This is where syko and DTLCT extend their randomness to! Anyone who wishes to participate must have permission from both!

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*ALERT*: syko has already poisoned the berries. Might want to watch out for the water supply as well!


  • DTLCT: +2
    • Stopped skyo’s attempt to poison fellow bear friends with those delicious looking berries
    • Uncovered the truth behind syko’s happy dance (i.e. syko and bear friends wanted to make DTLCT supper)
  • Syko : +4
    • Syko threatened DTLCT with using tranquilizer guns so DTLCT have to cave in to syko’s demands…
    • DTLCT defeated by the sign that said, “Private Blog, No Peeking!”
    • Freaks the world out of DTLCT because has too many similar habits/likes to DTLCT’s sister…
    • Caught DTLCT by using her words against her…*scoffs*…Imagine that!

TO-DO List:

  • Cyndi and Show One-Shot Request from syko
    • Date Requested: Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
    • Deadline: Until 2013
    • Plan SCRAPPED because DTLCT took too long and syko gave up
    • R.I.P. Monday, August 20th, 2012
    • Plan back on BUT without Show (I think): January 21st, 2014
    • Deadline: Still in thinking phase until after H&S is finished
  • Banners to emphasize syko takeover (haha) – DTLCT + syko
    • Deadline: Sometime in this century (JUST KIDDING) – Sometime this week (Week of April 3rd, 2011)
    • DTLCT’s Status: Managed to scrap together some pathetic piece of a banner through some minor hibernation trip
    • Syko’s Status: Still swimming around with bear friends and somehow managed to come to shore again AND came up with a cool banner after washing off all those swamp goo…
    • Mission Completed! *high five to syko*
    • Date Completed: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Topics of Discussion:

  • Fan Fiction
  • Brain-storming & building Syko-Villa
  • Movies recommendations
  • Food, food, and even more food…
  • Anything bear related goes, i.e. hibernation, swimming, and all those fun activities that syko do with his bear friends
  • Microphone(s)
  • Cyndi Wang Xin Ling (王心凌)
  • Wallace Huo Jian Hua (霍建华)
  • Random Rants (Need I say more?)
  • DTLCT’s out of control poll that tries to mess with her
  • Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑)

*Will be listed as we go but not necessarily limited from those topics only

Syko’s Fan Fiction Status: DONE with everything

DTLCT’s Fan Fiction Status:

  • Hide & Seek – Vic’s out of harm…for now.
  • Honey & Tea – Still stuck…
  • Neurotic: Tainted World – STUCK
  • Payback – Got some brainstorming but putting it aside for now.
  • Slanted Thoughts 2 – One more chapter…some progress, really.


652 thoughts on “Syko-Villa

  1. Let’s check up on our fanfic status since your last one was at the beginning of March and now it’s April.

    For syko: Leaving behind JFB and everything on it except for- 1. Dance of Death (revise to make darker version) 2. Moonstone (moving in a different direction) 3. Clean Slate (collaboration with typo) // Which I will take with me 😀

    And then there is two more projects that have not been launched: 4. My Cheri (almost complete) 5. Milk (E.T. idea)

  2. @little blm – I’ll do an update on Fan Fic in general later? But Great to know. Can I post the summary up there?

    We agreed on some banner/collage for you, right? YAY! Who’s going to do it though? How one each? *mwuhahaha*

  3. ooo kkkaaayyy i will wait for that update. love reading those… i already told you why muahahah and what summary are we talking about here?

    omg banner hmm.. yes one of each sounds nice haha ❤ let's do it! weeeeee

  4. @littleblm – Just a brief summary or a note of your updates? LOL! *shrugs*

    Who are we going to feature on the banners? Or just some random flower? *muhahaha*

  5. oh yeah, that sounds cool 😀 so it is easy to see because i know this will turn out to be 100+ comments soon… lol without trying hahaha

    banner: whatever you want and once you have one for sykovilla then i will make one with same dimensions 😀 sounds good?

  6. you lost me… what is 10-4… :p

    Oh yeah, I watched Rango and Source Code today… if you haven’t watched Rango and plan to, make sure you have a drink with you… it made me thirsty as hell lolololo *dies* and Source Code was cool, I like it. 😀 It’s crazy but I like it.

  7. lolololo now I think I will take a nap. Tomorrow I will have time to catch up on ST. Omg, I sneaked a peekie at chapter 13 :p… yeah I just had to.. lol because I know who makes his appearance… you know… he’s a change from the other two. Generous, a gent, even to drunks hahaha and omg.. at his little smirk… hawt 😀 I giggled at Cyndi’s outburst XD

  8. @littleblm – YES, finally someone mature aside from the crazy guys? (Or more like childish!)

    I updated some stuffs up there – even put in my current fan fic stats. But that’s just brief. Will explain more in the upcoming fan fic update under the ‘General’ one.

    And have fun hibernating. (A short hibernation actually…)

  9. weeeeeeeeeeeee i love our list haha yeah.. it is pretty short and yeah again to the two boys on the playground lololol I don’t see how someone is going to die in this. XD too surprising.

  10. @littleblm – Seriously? Okay, when I’ll go on the random killing rampage, then you’ll know! LOL! It is called ‘Slanted Thoughts’ after all so it doesn’t have to make sense. In fact, none of my fan fic makes sense – just that this one has a great excuse not to. Great?

    We’ll add more to the list later? I need to head out somewhere. But will be back later to think of something else. Guess what? The fan fic update is actually happening next week. I meant the ‘General’ one with the progress and all. Since I already have it planned out for this week and scheduled already. A bit more waiting? LOL! But I guess we’ll have more randomness to occupy ourselves. (Di was acting jealous in Jindi one-shot post? *shrugs*)

  11. OMG I just noticed the TO-DO list! *dies* …. it’s just too funny hahahaha yeah… let’s do it when we’re like 96 years old or something with arthritis :S

    I’m feeling better now that I’ve made peace with myself and others… you know how I had yoga and meditation Saturdays? well I do it a few others days but yeah… Saturday April 2nd… after that session I decided it was time to empty it all out, my cup of dirty water XD and fill myself a new one. 😀 It’s crystal clean right now. You can totally drink it and say REFRESHING! wooot!

    Onward to ST which stand for Senseless Thinking lol k… we’ll see the killing spree and see how Cyndi will die. :p

    What?!?! You’re gonna add more to your fanfic list? *faints* how many are you working on at the same time? *faints again*

  12. @littlleblm – I’m surprised you’re still surprised about my list. I currently have 90 on hand, which has 9 completed so you do the math. I already cut back on some with the repetitive themes as I told you previously. SOo…I just juggle back and forth. Before I eventually give up? (LOL)

    And yay! crystal clean!

    Yes, I decided to put in our random ‘TO-DO’ list so we could see it but continue to procrastinate?

    Of course back under my rock so going to chill a bit before deciding what to do. Maybe get on with banner?

  13. I’m not surprised at how many you have all together, I’m surprised how many you’re juggling at the same time o.o with that many juggled, wouldn’t they all blend in and become like same themes? lol 90 of them weeeeeeee

    Oh, I’m ready to do banner when you’re ready 😀

    Just finished Milk’s poster muahahaha super large version lol

  14. @littleblm – That’s why I put a bunch aside for the moment, LOL! Focusing 200% on W.X.B. right now. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but yeah. And the clean up reduced it to 90 since it sounded the same for several Wallace ones. See? I can’t help it with focusing it on Wallace all the time. *shrugs* Just too obsessed.

    Nice poster. Looks like all FRH members are in? Wonder who dies first? JUST KIDDING…

    And need to find some food first before I do banner, LOL!

  15. 200% is pure liessss! lololo but that sounds fun.. seems like you’re in or you were in an ancient fighting mode haha and yes… Wallace is everywhere for you… do you see him while on the bus too? like omg.. that guy’s back looks like Wallace or omg… that guy’s hair look like Wallace? lololo I have yet to work up to that level of obsession with one person.

    About Milk, One of them is already dead before it starts. lolo

    yay! food! I have one of those blueberry muffins from starbucks.

  16. @littleblm – No, not to that point yet? LOL! Sounds like Tao Hua and her Shi Lang imaginations!

    It has to be Aaron, right? JUST KIDDING…I’m so mean. Or is it Chun? Or maybe Calvin so he wouldn’t be tagging Cyndi anymore? LOL! It wouldn’t be Jiro, right? Gosh, driving you insane with these questions, right?

    You like blueberry muffins? Sounds like my sister, except she’s just anything blueberry (at one time).

  17. DTLCT… you will get to that point soon… look at you… already on the verge :p lollo it does sound like TH! lolololo

    Yeah… someone’s dead 😀 woooweeee!

    well that is the only muffin i like a starbucks, if i went to panera, i would like a lot more types lololo orange cran crunch muffin at panera bread *drooollls* but they don’t have drive thru… bummer. Haha… so you’re sis will eat anything with blueberry? XD

  18. @littleblm – Thanks for your confidence! (Yup, sarcasm again…)

    Oy, no spoilers? I thought I would drive you crazy and then you would tell me? Tough luck, right?

    Umm…that was awhile back. Not sure if it’s still true now…her obsession for the foods change frequently.

    Guess what? I’m still scheduling posts so haven’t done banner yet. But got ideas hanging around already.

  19. omg foooooddd *drools again* 😀 and lol @ sarcasm

    someone dying is spoiler enough i mean… we love hearing chars die lololo

    hmmm.. what could this hanging idea be… hmmm… XD

  20. @littleblm – Yes, I’m eating something again. Don’t know. Feel extremely hungry and extremely sleepy at the same time.

    It’s a hanging idea…lol…since you didn’t spoil enough. (Just kidding again…)

  21. speaking of food… we should also add that to our topics 😀 i’m drinking an avocado smoothie right now 😀 just had tuna sandwich and some chicken nuggets lololo

  22. @littleblm – Mentioning food is like taunting me! LOL! OMG! Tuna sandwich! You’re killing me! And then chicken nuggets!

    I’m eating corn dogs. And drinking Acai juice mixed with apple juice. Nice combo?

  23. but.. but… but food makes the world a more beautiful place! XD lololo ommmg corn dogs… have you tried the ones at wienerschnitzel? *drools* what is acai juice? o.o

  24. Yeah, I tried it before. Interestingly, the box I bought was supposedly from there (as the box claimed).

    Acai Juice? You don’t know? OY! What are we going to do with you? JUST KIDDING… Here’s the site to it:

    Okay, onto the banner now? I don’t know, I scheduled posts up to the 28th, so the 29th could be for the next Jindi one-shot? LOL!

  25. so it’s just like berry juice? lol

    omg why are you spamming me with a picture to my phone? lol… it’s like 4 messages XD *slaps* lolololo

  26. Yeah, for that one. I didn’t drink the other flavors yet since that one seems like safe for now. I mix it with apple juice too. Planning to mix it with pomegranate juice later. LOL! Just to see how it taste.

    Sorry! I was bored earlier…

    Moving onto banner now?

  27. when are you going to get the guts to try the others? lol

    so you spam my phone with unopenibal messages? hahaha it told me to download and i was like what?

    oh wait.. are you moving on to banner or me? i thought you make banner first then i make second so i can copy the width and height. XD

  28. Of course I’m doing banner now…lol…’cause I told you I was doing the post schedules first…LOL!

    Not sure when since I couldn’t find other ones yet. Maybe next time. We were in a rush last weekend so just got that one since it was ‘right there’ when we stepped in. It was at Costco.

  29. never know… might like the other flavors then you can mix it with your apple juice lolololo juice mixer XD

    ooo banner… okay imma get ready too 🙂 *sits*

  30. That’s how you get ready? By sitting? This is not turning out to be what I imagined but will try to play around with it some more. So go ahead and sit but don’t hold your breath…

  31. Okay, got it…sort of…I don’t know how to swim. You want to drown me?

    Anyway, I think you might want to make yours bigger or longer or both? Since I’m going to put it on top!

