Sweety, where are you?

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Fans far and near might wonder what has happened to this Taiwanese girls band that established their reputation through 3 albums with their noticeable improvements from one album to the next. Not to mention their appearances in several dramas–together and separate. Though successful seemed to be the appropriate term for the band’s achievements through the amount of recognition received, it was a more effective measure when fans streamed forums and other networking sites, asking questions as to what happened to them after their 3rd album, Sweet Talk Vol. 3: Hua Yan Qiao Yu.

Yan Yan participated in a Mainland production, Liao Zhao 2, before heading to France to pursue her education in Fashion Design.

After her extended disappearance from the public eye, Yan Yan made a comeback with The Concerto, which she reunited with her two times on-screen lover, Eddie Peng. Though cast in another typical klutzy role as often associated with a female lead in idol dramas, Yan Yan managed to deliver and convince others that she was the clueless and foolish Gao Ling.

Qiao Qiao carried on without Yan Yan for a while, appearing in several dramas. Although fans loved her in different types of roles, the ratings hinted a totally different story.  She also focused on modeling and attended different events as well as talk shows and game shows for the past year. It was until recently that she appeared on the radar again at GTV‘s press conference to confirm her presence in the upcoming drama, Love Buffet, starring alongside Fahrenheit members Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan.

With Qiao Qiao busy filming Love Buffet, and Yan Yan working diligently on earning her degree, when will Sweety reunite? Anyone ready for a new album?

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