Stitch Fix: Fix #6.2 – February 2017

Why is this 6.2 and not 7? Um, this is due to the mixed up last time. They numbered #6 after they replaced my fix with the correct one. Yet this time, they corrected the numbering so this is #6 too, lol. So now I call it 6.2, just for kicks, lol. Anyway, moving on to the items.

Just Black’s Ada Skinny Jean. Color: Dark Pink. Price: $88.00. Status: SENT BACK. A very bold color and I was so tempted to keep it since it did look nice and felt very comfortable. I actually own two skinny jeans from Just Black already. BUT yes, this is a big one, I discovered some loose threads and had to reconsider. I think for that much money I’m paying, I’m entitled to be picky.

Skies are Blue’s Ozzy Tie Sleeve Blouse. Color: Light Pink. Price: $54.00. Status: SENT BACK. This is actually a nice one. I like the material used and somewhat of the style. It goes well with the skinny jean. However, I realized the pocket in front bothered me so yes, this had to go.

Skies are Blue’s McClain Crochet Panel Knit Top. Color: Cobalt. Price: $54.00. Status: SENT BACK. This is kind of painful actually since it was a very cute blouse and a nice color. A totally fun and bright combination paired off with the skinny jean. But once again, it had the same issue as the jean. Yes, another item with loose threads. I found some more careless work at several places as well so I had to regretfully return it.

Papermoon’s Bristol Textured Knit Dress. Color: Navy. Price: $68.00. Status: SENT BACK. It was a very cute dress. But I usually don’t wear dresses so this one was an easy decision.

Noisy May’s Omega Denim Jacket. Color: Light Blue. Price: $48.00. Status: SENT BACK. To be honest, it was cool. But I think I’m way past the phase with being into denim jackets. So this was sort of the second item I made the decision to send back.

My stylist this time was Carissa. She was a wonderful stylist in letting me explore some fun side of spring. However, it was way too bad that I couldn’t keep any of the items. The problem isn’t the style or the combinations since I didn’t leave any notes for Carissa–unlike some past fixes I had specific notes. I initially wanted to keep all, but I had to force myself into considering the budget. Once I narrowed some down, like the dress and the jacket, it got easier. If I hadn’t discovered the loose threads issue, I would have kept the cobalt blouse and the skinny jean. Too bad. Considering the amount of money I’m paying, I think it’s reasonable to be picky on such issue. I do know and had emphasized in the past about this being more about the styling experience, but I can’t undo what I’ve already seen.

To end this review on a positive note,  I actually found it nice that Stitch Fix launched a donation/recycle cause by urging us to donate old clothes using the box that came with our fix. All you have to do is put old clothes in there, which will be donated to Goodwill. After you sealed the box, just go here to get a shipping label. You can drop it off at the local post office or UPS.

Oh yeah, just a final note, click here if you want to try the service for yourself and help me get referral points in the process, lol.

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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