  32. I will give you one of those giant floating rubber duckies 😀 then we can float together! weeeeeeeeeeee

    OMG I LOVE THE SIGN!!!!!! mehehehe it’s beautiful… the beautiful nature that DTLCT likes to end happy stories with fit for a bear ❤ 😀 syko-villa!!!!!!

  33. Great…I hope the floating rubber duckies doesn’t have holes in it. It would defeat the purpose and then I could imagine the syko evil laugh (aka watching me drown).

    Anyway, I should have put in small prints like: Once entered, don’t expect to return alive… (JUST KIDDING…)

  34. 10-4! I’m going to go try out my new rubber duckies you just send to make sure it works (aka giving it to someone to try first…*mwuhahahaha*)

  35. lolololo nooooooooo someone’s gonna drown with it… wait… what? It’s not tampered with… I swear. O.O

    okay so woke up… got to shore… and then made banner 😀 that goes with yours. haha.

  36. What task? O.o oh yeah… the reason why i was late because i was planning Milk from beginning to end with twinnie… it’s all set to be written. It was a productive day. *nodds* looks like there will only be one dead FRH after all 🙂

  37. Oh really? What if things change? So you’re writing that with typo?

    I don’t know…we’ll cook something up later? LOL!

    Does that mean I’m a bear now too? (According to banner? LOL!)

  38. i already wrote it through chat… many of my stories i write by telling it to typo like story telling time… i spontaneously think up of events until the end of the story. that is how i complete them lol so i don’t think i will be killing another… a 3 are needed alive XD

    ahhh yes.. there is always a later… omg cooking fooooooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. whoooaaaa i did so many typos… I think i need to take a nap here 🙂 *hugs* tomorrow is another day wooooweeee

  40. Yay! More food! Why are you cooking in the middle of the night?

    And yeah…we’ll figure out something…

    That’s story-telling? Aww…okay…

    Ooohhh, I got something. Want to write rambles or whatever you call it about Syko-Villa? LOL!

  41. lol… it does sound like i said i was cooking food huh… no, i was creating a link between your cooking up something to food lolololo it’s all interconnected *dies*

    Well after I story tell it to twinnie, then i write it up fully so it will be a fic o.o what is this “aww” about? lololol

    Whaaaaaaatttt? like ramble about where my bear friends bask in the sun with their butts up? 😮 oooooo!!!!

  42. lol again @ my status… and DTLCT… you’re kinda stuck in the past… hint hint… one month in the past XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee time travel! Or did we slip into a parallel Universe? o.o *twilight music*

    whoo hoooo! first complete mission *hi5bak* XD I like simple little missions hahaha

  43. Oh, I thought you weren’t going to write it up but only tell typo! LOL! Now that you mention about writing it up, I’m like ‘phew’ again.

    Anyway, fixed it already. My brain wasn’t always there yesterday. My sleep cycle got all jumbled up again.

    I don’t know. Maybe not ramble? LOL!

    We’ll think of something later…

  44. yeah… we’re always thinking up of weird stuff… and then like… one idea leads to another and then… like… we have a string of them loloolo

  45. GREAT! You’re going around in circles!

    And should I put ‘picking berries’ up there to warn visitors?

    What about the bear question? The one about me turning into a bear too?

  46. 😮 you’re gonna warn them about my poisonous berry traps?@?!?! *faints* Bear friends, looks like we’re back to the drawing board hahahaha

    :p DTLCT is part bear! lolololo *hugs* you don’t have to be a bear if you don’t want to 🙂

  47. I’m just glad that you’re taking this Bear infestation well… because of your bear-phobia :S *surrounds DTLCT with bear friends and does the circle dance* If there is a square dance, there must be a circle dance XD

  48. Okay, circle dance? NICE! But I don’t know how to dance? Time to run!

    I’m surrounded by bears. This is sort of like ‘Planets of Apes’ but with bears, get it?

  49. all you need to do is twirl around in the middle 😀 mehehehe lol so it’ll be… “Planet of the Bears? hahahahha hmmm what kind of movie would that be… probably a parody lol

  50. Yup, definitely a parody. Why not? They did that for several movies already.

    But I twirl in the middle, I’ll soon be dizzy. That’s the point? So I could become bear supper?

  51. Bear friends, she accidentally figured out our plan… time to cross that off our list XD

    okay so i got a problem here. now this story, milk, has a back story… but i don’t know if it is understandable without the back story. XD because it all started back in the days of Cyndi’s parents and their friend. That back story is around 3k-4k words… should i leave it out? or include it as a prologue, or try and summarize and make that prologue? o.o

  52. Up to you? LOL! What is 3k-4k? I’m an idiot! Don’t want to think right now. Numbers are not my friends. (Unless it’s less than 100!)

    YES! I’ll put in a scoreboard up there then…*mwuhahahaha*

  53. what scoreboard? we’re always on the losing end! lol

    k = thousand so 3k = 3,000 etc. and nooooooo i’m on my own? can’t you just pick one for me? *faints*

  54. LIKE Y2K = YEAR 2000 lol *dies*

    okay so summarized prologue or the whole thing prologue? nvm I’ll go with summarize… or try to lol problem solved, thanks 🙂

  55. whoa whoa whoa… so are you saying on my spam is beautiful 😀 eh, you can always comment and say… all comments before blah blah date concerns C.R.A. the former WXB

  56. Good idea but I don’t want to? LOL! Tell you later on chat or I’m so getting creamed.

    Oh yeah, I actually posted the prologue for both versions already. Could you believe it?

  57. Sounds pretty cool but I think I’ll wait for the audio. Wait… who is going to cream you? XD we’re on chat now… go on and tell me what this is all about. hahaha you’re in my villa so don’t try to hide stuff from me muahahahah *tells the bear guards to ready their tranquilizer guns*

  58. Okay, even more wait since not sure when I’ll go find it. (Saw your link and trying to find a location near my house that has it. Too tempted to just order it right there!)

    You and your tranquilizer guns! LOL!

  59. eh… it works well for people who have whack sleeping disorders *hint hint* :p puuuuuuurrrrrfect

    Hmmm… there are no targets in your area? how about walmarts? hmmm… I don’t really like ordering stuff because you have to wait to get it and I’m like the person who wants to hold it in my hands right away… unless it is something unreachable like overseas stuff o.o which I rarely order… in fact… the only overseas thing I ordered is those Cyndi stuff, Beautiful Days, H2H + Calendar. XD

  60. Hinting much? LOL!

    There is one around here. But then not sure if they carry the item. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, so yeah. I don’t mind ordering stuffs, LOL! In fact, sometimes I order and forget about it that when it comes (like books that I pre-order), I was scratching my head and wondering when I had ordered it! LOL! Yeah, sane, right? (NOT!)

    Yup, you could only do that for Cyndi!

  61. lol… it’s like a secret gift to your future self!!!! What a pleasant surprise~! except when I order, I never forget… that is why it takes too darn long to get to me. >.>

    OMG… i just realized the guy’s last name is Wallace… Chris Wallace, they guy that made your WordPress Theme hahahhaha… obsessed much?!?! bwahahahah ❤

    Yeah… only for Cyndi… *sighs* hahaha

  62. Yeah, I realized that yesterday when I was scrolling down and then I was going to tell you about ‘Chris Wallace’ but I forgot. LOL! It was a coincidence, LOL!

    You’re like my sister then. ‘Cause she nags every single day and checks to see if her order came yet. Since she uses our address to have it shipped to instead of her apartment one.

  63. lol wow… similar in many ways hahaha blueberries and now shipping naggers? lololool

    Haha… glad you noticed the Chris Wallace… mmmm… sure it was coincidence… or did you pick it JUST because it was made by a dude with Wallace in his name. XD

  64. YUP! This is freaky. I know someone who’s like my sister but she’s not a photoshop genius SO….(PHEW)…

    Nah, I just chose the layout that I like. Didn’t realize it until we were talking about W.X.B. again yesterday, LOL!

  65. but… but…but Wallie boy is in your everyday life… you don’t need WXB to bring him up hahahah *faints*

    I just noticed Chris Wallace today when I spam clicked the “HERE” link then scroll up and spam some more… kept jumping down to the bottom and I kept seeing Wallace hahahah

  66. That reminds me the part in Austin Powers where Dr. Evil was singing, “What if god was one of us?” Okay, that was random, but yeah…

    You’re making me dizzy by circling around in front of me again…creepy…

  67. whoa… and it’s crazy that you’re envisioning this all by yourself without any stage direction from me 😀 whooooowweeeeeee

  68. double the dose maybe… ahhh is the current meds too weak for you now? That happens to me a lot and so i have to up the dosage. o.o 😛 meheheheh

  69. I haven’t tried those kinds. Need to box ’em and ship ’em here for me! LOL! Well, it’s just regular ice cream sandwich that my bro-in-law left behind. So I feel it’s my duty to take care of it. (Aka devour all. Channeling Will here.LOL!)

  70. LOL DUTY!!! *faints* well… don’t want to let them go to waste, right? oh, when you come down, I’ll get us some. 🙂 which one do you prefer? mango, coconut, or strawberry? they have real fruits in them of course.

  71. Mango? LOL!

    Okay, just ate one and now I’m like colllddd *brrrr* LOL! (Yeah, I’m wearing summer clothes so yeah, coollldd…)


    And you’re silly! LOL!

  72. Silly goes with being Syko. They both start with the same letter so… 😀

    yay for summer clothes and ice cream in the middle of the night! ❤ hahaha

  73. Oh yeah I like the mango ice cream too.. but pretty much i like all the kinds… omg the arroz con leche one is soo good too *drools* got to get me a box today >.<

  74. Oy, here we go…I set syko off on an ice-cream talk! It’s freezing here! (NOT really, exaggerating.) How’s the weather at your place?

  75. Windy but sunny… then sudden down pour and then it’s sunny again and then a little windy. All happen in 10 minutes So it was just a dark mad cloud the float over.

  76. omg… why you want to go there? it is hella cold and it snows… my mom use to live there. told me that when she was taking her driving test over there lol the tester was a policeman in full uniform… intimidating hahaha

  77. ‘Cause it rains there and it takes too much effort to wait for rain here. And ’cause it’s okay that it snows there for me. (I used to live in N.Y. once upon a time so it’s not bad…) Because I’m crazy…like insane…there…I said it so you don’t have to say it, LOl!

  78. I heard about that too. One of my friends at my old work place said that she wanted to move up there too but her mom doesn’t let her because of the high suicide rate. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s a matter of will for me, not sure about others.

  79. Funny…NOT!

    Guess what? I was up until six in the morning to finish reading typo’s old entries! (Though I was doing a lot of other things too!)

  80. *faints* haha oh man, got to love that XD

    omg, ever tried cake on a stick… a cake pop? lol I just did today bwahhaaha soo funny! Starbucks is so funny *dies*

  81. Another creepy fact: my sister is obsessed with Starbucks as well.

    She’s on her journey to get away from too much coffee. We’ll see how successful the recovery is before she runs to it again!

  82. a lot of people are starbucks addicts XD that’s why I see one on every corner :p lololo trying to get away from coffee? lol keep me updated on how that goes lololo

  83. True but…you have other things similar to my sis too. So that’s the freaky part. LOL! Great, I will…actually doing research for my article right now. GREAT?

  84. I don’t know…actually….’cause she’s too addicted or obsessed that she would try anything? LOL!

    And still researching…OY…I want to play games instead…

    Listening to music too…

  85. updates on what i’m up to:

    Dance of Death – Dead until Clean Slate is Done
    Moonstone – Dead until Clean Slate is Done
    Clean Slate – Chapter 4+5 done, waiting for Chapter 6+7 from Typo and it will be Complete
    My Cheri – Back to the drawing board
    Milk – Brainstorm done but it’s like… slowly being written since it is sci-fi, i watch out for it more.

