Stitch Fix: Fix #3 – December 2015

Yes, I broke my habit this year and ended up doing another fix. It’s mostly because I’m preparing for some upcoming events for next year. And yes, it’s crucial that I get a photographer or a mannequin. ‘Cause seriously, it doesn’t do the outfits justice by laying ’em out like that.

Margaret M’s Emer High Waisted Trouser. Color: Black. Price: $98.00. Status: KEPT. Comfortable and stylish. This will definitely kill my wallet. But I just have to keep it. It’s seriously hard to find a nice pair of pants. So yeah. I did sit there (in this trouser, lol) to think about it but seriously, it was comfortable to sit around in unlike some other pants. Couldn’t let it pass.

Papermoon’s Iglesia Pleated Blouse. Color: Navy. Price: $48.00. Status: SENT BACK. I almost declared as likable as the other one (since I tried the other one first) until the sleeves got in my way. It was annoying to say that least. I couldn’t stand it for 5 minutes so I don’t think I could wear it for a long time.

Papermoon’s Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse. Color: Black. Price: $38.00. Status: KEPT. Tulip is my favorite flower. Yes, mark that down, dear stalkers. (KIDDING.) Anyway, so yes, I really like the style and black looked good with anything, right? Nice blouse and reasonable price too. Simple yet stylish. It’s a nice companion to the trouser above.

Pixley’s Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse. Color: Black. Price: $48.00. Status: KEPT. Here’s the thing: Ellie’s an elephant! No kidding! OMG, did anyone notice that there are elephants on the blouse? Yes, elephants all over! Wah! Hinting much? Okay, calm down, right? It’s actually very cute. It could also be worn with the trouser above. It’s a nice combination.

41Hawthorn’s Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress. Color: Green. Price: $78.00. Status: SENT BACK. Okay, I love green. I do. But not in this pattern and dress. Well, it’s a nice dress and all, but I could see it nicely on other people, NOT me. I don’t think I can rock it.

My stylist this time was Stephanie. I liked how Stephanie went with a combinations of items for me. Her tips were as helpful as my past stylists so I will keep these cards (like I did with others) for future references. Another 3/5 this time. But that was pretty good.

So what was the damage this time? I actually used $20 free credit from the holidays promotions. The rest, of course the damage was quite high. But I think it’ll be worth it in the future since I’m investing for a major event. (So once again, click here if you want to try it and help me get referral points in the process, lol.) And hopefully the next time I do this, I would finally get a photographer to help me. We’ll see!

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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