Stitch Fix: Fix #6 – July 2016

What happened to fix #5? Ha! Funny thing, there was a mixed-up when they were sending me my fix (but it got sorted out nicely and in a timely manner) so this fix has become #6. So anyway, onward.

Kut From The Kloth’s Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean. Color: Navy. Price: $88.00. Status: SENT BACK. This was a total flop for me because seriously? If I wanted to wear ripped jeans, I could just wear my old ones that were ripped at the knees or various places. I just couldn’t get into this trends for whatever reason it has been so popular. So yeah. If the jeans weren’t ripped, I would have gotten it since it was really comfortable.

Skies are Blue’s Osiris Layered V-Neck Blouse. Color: Light Blue. Price: $54.00. Status: SENT BACK. Um, this one was really cute and stylish. However, I don’t think I could rock it. First, I don’t really like V-necks.

Then there’s the split in the back like that. I’m sure others out there could pull it off. But not me.

Daniel Rainn’s Albado Crew Neck Blouse. Color: Navy. Price: $58.00. Status: SENT BACK. Okay, this one, I like the style and the material is very comfortable as well, cool enough for the summer (as in temperature resistance). However, I don’t like the color combination. Too bad.

Daniel Rainn’s Celina Split Neck Blouse. Color: Blue. Price: $64.00. Status: SENT BACK. I actually forgot to take a picture of this one, but you could sort of see what it looks like if you zoom in to the first picture above. I actually like the color combination but it was just that the neckline kept sliding back and forth when I was wearing it and sort of tried to walk around the house a bit. So didn’t work for me.

Renee C’s Ashley Printed Aline Skirt. Color: Off-White. Price: $58.00. Status: SENT BACK. This one was a nice and cute skirt. However, I don’t wear skirts much. I don’t think I could rock this one either.

Kirsten was my stylist for this fix. It didn’t work out this time because a) I had forgotten to tick off the skirts for preferred items since I don’t really wear skirts and b) because it wasn’t really my style on some levels. Still an interesting set of selections though. Anyway, I’m going to take a break for now and pace myself. I think I’ve been a bit obsessed to find out the mystery more than wanting to splurge, lol. So I’ll probably return in the fall to see their awesome autumn collection.

Last but not least, click here if you want to try it and help me get referral points in the process, lol. It’s double points for July!

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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