  86. I’ve tried a lot of exotic stuff at this one restaurant. croc meat, snake meat, they didn’t sell rabbit meat anymore so haven’t tired that. hmm.. there were more but it’s been a while.

  87. I tried rabbit meat before but didn’t like it. AND I only ate a bit. Don’t like it. Eek! I can’t believe I ate it though. And WOW! Wonder what restaurant that is. (Somewhere beyond the boundaries of Syko-villa?)

  88. some Amazon Brazilian place in costa mesa or irvine. forgot o.o oohhh yeah rabbit meat.. still haven’t had those. I use o have two giant bunnies… some Chinese folks ask for them and so we gave them away. They probably turned into rabbit meat. *shrugs*

  89. Rabbit stew *smacks* JUST KIDDING….

    Back to writing fic. Stuck on the one-shot. Oh well…Cyndi and Jindi aren’t dominating the polls anymore so I can slack…

  90. Too bad that doesn’t mean you can slack as in real slack hahah.. you have so much other stuff to do that is not Jindi XD hmmm.. i still need to make a poster for indigo silk but can’t find the right picture of cyndi. We’ll see… we’ll see… I heard typo is brainstorming on her own for last part of clean slate. I’m excited though I know what happens generally lololo still ends up surprising like how you plan it all out and sometimes things just pop up randomly in your head and it fits nicely, the idea.

  91. Totally get what you mean with ‘things randomly poppping up’ – that happened for me several times. (Like with TOE BUT then that also meant typo was on my case – for a while, LOL!)

    And I was talking to typo last night (no – this morning?). That was cool.

    What what? I need to show evidence as to why I kept making random posts! LOl! Like those ‘General Updates’ ones, lol.

    And guess what? I was finishing with the comment and I checked poll status again! Wah! Want to cry since Cyndi armies are back at it again. She’s leading again. And Qiao Qiao’s behind by two. I wonder if the fans are fighting, LOL!

  92. Hahaha…whatever works. I have no idea but we’ll see. I’ll just ignore Cyndi fans for now. NOT that I don’t like it that she’s winning but I’m running out of Cyndi things to write about, especially when she’s not releasing anything right now.

  93. Doesn’t really matter who’s winning hahaha well you haven’t talked about mei le go.. and then there is that arnold palmer endorsement with hawt dude.

  94. I want to ‘hex’ hot dude though. AND I did talk about Mei Le but not that much. Maybe more when there’s more excitement over it? Like it actually airing? Don’t know… After you guys did the whole analyzing with Mike and Cyndi get together, I couldn’t think of anything witty to toss around so I gave up on that.

    Regarding how you said “doesn’t matter who’s winning…” the Wallace song popped into my head! LOL! I’m so serious! Need to stop being so obsessed?

  95. okay so you got more stuff to talk about with cyndi, hooray you… because i see cyndi is leading again… i remember you saying something about joanne leading but not anymore muahahahah 😀 oooo i’m exciting to see her mv with show and then there is ep 1+2 of Love Keeps Going, album Sticky Sticky 😀

  96. @syko – OMG! syko came back! Wah! Yeah, got stuffs to talk about but I got other obsessions to focus on too. I’ll start on ‘Love Keeps Going’ after I finish Endless Love and ‘Love Together’. SO…great or what? Waiting for the MV version of Sticky though.

    What have you been up to? Bullying your bear friends? Found new bear habitat so you migrated out?

  97. @littleblm – Well, I always got lots to talk about. But it’s a matter of motivation in order to jump in and talk about it, LOL! Told you still in morbid mode last time, right? Still in it! SO…yeah… But I think I might as well go ahead with my plan for SB for turning all morbid. We’ll see. I meant I only have a few more chapters and I’m done. Maybe I’ll end it that way so I could move on.

    Sticky – I meant the album version though. Wonder if they will have another release for MVs, usually there is. And since her album’s doing so well in the charts right now, possible?

    Grad School for Bears? So you just left me here in the cave alone? I’m going to have to run from your bear friends now…haven’t gotten over the fear of bears completely yet.

  98. you mean like an album with the MVs on it? *faints* gotcha. hahaha running from bear friends.. i thought we were all buddies now… like bros XD okay so you’ve been in morbid mode for the last year… great? I know that is great… number 1 still second week in a row… good for her.

  99. @littleblm – YEAH, I can’t believe I wrote MV instead of ‘album’. DARN…just woke up from brief hibernation SO whatever…glad you figured out, even though you fainted.

    Well, ’cause you were there so I wasn’t as afraid of your bear friends OR tried to stay calm. But now that you just left without leaving messages (until later), I got freaked out. So my ‘bear-o-phobia’ level jumped up again. NICE?

    It has been a year now since I’ve been morbid? I thought that was like several months back? OH WELL…

  100. it felt like a year because you constantly reminded me of your mood. hehehe was it just a couple of months? wowwwww. *faints*

    so i’m partly back.. i will protect you… *hides behind dtlct*

  101. @littleblm – YEAH, your morbid mood had affected me for several months now. (GREAT, shifting blame to the killer syko, eh?)

    UHUH, great, protecting me by hiding behind me? OKAY…

  102. i mean you never know what is gonna come behind you… that is the scariest part… not the stuff that comes from infront… please, don’t blame me… it is your own doing i’m sure XD so silly

    omg you didn’t see my bubble! okay sent.

  103. @littleblm – Sure. I can see what’s coming from behind me, you back-stabbing me! See? Got it nailed already. *glares at you*

    I don’t know. Blaming you seems to make me less crazy? *mwuhahahaha*

    Okay, checking bubbles now…

  104. i don’t know if you can seem less crazy… you know? i mean this part just proves that ” I can see what’s coming from behind me, you back-stabbing me! See? Got it nailed already.”

  105. they’re all abandoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like a poor little kitty crushed in the street with its drying guts baking on the road.

  106. well like edwardian, regency, victorian era films, i just finished rag nymph and now watching the lady in white

  107. Oh my! Not like you to ooze over those….NOT hinting about your taste or anything, but I would expect you to pull out something like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or ‘Rose Red’ or some similar horror flick instead of…(JUST KIDDING…*runs*…)

  108. yeah now its “the moth” lolololo oh mannn i’m going through these at the speed of light. getting headache about who i’m driving to bro’s graduation. I just wanna sock him in the face for not getting his friend to drive him up there early. they freakin have a senior breakfast crap at 7am and then i have to take him home at 11am then take him to the auditorium at 12:30 and then go home and take the peeps at 1pm omg i am so coming here to review this schedule hahahahokay so 4 or 5pm should end, take everyone home then take bro to school again at 8pm for grad night. *faints*

  109. OMG! What? That was a long schedule! AND all these people are getting free rides? Aside from bro, or maybe him too, you should charge them! LOL! Yes, always good to review the plan over YET it sounds like you’re fuming. LOL! *pat pat* Hang in there…

    When I read ‘Moth’, I thought of ‘The Moth Man’ right away. OR something like that, the one with Richard Gere, that was like a snooze.

  110. oh i’m fuming…. it’s good for me apparently… omg lol the moth man… nope never watched it… even if it has richard gere lolololo

  111. I didn’t know you’re fawning over Richard Gere. But was looking for something scary to watch YET found a snooze one instead.

    Still watching? Since you’re like breezing by the movies? Are you actually watching or just use your remote to forward all the other stuffs? LOL!

  112. oh did it sound like i had a thing for him? no… i just remember him from pretty woman and that dance scene with catherine zeta jones. currently fawning over the young magneto in x-men first class. and i’m actually watching on youtube lol next up is dicken’s great expectation the 1999 version because i’m currently watching mostly period films with justine waddell because i like her voice. lol

    haha you trying to look for scary stuff XD hope you found a few good ones

  113. No, that was ages back. Now? Nah, I’m sort of burnt out with scary stuffs. Maybe we’ll save that venture for Halloween. (The part where BIL runs away…sort of, kind of…)


    I’m eating popcorn right now though I’m not watching anything, odd?

  114. eat whatever you like… and you should scare the hell out of bil this coming halloween for making you proof his thesis.

  115. Good idea. AND a drawer slammed into my finger when I was looking for something. DARN….now I’m typing with one hand. I even tried to use ‘speech recognition’ thing on the computer to type stuffs YET it’s making my blood pressure rise so I abandoned it already. What are you up to today?

  116. omg that has got to hurt -.-… lol speech rec… don’t even bother. it’s crap. for me, sent bro off to grad night… now i’m getting someone else to take him home tomorrow morning at 5. Watching more movies “The crimson and the white” or something like that. It is artsy morby kinda like tim burton except more graphic.

  117. Getting inspiration for your next set of morbid-ism stories? And wow, great…did you have fun with the ceremony or no?

    YES, it happened like last night so it was like hurting like mad when it slammed down on my finger that I couldn’t even scream. It’s like it suck the wind out of me. I was only able to talk about a minute or so later. Then had it wrapped up and stuffs (Mom did it). It was still hurting like today. But took the wrap off already. It’s better now. Sort of, at least not hurting like mad anymore. But it’s like having this weird tinkling feeling. I’ll live. But that was so uncool. Sort of delayed my progress. BUT seeing that I typed so much already, I guess you know I’m fine. (I hope…it’s not throbbing pain tomorrow…)

  118. Guess what? I just pulled a ‘typo’ scheme. NOT the ‘typo’ one. But the ‘sleeping’ one. I just doze off at the keyboard. NICE?

  119. hope the keys stick to your face 🙂 please take a picture if it does… oh darn… i replied too late so probably if they had… you would have removed them already. shame.

  120. No. I wasn’t on the MS Word window at that time.

    I just had the best dream while napping. NOT really at first but it became great later because I get to yell at someone! FINALLY! I wish I could turn that into reality though. *grumble grumble*

  121. you’re too nice in real life? omg *pat pat* yes… exploding can be such a relief sometimes… get it out of your system.. because like bad gas… keeping it bottled up is not such a good idea.

  122. LOL! What a comparison. AND no, I’m not too nice in real life since I could be super nasty at times too if I want to. BUT at this age, I guess I can’t pull it off as well as say like when I was actually 15 (and not look 15)? SO yeah…if only I could get some hints across. BUT some people just can’t take hints. That’s why I tend to make my characters so sarcastic in fics, LOL! DARN, so cliches, talking about living in fan fics. Never mind, need reality check…

  123. oh yeah status… all old fics abandoned.. can’t be bothered to rethink those. Started new ones instead ahaha

    Dear Princess, a fairytale story
    Royal Cat Burglars
    Twisted Fairytale Land

    btw I saw the Cyndi special ahahah someone spammed that Cyndi button for sure ahahahahah

  124. i’m spamming but you know.. its been a while since i’ve been back to sykovilla so it should be okay but omggggggggggg did you see Cyndi’s calendar spot with her antlers? sexy 😀 and i’ve moved back to pay more attention to the cyndi show couple.

    Omg, yesterday was the first time i used my new mini rice cooker… whoa… haven’t had rice in a while… like 3 months? hmmm… walked, took a subway, bus… carrying a 25lb bag of rice… was so asian XD mannn in chicago, it takes me an hour just to go up north for the vietnamese places to get viet food… geez… why couldn’t it be closer.

  125. okay so i’m back again… like right away. oh well. omggggg CYNDI is #2 in the pollsssss after VICCCCCC *faints*

  126. OMG! You’re back! *cries*

    AND ‘welcome to Chicago’, hello! LOL! Had fun lugging that rice bag? LOL! JUST KIDDING. If I laugh too much, you might kill me.

    But Jiro’s out the door now? Since you’re back for Cyndi and Show? LOL!

