Stitch Fix: Fix #4 – May 2016

It’s summer or at least it’s around the corner. I needed something to cheer me up so I went to Stitch Fix’s surprises. This time, I requested for light, summer fun outfits.

MIA’s Anamarie Crisscross Flats. Color: Light Purple. Price: $59.00. Status: SENT BACK. This was a major miss for me because I didn’t even try it on. I think some people would be able to pull it off but I can’t. Not to mention I had splurged major time earlier this year on some shoes. But in Emma’s defense, I forgot to tick the shoes selections so she didn’t know that. However, I especially like the dust cover bags that the shoes came in. (See the full view in the first picture.)

Collective Concepts’ Tammi Dress. Color: Blush. Price: $68.00. Status: SENT BACK. Um, I don’t know. It was getting to be too much of a hassle wearing it for me. I don’t usually wear dresses and it would get in the way of the “having fun” part for me.

It’s a cute dress, but I’m not a dress person, that’s all. Well, I wouldn’t dismiss dresses completely but I only wear ’em if I really have to for fancy occasions so yeah.

Kut From The Kloth’s Aviva Boyfriend Jean. Color: Light Blue. Price: $88.00. Status: KEPT. Okay, Something to feel really bad about. Especially how I had forgotten to look at the label and realized how overpriced it was for the place it was made in. BUT this was a major surprise since although I like jeans but don’t particularly like the goes hanging above my ankle sort of thing. But it was so comfortable and go nicely with the other two shirts so I kept it.

Papermoon’s Lupe Crew Neck Blouse. Color: Off-White. Price: $44.00. Status: KEPT. I underestimated this one when I first look at it. It looked nice in the note but didn’t appeal to me when I looked at it in real life. However, I tried it on anyway to get a feel of it and all. No harm, right?

I absolutely loved it after trying it on and strolling around like an idiot. So yeah, I kept it. It would go well with the blue jean above. Or I could pair it with the black jean I have around somewhere.

Market & Spruce’s Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee. Color: Light Grey. Price: $44.00. Status: KEPT. Another surprise since this was was comfortable and all. And it’s grey so easy to pair up with. It would go well with the jean above also. Although it looked somewhat simple, except for the back side, but I quite like it. Easy to wear and get around in.

You might caught it earlier that Emma was my stylist this time. I like Emma’s energy. I liked it that she’d chosen some of the pieces that could be worn while going out with friends or I could possibly pull it off by wearing it into work, lol. Once again, the shoes were a miss, BUT it wasn’t Emma’s fault. She thought it would be fun to complete the package with a pair of nice shoes. It was my absentmindedness that I didn’t tick the no shoes selection boxes. So 3/5 is quite good a record. That is actually my record so far each time.

Um, did I say I will grab a photographer this time? Still not happening because I was rushing again. But I might try to post something up once I wear it.

Oh yeah, click here if you want to try it and help me get referral points in the process, lol. I seriously need some points since I think I might be addicted.

*All images were snapped by DTLCT


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