’t like this since I’m not much of a dress person. But this is indeed really cute. The reason why I’m not keeping isn’t because of the price. Only part of it. The real reason is because I miscalculated on dress size so it was one size too small for me. SO yeah. Such a shame. But on the other hand, maybe I’ll request it again with the right size in the future.

41Hawthorn’s Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse. Color: Black. Price: $58.00. Status: SENT BACK. It’s all right I guess. But the neck and sleeve was annoying me. It’s just me really.

Just Black’s Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean. Color: Black. Price: $78.00. Status: KEPT. Okay, I still feel guilty keeping this. But I was debating like it’s super hard to come across a pair of jeans this comfortable. Not to mention I’m not a fan of skinny jeans. But this one was perfect for me. (Notice the first picture of me that I updated, the black jean is this one.)

Thoughts so far? I like surprises, so this worked for me in that sense. The real surprise for me this time was seeing how they actually sent a ‘skinny jean’ but I didn’t check it. However, I was glad my stylist went ahead with it. Talking about stylist, my stylist for this first time was Natalie. She’s awesome and has chosen 3 items that I liked. 3/5, that’s pretty good. Perhaps it was because I worked on my Pinterest board, or perhaps I was lucky, lol. Since I did read that some people weren’t satisfied hence wondering if stylists listened at all, etc. I have like about 200+ items in my Pinterest board, some of them with notes, some without, etc. I also used up almost all characters for my notes – both in the styling profile and the personal note for the fix itself.

Recommended or not? Depends on you really. I meant if you like surprises or not. I read both positive and negative reviews before signing up to see for myself. It was a positive first experience for me. I’m currently scheduling it for every other month, but I might take that off and schedule it whenever I need something. That’s because of my own budget and what I would allow myself to get into for now. Yes, pricing is high for some of the items all right. But I think I agreed with someone who said that with all the amount of time the stylist spent to study and pick out what might or might not work for us, it’s indeed worth it. Going back to the scheduling process a bit, I like the flexibility with how we could decide on our subscription without having to cancel it altogether if we want to skip a month or only want it for occasional selections.

All in all though, I think that all subscription boxes have ups and downs. So you have to try it for yourself to see what’s it all about. I’m not saying that because I want to earn points for future purchases, lol. I’m actually saying that because it’s really hard to measure quality of services or the actual items based on others’ opinions, just like how it is with me. I will tell you that I was worried that it wouldn’t work out or if it was a bad idea after all while waiting for my fix. It worked out for me, at least for this time. So I’ll continue to explore to see what happens. I actually used my birthday gift cards for this time’s spending so after all the deduction from the fix fee ($20) and the added tax, I only had to pay like 3 bucks out of my own pocket. So yeah, talking about a good deal for me, huh?

*All images were snapped by DTLCT


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