    Poll – YUP, finally someone else takes over. I was mad out of pictures. I cheated in the last 3 poll posts and used the same picture. (YET I didn’t notice until I checked back to see what in the world I wrote about before.) But now I have to find Vic pictures, lol. We’ll see how long it lasts though. Don’t want to do poll updates too soon.

    BTW, do you want me to get rid of the old fan fic list then? OR just leave it there in case you feel like strolling back in the future?

  127. destroy the list… i’m never coming back to it ahaha omgggg seriously… it was probably very funny me hugging that rice bag like a baby… -.- oh and i like chicago except for the viet place being far away. I saw it snow and liked it 😀 just like white feathery dust flying through the air… at first i thought someone had a pillow fight or something but it was snowwww

    yeah.. bye jiro… you were sweating too much anyways… we’ll go for the dancing king, cyndi and i. XD ahahah

    omg i didn’t even realize you cheated on that.. its okay… :X hmm… but really… what vic stuff will you post though… does he have new project? hmm… i still liked it when cyndi was first muahahahah keep you on the ropes

  128. Okay, done and over with…we don’t need to see that list anymore. LOL!

    Anyway, that was fast with Jindi! Bye bye, eh?

    Regarding Vic – NO idea. But there’s “Returning Home” coming up. AND I knew he was filming “Saving General Yang” but didn’t update yet. WAH…so lazy.

    YES, you’re evil like that, got it. Since you always like seeing me sweat with coming up with Cyndi stuffs.

    AND snow! OMG! I miss snow so much….*CRIES* jealous….*making secret plans to come to Chicago and lives with syko*…

  129. muahahah i got snow and you dont! 😛 lol saving general yang sounds like saving private ryan *dies*

    and yeah, buhbye jindi and hello someone else with Cyndi. Its not like I mind her still paired up with jiro etc… i mean i’m probably fine with flat butt tooo but she can do way better XD

  130. Can i request a one-shot of show and cyndi? You can give it to me next year if you like 😀 … (even thought i might be in a cyndixsomeoneelse mode XD)

  131. LOL! I so didn’t think of that! Maybe they’ll change the title later? LOL! NOT sure but that’s not my problem.

    Here we go again with picking on Nic! LOL!

    Oh yeah, I made Cyndi dumped Wallace in ‘The Dating Game 3’, nice? Wallace can go home and cry for a while. OR LOT!

    But after I get rid of all of the ‘Vic & Cyndi’ fan fics (IF I can….since soon seems impossible), I’m moving onto ‘Vic & Ady’ fan fics. LOL!

    AND just saw your comment so backtracked. But okay. I’ll put it up there in the notes so I don’t forget.

  132. whoo hooo! anyways picking on flat butt is what i do best. 😀 vic and ady is fine with me… i remember when i was crazy over ady (ady and dylan and ady and anyone else) but not anymore… hmmm… i wonder why. oh yeah, its because i found cyndi wooottt

    Wallace will probably hook up with some other girl… you usually make him the mysterious cool guy anyways

  133. oh and i saw your comment on the viccyndi fic but decided not to spam there any further… i mean… why spam there when i can spam in the designated spam area? o.o

  134. i totally did not request cyndi show oneshot last year… 2012… 2012… and if you want our topic of discussion could be Nic’s flat butt since i always mention it… plus he keeps on responding to Cyndi’s messages… he’s just toooo friendly for my liking. *shakes head* ahahaha cyndi has 2mil+ followers i love her 😀

  135. Yeah, sucks that Wallace keeps getting repetitive personalities in my fics. I’ll try harder to make him different next time. LOL! But for some reason, I could never make him dumb. Watching him being dumb in this other drama was already killing me. I can’t imagine my main characters being dumb, especially Wallace. SO….maybe I’ll make him some psycho killer in the future? *mwuhahahaha*

    Does that mean you will drop Cyndi for someone else in the future too? Scary thought but whatever happens will happen, eh? OR NOT….

    And guess what? I ended up typing up a bunch of chapters for WXB already. (Got so excited that I even planned the sequels. NICE? More like some spin-offs on side characters than sequels though.)

    I was thinking 2012 BUT ended up typing 2011 instead. NICE? Okay, will fix it. AND he doesn’t just talk with Cyndi. He talks to Cynthia and Amber too.

  136. wxb seriously… its in viet, i can’t read it… duh >.>

    haha… how about a girly wallace who has his manicure and pedicure done frequently and who loves to bake brownies and knit? XD lololo dumb wallace… will i never said anything about making a dumb wallace, that was all you… hmm have i ever made a dumb main character… yeah i think i have ahahahah

    psycho killer… hmmm sound like a mysterious cool wallace

    whoa whoa whoa… who said anything about dropping CYndi… i was with ady for like a year or less and CYndi… whoa… since then til now… that has got to be like at least 6 years or something? No no no… i’m obsessed over being obsessed.

  137. Why couldn’t he just stick to talking to the other two then? pfft… ahahaha omggg you just put flat butt like he’s important *faints* XD

  138. lol i scrolled through the comment page of sykovilla… did you see how you stopped using @littleblm? bwahaha got lazy there :p but no worries.. its not like you’re gonna chat with DTLCT and go @DTLCT… since its just the two of us here ahahah

  139. I know, was just saying. AND like I said, I kept changing the plot, so I thought whenever I get done – finally – without changing anymore stuffs. Then I’ll actually do the translations and audio. ‘Cause I don’t want to waste my time translating and then fixing it later. LOL!

    I know you didn’t say anything about Wallace being dumb. I was just rambling on. LOL! DARN, I guess Wallace won’t be a psycho then. Let’s just leave that up to you. (The psycho part that is, LOL!) Girly Wallace? LOL! Can’t imagine. But might be fun? You go first!

    Regarding Nic – I guess it’s fun seeing Jiro riled up once awhile? It was too funny seeing Jiro jumped in when Show was talking to Cyndi though. How do you want me to put him in there? Reduce the font size? LOL!

    AND okay, okay, got your point regarding your loyalty toward Cyndi. I’m just saying anything is possible. NOT jinxing you. LOL!

  140. oh man i actually scrolled all the way up just to see if you reduced flat butt… i mean his butt is already reduced to a piece of paper but you know XD

  141. You took so long to reply that I thought you went to sleep already…

    AND ‘NO’, not reducing his font. As much as you want it.

    Oh yeah, aren’t you supposed to be hibernating? Since you’re over there in the snow now? Just pondering since you’re one strange bear anyway.

  142. yeah i’m a strange one… i wonder why you even bother to be surprised 😀 i had to do something and forgot to come back ahahaha awww… flat butt doesn’t get special treatment oh well

  143. I was doing something new too. I finally hunted down my CS3 goodies and found some useful tuts. Maybe I’ll learn some stuffs finally and test it on doing a new poster for WXB ’cause we all know that was so ‘rough’. NOT to mention how I didn’t know who was main really. LOL!

    AND moving on….how about talking about your new obsession aka Cyndi and Show? If you keep picking on NIc, I’ll go insane soon.

  144. gl with the new poster… and yes. the current one is soooo cheating…

    hmm neww couple… lets see i’ve seen them on the variety shows, at show’s concert like twice on stage. one was her singing with him and the other her riding on the flying bike with him XD haahha and then the award show that they got to present together and then the MV which i was was more turned into a story instead of just like a moment but i like them holding hands 😀

    what i’ve done for the new couple… stories and posters and that is pretty much it. :p i’m so proud of them ahahaha two of them are short stories and the 3rd with the fairyland thing is a collection of twists on the classic fairytales.

    Is nic getting a little flabby around the face or what? Like when he’s in close up…

  145. Oh yeah, saw the concert interactions already. But not the one with the award thing.

    Yay! Like the posters! Well, I always enjoy your artworks so….

    And just woke up….still trying to wake up…don’t ask…stay up late last night…like always…

  146. lol… 3pm niceeee oh and so you said i didn’t need to find pictures anymore so i didn’t. :p

    yeah… i remember you would be up at odd hours… and sometimes i would keep you company at those odd hours ahahaha

  147. i found frozen cheeseburgers in the freezer… that will have to do -.- i’m thinking whether i should cook rice or not… but like i don’t wanna wash the rice and measure the water… ughhh…. *faints*

    eat my friends… not that desperate… yet.

  148. YET is the keyword here.

    Okay, hurray for frozen burgers then.

    Still hunting for pictures. Or had it even began yet? trying to find some pictures for Wallace…that’s always the hardest part! GAH…..

    BUT then I ended up writing summary for this one drama. NICE? No wonder I never get anything done. Always so distracted.

  149. No food yet. Was switching back to finding pictures again yet no luck. Gah… I swear I have this one picture that would be perfect for it YET couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s my photobucket collection. Gotta go check.

  150. hope its there… or else… you’ll have to search and destroy again ahahah rice is done. now what to eat with it… hmmm

  151. NO, couldn’t find it. At least not the pix I remember having in storage. But I’m hunting down for others on the net. Gah! I’ll skip Wallace and go to find Ady’s pixs first! LOL!

  152. ady pics should be easier than wallace… hopefully ahahaha why is everyone searching for food these day… like seriously… we’re all so hungry ahahaha

  153. Yup, Ady pics are definitely easier since I had a bunch of stocks of it with her Chinese Paladin outfits. She had a lot of beautiful customes in there. I’ll choose one. LOL!

    And yes, we’re sooo hungry. But I’m fulled now so happy again….

  154. oh good now you can work some more ahahaha omg… ady has a lot of outfits since she’s in quite a few ancient dramas. Those outfits are nice too.

  155. Yeah, but like the ones in CP the most. Anyway, done with looking for pictures of Ady from stock! YAY! Now…I wonder who else I should put on the poster…. Getting lazy…LOL!

  156. Hahahaha, you’re funny….maybe? LOL! We’ll see….but then the rest of the cast do not have good ancient pictures anyway. OR at least I can’t find good pictures of them. So never mind. I’ll save the headache.

  157. it could be like head shots only ahahaha but anyways… good choice… just stick to like 3… and 4 if you have to… Chun has ancient pictures? ahahah i guess he does…

  158. Yes, from ‘Butterfly Lovers’ to ’14 Blades’ and others. Funny that he even had ancient pictures from Sunshine Angel, LOL! But yeah…

    AND now that you got me started, maybe just take some head shot ones? But then again….lol…might be too much work? Like who gets a bigger picture or…mmmmm

    And found Chun’s already!

    Oooohhh, typo’s works! Whoa! Mad skills! You people just make me so jealous.

  159. yeah… floating heads on a poster can be a headache ahh well

    ahahah yeahh i know about the ancient picture in modern drama… just like smiling pasta remember? where they “fought” each other by the river? lol

    and yeah… i’m just so jealous of that poster but also so proud XD

  160. Floating heads sounds scary! LOL! Well, I was imagining it the ‘syko’ way. THOUGH not sure if I was just scaring myself.

    Yeah, that was funny with the fight scenes.

    Your twinnie got out of her cave to create a poster for you? How fast was that? ‘Cause it looks like a lot of work, but with you two, I swear it’s not sweat for you. Okay, got all pixs now…thinking of what to do…now I have to narrow down the choices. OY!

  161. omgg is it going to be happy colors or dark colors… i’m excited too about your poster ahahah and hooray for gathering all the pics!

    >:D floating heads… ooo like bobbling on water but like in midair… 😀

    with a new obsession comes new strength and determination ahahahaha

  162. It’s supposed to be morbid. YET I’m messing up again. Managed to separate person out of picture using new technique already so it wouldn’t show awkward smudges. YET now I can’t find or create background that would be morbid enough. Maybe just turn it into black & white….OY….more headaches

  163. Yeah, the current one is like words. Oh well….LOL!

    AND oh yeah, I started to think maybe I should change my website layout again. Lucky you helped with putting in all the codes already. Only need to change some stuffs and that’s it. LOL! See? I got distracted again…

    BTW, what are you eating today?

