Stitch Fix: Fix #7 – August 2017

This was from last year, but I was caught up with a lot of stuffs and then got lazy hence the delay.

Daniel Rainn’s Quin Keyhole Crochet Top. Color: Off-White. Price: $64.00. Status: SENT BACK. Nice but it wasn’t my style. Easy decision.

Mystree’s Summer Dress. Color: Off-White. Price: $64.00. Status: SENT BACK. Cute dress, but like I said in past reviews, I don’t wear dresses usually so it was another easy choice.

Soaked in Luxury’s Baldwen Pleated Blouse. Color: Yellow. Price: $58.00. Status: SENT BACK. Uh…I just realized how much yellow didn’t fit with me. Or maybe the shade was a tad too bright? It would be suitable for spring/summer. Yet I don’t think I could rock it.
Daniel Rainn’s Janey Ruffle Neckline Blouse. Color: Light Blue. Price: $64.00. Status: KEPT. Loved this! It was a surprise really since I don’t wear fancy stuffs like this too often. It was a nice color and the design was beautiful. Not to mention the material. It was so comfortable. I couldn’t help myself so kept it.

Sade New York’s Willet Flare Skirt. Color: Navy. Price: $54.00. Status: KEPT. So I was saying how I don’t wear dresses, right? Super rare occasion and all. It’s even slimmer with skirts. But for some reason, I thought this skirt was soooo cute. So yeah, maybe in the future, I’ll find some occasion to wear it.
Melanie was my stylist for this fix. She made this fix fun and I got to explore some more styles that I thought wouldn’t fit with me. Although I only kept two items, but I felt it was another great chance to see what worked for me and what didn’t.
Feel like getting your own fix today? Click here.
*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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