  164. same thing… rice ahahaha oh geez i’m full hmmm

    ooo so new picture layout for you place? 😀 coooolll we’ll see what you get done and don’t get done with this hopping ahahaha

    yeah… a poster with words… isn’t a poster suppose to be visual and not words? ahahahah

  165. i think we did it during the Jindi time 😀 like i said.. i can put Cyndi with anyone except for a few that I don’t think is cool enough *cough flat cough*

  166. That’s fine with me too since at this point, I tore Cyndi and Nic apart already. Either that or made sure I wouldn’t offend anyone anymore. Did I tell you I resurrected ‘Desperate Moments’ BUT took Cyndi out already? Couldn’t think of anything ‘cool’ for her. SO took her out. I was thinking of killing her. BUT that would clash with other stuffs. SO I quit. And I think I’m taking a break on all Cyndi related stuffs after I finished a bunch of stuffs. AND those numbers on the polls are just numbers after all….SO….yup.

    Oh yeah, so quitting on the poster. It’s driving me insane. ARrrrrggg….need a different background now. OR I’ll just mess around with different settings to create my own background. But still….

    Oh, I still need to do the poster for ‘Lifted Spirits’….ARRRRGGGG….

    Abandoning all, focusing on my new layout for website. LOL!

  167. yeah you could quit on cyndi stuff but you still owe me 1 show cyndi 1 shot.. remember that muahahaha… omggg… didn’t i always want you to kill cyndi off but you never did? ahhh good times. Yeah you told me about taking her out hehe

    lol… go ahead and work on that… hopefully less stressful… ooo if you want i could help with the lifted spirits poster since its cyndi related wait nvm… there is another couple ahahahah *faints* you’re on your own :p

  168. Yeah, I remember. LOL! I’m not going to abandon Cyndi for good. Just need a break so I could think of fresh stuffs instead of giving her the same characters. I usually let her stay in the corner because I got stuck and couldn’t think of anything else. LOL! So I rather just steer away Cyndi related stuffs for a while so I could new ideas in the future. IF possible. I got one Cyndi story in the corner that I haven’t posted at all. Probably the last one that I would associate her with Tony, Nic, or Wallace. I need to get over it ’cause I will never create anything cool between her and the three guys anyway.

    You’re funny. I got the pictures for Lifted Spirits already. Just need to do it. But might be easier since just stick in a bunch of X-mas decoration? JUST KIDDING….

  169. or you can save yourself some trouble and make it a sign saying Lifted Spirits and some smaller font “Merry Christmas” ahahahahah yeah Cyndi and those guys are old news. 🙂

  170. GREAT, I’ll do just that if I fail with this poster too. OR just beg you for the poster. LOL! Since I don’t plan on putting Jacky and Joanne on it anyway. Can’t find new, good pixs of Jacky.

    Regarding the other guys, that’s not the reason why I quit associating them together. But just whatever. If I do come up with something though, I’ll just keep it to myself.

    I forgot to tell you, but did you know that I finished ‘Slicing Boundary’ already? OR I told you already? Or was that typo? DARN. My memory is failing so badly lately.

  171. Yeah I know SB is done. good job. Hmm… so you can’t make any good chemistry with cyndi and the other guys anymore? Is that it? ahahah when you’re refreshed you can try making her into a dummy 😀 see how that goes… since you can’t bare to make wallace into a dummy… cyndi should be easy. ahahah

    for lifted spirits, just try first i’m like last resort… even after ‘lifted spirits’ sign ahahahah hey… that sign could look good.. *nodds*

  172. ahh you can cheat with this…

    just make some more decoration background snowflakes or whatever and put the title you’re good to go

  173. For some reason, I can’t see the links. LOL! I meant I could click on it but can’t see the pictures. It just said baidu, etc. And yes….lol…cheating.

    I got a plan for doing the layout for website already! It’s going to be the same drama as the banner above.

  174. you forgot to come back and then i forgot to come back and then this is where we’re left at… bwahahahha did you change site yet?

  175. oh nvm i saw it just now ahahah… weeeee cyndi and vic in the middle for reviews :p its a nice green site. reminds me of leprachauns and shamrocks ahahaha 😀

  176. That one with Cyndi and Vic is old. I’m taking it out. ‘Cause i’m making it compatible with the current theme.

    Leprechauns? LOL!

    Oh yeah, probably won’t continue making changes until tomorrow. I’m not on the desktop and lazy to do stuffs on laptop.

  177. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *faints* oh well. ahahah

    what’s the difference between desktop and laptop and making you lazy? i haven’t had a desktop in… i don’t remember lol but seriously… having one is confusing enough but 2? o.o great

  178. The desktop is the public computer (for our family, lol). And the laptop is my own that I had for years already. The difference? I don’t have my own table so the laptop is not set stably on something hence making it harder to do graphics related stuffs. Well, I could get a mouse and plug it in, BUT just lazy. NICE?

    What are you fainting over? I thought you moved onto Cyndi and Show? Mmmmmm….

  179. i fainted because of cyndi in general… totally biased and proud. just like that french girl over wallacepenny or worse muahahahah

    oh unstable laptop and laziness ahahaha

  180. Talking about that, NOT to point fingers, but you two just ruined the whole Cyndi/Wallce/Penny thing for me in general. LOL! That’s what why I’m steering from those Wallace pairings for now. Too aggressive, lol. AND because like I said already, no inspirations.

    Yeah, unstable laptop as in no table, NOT system. (In case anyone was thinking about it, lol.)

  181. i don’t remember anything about me doing anything to cyndiwallacepenny… remember i just wanted you to kill cyndi off? ahahaha good times

    nooo i understand… you did say you don’t have a desk for laptop lolololo

  182. Well, I got lazy and type out all three names together. (YUP, laziness again.) But too much dramas. And maybe one day, I’ll kill Cyndi for you. *shrugs*

    Hahahaha….Oh yeah, finding caps right now to replace images. AND eating…yup, pigging out weekend.

  183. image replacement noooooooooooooooooooo *faints* okay well if it needs to be done, it needs to be done

    fooooooooood! ahahah i had starbucks stuff today since my mom sent my my free drink through the mail… bwahahaha got pumpkin sconeeeees *drools*

  184. hahahaha…too bad….Oh well…

    Great. Now you have your coffee.

    Still need to narrow down pixs yet. Need similar ones to fit theme. OR I’ll get creative again. (IF I can.)

    Oh yeah, I already placed in poster for ‘Lifted Spirits’, BUT it turned out sooo different, LOL!

  185. yeahh! i am! i’m on chapter 5 of deer princess… its amazing that i can write over 2k words for each chapter… i’ve like never really been able to do even do 1k bwahahaha remember how i called you crazy for writing all those long chapters? totally and i’m already kooked out by 2k words ahahaha

  186. LOL! Yay! 2k words? I don’t know. I just take breaks so sometimes the long chapters were written over days, lol. Oh yeah, is it posted? Or no? Just wondering. So I could stalk again.

  187. yeah, went back to put it on winglin because that is where i posted my other completed show cyndi story. you know how i usually write dark evil stuff? well this one is light bubbly and girly ahahah it’s hilarious what i’ve turned into XD

    ohhhh you don’t write the chapters all in one go? no wonderrr *faints* whenever i write a chapter, i have to write in one go or else it just wont’ do lolololo

  188. Great, bookmarked already. Will do the actual reading later. You’ve turned into typo? LOL! NICE, can’t imagine what it would be like.

    Nah, not all the time. Sometimes I’m on a roll, so I write it all in one go. But others, I get stuck and need several days. Like now I’m stuck on WXB again – after like 7 chapters, lol.

    Sis left already, weekend is over, lol. Now back on desktop Well, after I finish watching something.

  189. so you can get back to your graphic making for site? ahahaha

    omg, don’t you just love it when you just sit through the writing and its a breeze? ahahaha

    well i’m never gonna get to my twinnie’s level but i’m actually climbing bwahahahah so silly

  190. Hahahah….sort of. YEAH.

    Yeah, those times are heavenly. But it’s also fatal since when I get my juice flowing, I could get very cranky if people interrupt me.

    Climbing? Good luck! Jia you! AND this is all so strange. You’re getting bubbly and I still can’t get out of my morbid mode hence kept killing characters off recently. What a shift all right.

  191. hope you can shift too because i know some of your stories need happys ahahaha

    lol i forgot about that… yes if you have people you live with… lucky me i have my apartment with no roommates or anything 😀

  192. omg i totally thought i replied but i didn’t its hilarious… i typed in the reply but never posted bwahahaha *faints*

  193. Yup, definitely. If it keeps up, I might end up killing Wallace too. LOL!

    AND seriously, you’re lucky all right. Got your crazy atmosphere to roam and do your ‘syko’ activities. LOL!

    Okay, going to punch games for a bit before continuing with site.

  194. oh, in alllll your stories in the world, you have not even once killed wallace? how is that possible? I’ve killed Cyndi a million times and she’s my fav. ahahahah what is punch games? oohhh and to your “what?” i was explaining why my reply was late… i typed it in the box but never press the “post comment” button and just went to do other stuff ahahahah

  195. It’s Cubis 2, lol. Getting bored. Maybe I’ll start another Nancy Drew one soon. LOL! Yeah, my sis collects Nancy Drew games so I borrow it from time to time to play.

    NICE! I do that sometimes, LOL! Then I wonder why people don’t reply.

    I don’t know why I don’t kill Wallace either. Maybe it was too tearful seeing him died in ‘Sounds of Colors’ already so it would be even more painful to kill him myself? *shrugs* We’ll see.

  196. It’s interesting though. Maybe I’m building myself up before I could kill Wallace? I don’t know. ‘Cause I could kill Jacky now. Remember ‘The Other Extreme’? That took like a bunch of tissues but I did it. Now….okay, that almost sounds evil, LOL! Building up.

    Why are you crying on my shoulder? Ran out of tissues?

  197. poor jacky… rip. take all the time you need *pat pat*… yeah i ran out of tissues in real life… it sucks… i still have the empty box right here… too lazy to go buy some more.

  198. lol… no complete deserted its just nothing super big is around like costco 🙂 plus i’m by a lake so more water is near me than stuff bwahahaha

  199. ahahahah cutteeeee bear swimmmingggggg *giggles* 😀 ya… we can go take a dip in the lake XD

    and yes, its aaron yan. :p watched a clip where cyndi was wearing a revealing dress where her back was exposed and aaron pointed at it ahahah they signed their names next to each other… and the funny thing is, mike he came up to sign right before they did by himself (and he has a drama with her) and then right after them, jerry yan came up to sign by himself (and he’s in the jasmine tea ads with her) oooo she held on to his arm and they were both wearing blue and and and their fans were standing next to each other with signs ahahaha *faints*

  200. Have fun with swimming your bear friends.

    AND does this mean out the window with Show? JUST wondering…LOL!

    Eating pizza tonight! OR at least right now. I don’t know if I could last until midnight with current pizza.

  201. is the pizza small or something? lol maybe you need to get like 2 or 3 or maybe 10 XD

    omggggg thank goodness… this saved meeeee from the cyndi aaron attack I had earlier… andddddd i’m back in business. I will save this page if my heart tries to waver again…. ahahahaha *dies*

    Get yourself some real food. -.-

  202. Ummmm…it’s pizza left over from the other day. There are still four pieces so I just heat it up again and finish it. Nice? Okay, call me a pig now since I’m still not full. LOL!

    Saw it. Cute. LOL! Still not affecting me. LOL! But glad it helped you!

  203. NO. Pigs don’t eat worm, okay? (Well, at least my type of pigs DO NOT.)

    I’m hunting for pictures to continue site now. Started all over again. Since I didn’t like the test run from last night. After sorting it through and placing the pictures in? Probably going to watch some more stuffs with my mom. OR more like she watches while I play games on my laptop, LOL. Yup, I need my game time.

  204. what is mom watching?

    oh so what kind of stuff do your pigs eat? hmm?

    wait… are you going to ditch the leprachaun and shamrocks?

  205. She’s watching TVB series “When Heaven Burns” right now. Just for kicks. The theme somewhat had to do with cannibalism. Kind of creepy, but some of the pieces puzzles are still out there so just trying to figure who ate who, etc.

    My kind of pigs eat anything that doesn’t relate to bug or those creepy things, LOL! YUP, picky pigs all right but yeah.

    NO, just ditching all the signs that DO NOT match with the current themes,like those signs with ‘News’, etc. I did some test last night but didn’t like it and didn’t post it up either. Just happened within Photoshop. SO starting over again tonight.

    What’s happening on your side now?

  206. ahahah picky pigs *shakes head*

    oh i think i watched like 1 or 2 episodes of when heaven burns, its the one with charmaine and moses right? or is that the wrong one? lololo but cannibalism? ooo sounds interesting.

    good luck with the graphics

    right now i’m trying to figure out what needs to be done tomorrow. lol

  207. Yeah, the one with Charmaine and Moses. It was a bit discouraging to watch at first since it was like whatever, saw the similar group of cast in several series already. AND I thought it was like whatever since I was barely watching along with my mom. Then some creepy stuffs like cannibalism was brought up so I sort of tune in a little more. Now got to figure out pieces of the puzzles now. LOL! But let’s see how in the world they would steer it around with revealing the pieces now. NOT to mention the ending. TVB endings are usually quite rush of recent and sometimes lame (regardless of old or new series). NOT sure if they could pull it off with the mystery and other stuffs thrown in.

    YES, picky pigs and proud.

    What’s to be done tomorrow? Wake up, work, and then go home and obsess over Cyndi and Show some more? LOL! OR go swimming in the middle of winter? Build snow man? Oh yeah, snow angels!

  208. thanks for planning it out for me… i got it written down.

    oh so the mystery stuff comes in the middle? no wonder… i just started with episode 1 and 2 then dropped it ahahahah i was just looking around for charmaine stuff. So you’re still watching it just to see how badly it can end? ahahaha

  209. Was just teasing you, didn’t realize you were writing it down for real! LOL!

    Well, sort of several more eps later. NOT middle middle, since I’m not there yet. We just finished ep. 4. But the cannibalism thing got included like somewhere in ep 3 OR something. I forgot. Though just watched it last week. But next parts on, have to figure out who did what in the whole conspiracy since they were using nicknames in the flashbacks.

    Well, not really. Just letting my mom watch and I tag along, LOL. But haven’t watched yet. Still figuring out pictures ’cause I could only do like 5 sign/collage/poster (whatever) to replace the pages. DARN. Narrowing it down sucks. Too many cute pixs.

  210. tagging along still sounds fun… bwahahaha

    omgg… you and cute pics? 😮 lol or you can make it small and squeeze every single pic you want in 😀

  211. Oh…nice! Maybe I’ll squeeze it in. But then that means I can’t see it clearly? OY! We’ll see. I can’t obsess over cute pics?

    Okay, maybe I’ll start watching now since I still can’t decide.

  212. LOL! Guess not? But if I’m obsessed with some drama, I would end up getting obsessed over cute pics too. *shrugs* I’ll broadcast the next time then.

  213. Troi….all right. What’s up now? Was eating. (AGAIN…) Now punching games. LOL! After this one game, I’ll get back to the Nancy Drew one. I’m stuck on the Sherlock Holmes one so put it aside again, LOL!

  214. YES, as much as I suck at it, I love to play with ’em! LOL! Oh yeah, aside from mystery ones, adventure games are fun too. You still solve some kind of mystery but it combines story and other stuffs. I can’t wait for this one game t come out.

    What are you up to today? Same old, same old?

    About that one-shot with Cyndi and Show you requested, you’re creating the poster, right? Well, that is after I do the writing, LOL! I’m lazy to do poster and you’re better at ’em than me.

  215. which one are you waiting to come out? i told you i played runescape right? quests on runescape is kinda like solving puzzle mysteries ahahah so maybe i like those stuff too

    I was planning to grocery shop but its pouring snow so i’m a little lazy… gonna rest a bit today :p

    omgggg one shot? 😮 how did that come up? did you get an idea? maybe a little inspiration? *faints* if you want, twinnie or i or both will make the poster. *faints*

  216. mmm… more mystery games XD hope you get it soon and then more distractions hahaha

    There is no such thing as a lame story for Cyndi and Show. Currently biased, remember? bwahahah we would be honored to make the poster >:D

  217. Yup, all I need is more distractions. LOL!

    Just got home with mom. Was out in the wind. Eek! How did I become such a sissy? DARN…I used to play around in the snow. Does this mean I’m getting old? Scary…

  218. omg, you have sticky sticky right? does it have the special bts mv thing? i really want to see the hd version of bts >.<

  219. NO, they didn’t release the MVs version. That was what I was waiting for BUT lucky dhian told me in time about them not releasing MV version OR I would sit around and wait until it was out of stock.

    AND thanks for that.

    I was on the phone with my sister and we were ordering the next season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Crazy stuffs! LOL!

  220. lolololo you loonies XD i avoided watching that. don’t want to be obsessed anymore than i already am.

    omg then what are all these bts that i’ve been watching on youtube? i want to see the hd version of thesessss *faints*

  221. YES, we’re never normal so no worries. LOL! Just watching for kicks. Not like I would capture every single clip and do crazy images, LOL!

    Anyway, guess what? Something to wrap up Friday the 3th! *muwuhahahaha* Well, it’s up in the a bit!

    AND regarding MVs, the MVs and BTS segments are released like for us to view but NOT packaged into the albums. I’m guessing they might packaged it with ‘Love Keeps Going’ later since most the songs are in there? NOT sure. My guess. But oh well….

  222. this one probably wont.. its the duet show cyndi of course. ughh… so no hd for me… oh well..

    ahahahahah omggg you do that for lots and lots of drama bwahahaha so what’s for friday the 13th?

  223. Maybe it would be in those special DVDs later. NOT Sure. They usually leave something else to lure us in. NOT sure. Whatever.

    And it’s posted already. Just for Friday the 13th. Great? Done, going to take a break aka eat and watch more stuffs with Mom.

  224. Slept at 4, woke up and read the story. *thumbs up* Stayed up and finished Dear Princess so now I have a completed story under my belt. I’m glad its over because it got draggy in the middle after loss of inspiration.

    I hope there is some HD version of MV BTS in the near future so I could make clearer animated gifs for them. especially the one where they turn each other’s head and the one where show leans in to kiss cyndi and he kisses her hand instead *faints*

  225. About Wallace and Tony, seriously I really had that picture in my mind even though you clearly made it sound like Wallace was pining for Cyndi at the beginning omg especially this part here ” And the biggest irony of it all was being dumped by someone who loved Tony dearly and then ending up with another who once felt exactly the same about Tony as well.” Somehow I imagined my own thing for this along the line of… isn’t ironic that they fell in love with each other and got married at last after obsessing over the same person in the past? ahahahah it is indeed hilarious.

    Regarding the Show Cyndi one shot, Twinnie and I will make a poster of it that says “Good” ahahahaha and the whole thing will be complete ❤

  226. I forgot to reply here and was waiting for an idiot for you to reply! LOL! Congrats on your completion! Let me update up there in a bit.

    HD Version – maybe it will be in one of Show’s special package? I don’t know. Show usually release several versions of stuffs so that’s possible. Then you can obsessed some more with HD version, lol.

    I couldn’t stop laughing at how you used that line for your little Tony/Wallace storyline. LOL! That made my day all right. AND I was trying to write something morbid again. What a time? Maybe switching gears? Yeah, I’m writing the 2nd last story right now. Since I’m still on the morbid juice.

    Poster – NICE. (Yes, sarcasm here.) If you two buy it, then okay, I’ll do something lame but put ‘good’ in it to get by. JUST KIDDING….won’t make it too lame.

  227. I was wondering why… and then i was like.. oh you probably forgot to reply because you told me that we should move it over from Submerged ahahahah

    Ugh, I’m losing hope on HD version, maybe i’ll just make do with what I have now. *faints*

    Wallace: We could have had something special, man. How could you do this to me?
    Tony: Sorry bro, I’m not gay. I’m going to marry a woman.
    Wallace: *bitter bitter*

  228. Now that we got that straightened out (no pun intended). Moving on again, LOL!

    YUP, make do with what you have.

    AND that cracked me up so hard. It reminded me the part near the end of “Rush Hour 2” when Chris Tucker was saying how they could’ve had something special but Hu Li was too crazy! LOL! (Though we know he was crazy enough to think he could have had something special with her.)

    Oh yeah, do you have any pictures of Cyndi in a black dress? Preferably the one she wore for that strange ‘angel/demon’ party in Westside Story. (Asked typo but she said to ask you.)

  229. tucker and her are both crazy… they go well together… he wasn’t wrong ahahahah too bad she’s always trying to kill him.

    angel/demon in westsidestory? i don’t remember her being angel demon.. you mean in smiling pasta?

  230. That was the part where Tony and his gang were thinking of doing a party themed ‘angel and demon’ and Cyndi was seen in the store trying on outfits AND she actually wore a black one. But then she had to run away from Esther since Esther was crazy again (and ended up bumping into Tony and Tony had to carry her home).

  231. Thanks! I’ll take a look later. Still organizing other photos! LOL! It’s really madness. But I guess do it now instead of crying later.

    And I didn’t spill water on computer. It was on the floor. LOL! I just swung my chair around the there went the water. Nice?

  232. Not really, it was my hand that knocked the water over. Since I was stretching and turning the chair at the same time. Oh well…

    AND guess what? vgag got so obsessed with your idea that she talked to me about further. (Yeah, regarding Wallace having a thing for Tony in that story…OY…)

  233. an arm whirlwind ahahaha

    omg you know like when i read this part “AND guess what? vgag got so obsessed with your idea that she talked to me about further.” I got so excited because I instantly thought it was ShowCyndi and then i saw this “(Yeah, regarding Wallace having a thing for Tony in that story…OY…)” and then i was like… omg I turned someone to funny gays *faints* which is good too. It’s hilarious!

  234. omggg that reminds meee i did make wallace and nic kinda like that but not like that… ahahaha omg let me find it…

    Okay here it is: Nic and Wallace were chasing each other like little kids again. Earlier, Nic left to get some water. The group assumed he was thirsty but when he came back with a bucket filled with salt water… it was so typical of him. He splashed the water on Wallace and that was how the “boys chasing each other again” began. Anyone could have mistaken them for a couple.


    “I’m taking up all of your time. You can’t do much with me around. Like enjoy life… finding true love…” Cyndi felt responsible for their poor social life.
    Jay tried to comfort her and redeem himself for the “slip” before, “They already found true love, Cyndi. Just look at them. See how gay they are?” Nic played along. He sat himself right next to his “lover”. Wrapping his arm around Wallace’s shoulder, he spoke in a semi-serious tone, “You found us out. We are indeed in love with each other.” One shove from Wallace and Nic was on the ground laughing hysterically. Cyndi smiled. Nic was always so silly.

    geez… the good old days!

  235. ahhh but i never seriously did a boy love boy… except for that one time with jiro and calvin. Omg, making Wallace like that would be so funny ahahah I can imagine Nic doing that perfectly fine… Wallace needs a little more imagination… shall we? >:D

  236. OMG! You’re killing me. I was doing something else. Trying to update my ‘QiaoYi’ page again. YUP, I slipped and they interacted so much that I lost track. Got to fix it now. Darn….be back later.

    Thanks for the ‘entertaining segment’. *sweating*

  237. I’m not making sense? What part? The ‘QiaoYi’ part? Look under ‘FPO’ and you shall see it. Done updating it.

    Okay, wonder what I should do now. Maybe eating….mmmmm….is it still snowing over there?

    I know! I’m going to update ‘Payback’. Let’s see if I could get anything in…

  238. oh okay, gotcha now… no it stopped snowing but of course snow is still there everywhere XD I want it to snow again! *wails*

    GL with updating a fic ahahahah oh you’re always eating >.>

  239. Are you crazy? Why would I have that kind of fun when my bear friends are in hibernation? *shakes head* what a crazy girl…

    Eat Eat Yum Yum Eat Eat some more.

  240. Now I’m a wolf? Oh, never mind. I was the one confusing myself! LOL! How could a pig wolfed down something? OH WELL….messing around with Photoshop and manipulations right now. BUT I gave up on manipulations, just focusing on blending and coloring now.

  241. censorship? when did we turn all commie lololo anyways… was busy protesting. So, did you improve on your blending? 😀 I want to see them.

  242. Was busy protesting? Wow, I could almost imagine that! syko holding up signs, etc.

    AND no, gave up on blending again. But did this one set with coloring though.

  243. I forgot to respond to you, LOL! But anyway, true. But I got over it – OR like tried to. Since I’ve been following Penny on Weibo mostly so try not to associate her to her fans. Or at least not the overly-obsessed ones that would attack others.

  244. More like I read and thought I already respond than forgetting completely. BUT whatever.

    How’s your new year? Probably WAY better than mine. Hope you’re enjoying it.

  245. lol? remember i’m all the way over here by myself with no family? ahaha so you must be having the fun instead of me. anyways, i’m probably gonna go to the chinatown parade next week with some buds but that’s about it. Called home to wish HNY already. oh.. HNY to you! :p

  246. NAH, trust me on this one. You’re having more fun than me even if you’re not with your family at the moment. Good that you called back, etc. Have fun at parade then. AND thanks for the wishing.

  247. Eek! You’re teasing me, right? I thought you would choose the 2nd choice. OY! That means syko isn’t so invincible after all? (JUST KIDDING…but I imagined you as Dr. Frankenstein.)

  248. oh like this? muahahahahahah it’s aliiivveeeeeeeeeee! *EVIL LAUGH* MUAHAHAHAHAH took a break from writing, been busy hence like 4 days absent from sykovilla lololo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii so, what’s going on this weekend?

  249. A little more maniac? Okay, okay, just messing with you.

    I took a break from writing too but got some other notes in place. Hahaha…

    Weekend? NOTHING. What else is new? What about your side?

  250. just came back from cny parade in chinatown, was going to eat there but so crowded since its nice and sunny today. no snow XD

    omg notessss 😀 did you write them on napkins? that’s what i use to do before sticky notes.

  251. LOL! Notes on napkins? That’s so dramatic, man. I swear, the most cliches signs used in dramas. BUT the funniest thing is it has to be true for those dramas to use it. OKAY, getting random, I know. And nah, no napkins, just open up my word documents and type it in if I get something.

    Oh, had fun?

    I was browsing around and found ‘Sound of Colors’ so was watching the ending again. That was soooo sad. And then I bawled my eyes out crying again. Oh well….

    Now…twirling my thumbs (and listening to the song from SoC).

  252. you and your browsing old stuff ahaha…

    napkins are wonders, you can do lots of things with it, write notes on it especially when you’re eating and suddenly something comes up. you can fold it into stuff like origami, obviously you use it to wipe your mouth and the occasional buttocks when you’re out of tp. you can also use it to make a surrender flag along with a chopstick for emergencies.

    twirling thumb is such a waste of time.

  253. Yes, me and my browsing. So what? Talking about browsing, I just watched some parts of ‘Love Storm’ again. It cracked me up so much. Vic was so cold and distant in there and Vivian was so funny. Okay…getting carried away.

    Eating now…and getting ready to continue ‘When Heaven Burns’. YES, we made it past episode 10.

    Yeah, yeah…regarding napkins. BUT what if you ended up using it to wipe your mouth? I meant the one that you wrote notes on….

    I always waste time so your point?

    AND I just updated fan fic status again. SAD….

  254. ahahah fanfic status *faints* omg watching old stuff and new stuff bwahahah

    okay so i use it to wipe my mouth… what’s your point? XD

  255. Getting back at me, eh? Oh well…but I was saying what if you used the napkin with the notes on instead of the clean one? So that would mean you’re losing your notes? OY!

  256. Wow, genius then! ‘Cause I remember spilling stuffs on my homework OR just notes in school and I was scrambling to wipe it up but no use. Yet for some reason, I never learn.

  257. What confidence? Do I look like I ever had confidence?

    AND that’s irrelevant though since Math teachers require pencil for the most part. Except for college, some of them prefer you typed them. (LOL)

  258. i’ve never had to use pencil for anything except for art class. well i am science based in college so pencil is a no-no. you make a mistake with pen while writing down data, you cross it out neatly and initial it. and yeah, typed stuff… no pencil ahahah

  259. GOOD for you then. Was watching something so didn’t check blog earlier. What have you been up to? I’ve been experiencing some toothache. I think one of my fillings came off. Scheduled an appointment with dentist already. Meanwhile, can’t trigger it by eating some stuffs that could make it worse. *cries*

  260. You’re cruel! Stop mentioning my favorite junk foods when I’m having a toothache. *cries some more*

    Okay, have fun with exam! I meant ‘good luck’!

  261. That was the point. You’re syko! You’re supposed to answer your way out of it. You’re letting me down. I thought you would edge out of it in two shakes!

  262. Wiggle away then!

    AND ready for the one-shot? I think the ‘Show & Cyndi’ one-shot is going to be a Valentine’s Day special. YET don’t take my word for it. I’ll get back to you on the poster. I’m definitely letting you and typo fight over how to best make the poster, LOL!

  263. 2-7-53/2-7-64/30-6-50/30-1-91

    omg, one shot? i’m not readyyyy *faints* i’ll talk to typo about the poster.. we’ll see. but we need you to tell us some stuff. like the general mood, title, maybe colors you want to see in it. quotes if you want any. or maybe we’ll just make you the poster after we read it.

  264. Hahaha….well, for the moment, it’s probably some pink-ish OR red-ish aka Valentine related mood. Other than that, I don’t have other stuffs, lol. SAD…but I’ll brainstorm a bit more to see if I get anything. Don’t overwork, lol. I just suddenly got this idea. We’ll see if I can write at least a bit then get back to you like tomorrow or something.

  265. nope, i was in bed already lol with laptop on its side. -.- left it on… so sad.. good thing it knew how to shut down by itself.

  266. Okay…NO probs, at least you have some source of protection for it. I usually put it on my bed so if I fall asleep, tough luck! That’s why I don’t bring my laptop to my bed anymore. OR try not to.

    Yeah, gorilla to you too.

    AND guess what? I’m suddenly pulling out W.X.B. and organizing some stuffs again. LOL! Having lots of fun brainstorming. IF only I would be as productive when writing the story. I think I have to back-track two or three chapters again.

  267. I KNOW! The reason why I didn’t do anything yet is because I kept changing the plot. IF I translate it each time, I might as well kill myself. SO when it’s finalized, I’ll translate it then, lol.

  268. Let’s just say ‘Equifax ruined my whole day’ SO YES, didn’t update. Major apology. YET I have to take care of stuffs first. Maybe I’ll still post it on ‘V-Day’ when I actually post, LOL! If that makes sense.

  269. but the other v-day is not the sameeeeee it’s not “the v-day”, it’s “the other v-day” omg headache, i should go back to the cave.

  270. Is that really ‘nice’ nice or the sarcastic nice? GREAT…then….

    Anyway, you finished anything? Or did your Cyndi/Show phase passed already? JUST KIDDING….

  271. nice, no sarcasm. I am not dtlct. my cyndishow phase did not pass, i just stopped writing. no time. I’ll see what I can do though because I’ve got a bunch of ideas.

  272. Nothing, because we ended up celebrating my mom’s birthday over the weekends and I didn’t go online as much for these past several days. SO didn’t even have time to sit around and think about some plot either. Unbelievable OR what?

  273. omg you probably had so much fun, you didn’t remember anything else… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ❤ but i'm guess you're back now :p

  274. Yup. I was doing a post on it then I got excited all over again. LOL! Maybe I should do another post and save it for later.

    What have you been up to lately? Still hiding in bear cave?

  275. yeah pretty much still hiding XD …. it is seriously getting windy in the windy city. 😦 it’ll just blow me and my bear friends away

  276. The wind’s been howling like insane here too. I’m still in my cave too. But like that’s news.

    Oh yeah, found some new obsessions lately. *mwuhahahaha*

    Talking about that, DC was hunting me down to ask about the Jindi page. I shove it to you, LOL! NICE?

  277. glad you’re suffering too… j/k j/k XD, jindi page? does she mean jindimagazine? still accessible through

  278. oh nvm it’s dead, i forgot i didn’t have the power to revert URL back to jindi.onsugar before jindimagazine expired. oh well. RIP

  279. YUP, let’s see how good I am at updating. LOL! More reason for people to come after me.

    Oh yeah, I ended up dreaming about Cyndi & Show story! OY, must be guilty conscience since I kept delaying the story. LOL! I think I might put of those crazy ideas into my story. OR not.

  280. Guilt because I should have delivered on Valentine’s Day. Talking about that, I have to deal with more dramas with this one credit bureau. SO messed up! They created the whole mess themselves to make me suffer. I’m NOT exaggerating either because I tried to cooperate with them to resolve this whole thing YET they’re losing my paper work AND still insisting some stuffs are mine when it’s NOT.

    And they’re late? Really?

  281. Well, TRIED to straighten out more stuffs AND now back to waiting again. I think they’re scared of running out of jobs hence doing this on purpose. JUST KIDDING, BUT NOT FUNNY with the mess.

  282. YES, that’s my guess. IF NOT, why would they do it in the first place? AND I’ve been waiting since January SO…YES, my patience is really running. I’m giving them a last chance before I file complaints with places. I just found out how they go through with the so-called ‘investigation’ and it’s really ridiculous.

  283. My sister had the same idea. LOL! They’ve been sued recently too AND they still don’t learn from it, i.e. not improving their techniques. OY!

  284. omgggg, are you watching tiamo chocolate drama? i was just skimming what’s new out and saw it stars joanne and i immediately thought of you and came back ahahaha *faints*

  285. I’m planning to watch it since I was really excited. Then I found out it might be like around 80 eps, I wanted to faint. But I guess I’ll crawl my way there, LOL! I was trying to finish this one drama first though. It’s 60 eps YET I managed to finish 41 eps already, lol.

    What are you up to lately? Going down to Santa Ana/Westminister area again. AND I miss how we were calling you to ask for directions, etc. LOL!

  286. whoooaaa 80 episodes? what the heck? *faints* I ain’t starting that. =/ no time. For the love of Qiao Qiao, you will survive the 80 episodes muahahaha

    GORILLA! Seriously, it was too funny. I was no help what so ever with directions. Vietnamese bookstore? What book store? *dies* The names are all the same to me!

    I’ve been busy doing everything under the sun except going online to chat with everyone. Almost no time to eat or sleep. I’m so lazy, I try to scrap for every last food in the apartment just to postpone going grocery shopping. ahahaha *sighs* it was so much easier with being spoiled back in Cali. :p

  287. Oh yeah, Tornado *faints* maybe it’s affecting here just a little too. The “Windy City” became extremely windy, I almost got blown away. Good thing there was a big man standing there so I didn’t blow away but got stuck behind him. Hilarious when thinking back at it. Could be a cartoon. Grrrr, I really want to write again. Must find the time.

  288. I don’t know. I heard someone on AF saying that. NOT sure. But ‘Inborn Pair’ was around 80 eps too. SO not sure if it’s going on that route. I hope NOT since seriously, that would be another postpone for me. Oh well, I’ll catch up eventually.

    All the bookstores are the same to you? Well, I bought some stuffs today but it’s related to DVD instead of books, LOL! It’s ‘BOSS’ boxset. Since I saw it, I bought it anyway, instead of ordering it online at this one place.

    DARN, lucky someone was there. I hate wind the most SO…I guess I’ll never go visit you? Or does the wind lay off ever?

    When are you coming back to visit? No time either?

  289. i’m hoping it’s short for you… but maybe you’ll love it and will be glad it’s long? no clue ahaha

    Just the Vietnamese names are all the same to me…

    It’s not windy all the time, just most of the time. There are nice breezes too. not just windy windy.

    I’m coming back during the summer or else people back home will kill me. They already tried to kill me for coming back for only a week for in December and it wasn’t even for Christmas or New Years. gorilla

  290. I rather it’s short since I’m always turn off by SETTV dramas after I realized their formulas. IF it’s too long or too cliches, I might just drop it – regardless if I like the new team.

    Oh, you only came back one week, no wonder you didn’t plan hangouts, lol.

    Good night then!

  291. eheheh 🙂 omg congrats on almost completeing hide and seek, twinnie will be happy to know. oooo you seem stuck on a few :p let’s see when it’ll unstuck itself.

  292. NICE…and nope, not done. Just fixed it to ‘updated one more chapter’ instead so it wouldn’t be as confusing. Unstuck itself? Hmmmm, not sure.

  293. okay maybe it can’t unstuck itself… you’ll have to do that manually ahahaha “omg congrats on ALMOST completeing hide and seek” I was not confused… well… not on that particular detail anyways…

  294. I was going to go “What in the world are you talking about?” when I approved the comment. But then I’m like “Ohhhh….when I finally check here (since I just checked the other two places at first).

  295. gonna go read prologue of neurotic again… i don’t know, i find a girl escaping and then being corner by 3 guys kinda hawt.

  296. so you have 5 chapters written out? 😀 yay, it gives me a glimmer of hope. k, i’ll wait next week for it.. probably read it when i get back to cali though. Got all those last minute stuff to do before leaving.

  297. Okay, good luck with packing, etc! And yes, I’m moving forward, tossing around ideas in my head now, LOL! You know me with not being happy with some stuffs most of the time, so I just might “delete and re-write” again. NOT sure.

  298. omg, do you know that “the other EXTRME” poster i made with jindi? this is a long shot but do you have it somewhere? jindimagazine died with it and i don’t have it saved on my usb and i want to see it again -.- *sighs*

  299. *cries*… you could have posted earlier… i tried to sleep it off right and then of course i was being stubborn and so i tried everything in my power to revive jindi magazine to get “the other extreme” poster and then i revived jindi magazine -.- < it is alive and well now… thanks to trying to search for "the other extreme poster"

    oh.. you said delete and rewrite… i thought you said delete and repost ahahaha

  300. No, lol. Yup, oh well. Now we got that out of the way, lol.

    AND I didn’t realize it ’cause I’m doing other stuffs too and replying late. Sorry about that. But not on comp 24/7 like yesterday and the other day, lol.

  301. Okay, I guess see you when you resurface again?

    And yay for inspirations! But what are you writing this time around? Cyndi and who? LOL! Or just random ones?

  302. I had to comment on Neurotic and banner… -.- a failed MIA *faints* yeah, I made you a banner with that scene as well… so funny when i opened reflections and cyndi wallace popped in my face and i was like… is this the new poster for neurotic and then I remembered it was the banner ahahaha

    I have one last Cyndi Show fic which is “Red” and then she’s moving on to another nationality. Korean JJ this time. That’s the “My Wife” one on the list. I guess my list could be updated. “Twisted” is complete… “Demons” I don’t know where it is… “My Wife” chapter 3… “Red” new!

    What the heck? It’s raining again after hot hot sun. *faints* My flight next week better not be delayed by thunderstorm again.

  303. That’s hilarious! That was why I said yesterday that “you found me out” since I was doing the banner for that scene! LOL!

    And updated your stuffs already…(I hope….)

    It’s raining there? OMG! It’s hotter by day now. Wonder if it’s going to rain again. Unlikely, but who knows with this year. I guess I’ll be lucky if it cools down for several days at this point.

    And guess what? I placed both banners on top so it would switches back and forth! Nice? I know mine isn’t worth putting up there BUT I was aiming for the fire burning into the page (left + right pix) so thought I keep it in anyway!

  304. and of course there are the other notable scenes like the one she was fixing him up in… the one she was shocked he hugged her, the one with the candlelights, the one where they were sitting on top that building and he had his arms wrapped around her, the one where they were cooking together, and of course i guess the kiss. ooo they also slept in the same bed together… that white scene… plenty to choose from but noooooo… it has to be the caressing his face while he fake sleeps scene. kk

    aren’t you proud of me? look at who is winning the “complete” stories competition… me. muahahahaha and those are this year’s complete, mmhmm.

    oh, i hope it cools down in cali for me when I arrive next Wednesday night. I checked the weather and it’s suppose to be 83 degrees in Chicago when I leave. We’ll see… we’ll see…

    about the banner, don’t worry about it. hahaha

  305. I told you I’m lazy. Is that news? LOL! Fixed already.

    I know, there are lots of other cute scenes too. But I only have that and several others since I lost the ones I capped like ages back (when it was the other desktop and way before I got the backup drive). SO…of course I just had to clash with yours, LOL! The other pixs on baidu are too small for my purpose? OR I’m lazy to use other techniques to enlarge it properly. OY….there are you go again, lazy.

    It’s more like cooling ‘up’ than down. LOL! Drink more ice water. That’s what I’m doing. And I got some ice left over when you were tossing it at me yesterday.

  306. yo, don’t put mine up there… it’s not even the right size… i made it like that for a reason. it’s a gift for going off track yesterday but since you already have a banner, it’s fine ahahah *faints*

    omg no way, give back those ice cubes!

  307. What what? Awww…so I can’t display it? *cries in the corner* Well, I told you it merged right in now so…but if you want me to take it off, then I’ll get over it..*walks away*

    What? Can’t, the ice melt already? You want the water? *hands you the glass*


  309. GORILLA! you’re typing in caps *pat pat* I hope you feel less irritated tomorrow. A new banner seems too much work. btw, what’s the BIG DAY?

  310. we are all going to die alone together… except for those people who decided to kill someone right before they die so they don’t have to die alone. there were those ancient civilizations where they servants or wives of the rich were buried alive together with their dead master/husband… or something like that. now those people don’t die alone

  311. okay… now i’m gonna go look up where so i don’t end up there… lol buried alive sounds artistic and cool theoretically but no so nice realistically

  312. you know what… after linking you to jacky album, i started looking at pictures of everything under the sun and i’m up for a challenge. If you wish, I will make a poster for any of your fanfic.

  313. oh and the fanfic poster request thing is true 🙂 but what i need from you, title, characters, catch phrase (optional), and mood/setting

  314. YES, of course, it’s a load off my mind that I have to get something in by a deadline. Deadlines scare me. So needed the confirm. Thanks, crossing it off now. It would be too funny IF I ended up coming up with something like tomorrow. Like that would happen, but just saying.

    OH…..I’ll go through the fan fics and see which one I’m lazy about, lol…

  315. aren’t you lazy about making posters for all of them… ahahaha

    oh good, at least i can bring you some fanficdeadlinescarerelief XD

  316. oh and of course i will put in charge once again for the visual of neurotic2. is it only the 4 guys or another main will be introduced?

  317. Good point….

    I got the concept but lazy to place it in. Xiao Qiao’s the main girl for this part. Want me to get on gmail to send stuffs to you? AND if you want to do it, no pressures, lol. Since you just relieved me of the other one, LOL!

  318. NOT that Xiao Qiao, LOL! XIao Qiao aka Joyce Zhao, she was in Smile Pasta. And okay, digging up stock now, I think I even had a folder somewhere dedicated to Neurotic stocks.

  319. guess what? i finally found out how to leave jindi fanfic blog ahahah… found out i had to make a new blog, make the new blog my primary *faints* but it’s done.

  320. oh my gosh i’m so relieved now *faints* okay so got that over with (the busy). I don’t have to worry about it anymore. So…. where were we?

  321. PHEW, you’re done with being busy, thought you were “busy” partying with your bear friends.

    Ummm…..I was at the part where I got too excited that I couldn’t be morbid for the story anymore, nice? But guess what? I finally got some tint of inspirations back to create a Wallace wallpaper! YAY! Now I also got a theme for my new banner for blog too, just need to do it later.

    How about your side? Still hot weather?

  322. nothing so fun as partying… it was serious stuff that i actually stressed over but it’s all good now and the weather is perfect… lowered to low 80s yesssss… how is your weather? still hot? you’re in the valleys and stuff. 😮 that is great to hear about your renewed wallace obsession + graphics ahaha

  323. Oh, that’s great, lower 80s, perfect weather. Yeah, still hot here, but since yesterday, it decided to give us a break. I heard my mom say the weekends are supposed to be in the 80s before it jumps way up again. Going to enjoy it. (I HOPE!)

    And yeah, I thought my obsession with Wallace is over or at least I’ve been lagging like mad on his stuffs for the past years or so. Now obsessed again, I put the wallpaper on the public desktop (aka the main one in the living room) AND everyone has to deal with it now. I re-sized the wallpaper and put it on my laptop too. Nice? So Wallace’s everywhere. Yay! Almost…So guess what my banner is going to be about? Hahahaha…

    Okay, I’ll never stop if I keep going on and on about Wallace, lol.

    Good that stressful stuffs are over at the moment. Doing family project this weekend (aka getting our fence in). I’m just part of the backup crew. But yeah…

    What about your weekend?

  324. oh good, you’re all busy again whether it’s bad or good… it’s something ahaha. ewww it’s gonna jump back up to hot? so sad. got invited to eat bun bo hue saturday night but i seriously don’t wanna go. will find an excuse… like stomach ache muahahah one and a half more week til i go back to chicago. so i guess i have to do some family stuff like shopping with mom or something like that. Poor family… they have to deal with all that wallace *dies* at least your sissy don’t mind since you started converting her to wallacanity.

  325. Well, at last project is taking place over the weekend while it’s still cool so won’t be so bad, lol.

    Bun bo hue? I haven’t had some in ages now. But it’s not my favorite one so it’s all right.

    Have fun shopping? Is Chicago going to be mad hot or are you near the water too? I forgot.

    YES, they have to deal with Wallace. My mom just said that when Wallace smiles, he looks cute. LOL! (YUP, I got the smiling pix up there.) Want to see it? It’s huge though ’cause the screen on the desktop is like 1600 x 900 (OR something like that.) NOT sure if I can convert sis, but she could live with the new wallpaper so it’s all right. LOL!


    Here’s the link anyway:

  326. in chicago, i’m 2 blocks from the lake but i don’t know if it’ll still be hot or what… right now it’s like 90s still eh, going back after labor day so hopefully it’ll cool down enough then. heard there is a drought in illinois and surrounding states… hope the food price doesn’t go up too much lol

    one eyes is bigger than the other :X ooo wallie in that new drama coollll lol don’t tell me you got your mom sucked in too =/

  327. We found out about Wallace since watching Tian Xia Dia Yi (World’s Finest) so it’s not like I just introduce her to Wallace stuffs or something, lol.

    Drought? OY….everything’s going up nowadays soooo….

  328. What? What disease? *scratches head*

    And you know what? Either it’s Wallace’s fault or the person who did the touch up for the picture previously because I just look at the picture in the stock AND his eyes were uneven like that in the original stock too. Maybe he was sleeping at that time and only opened it like that on one side! LOL!

  329. Really? OKAY…unbelievable, but yeah…maybe…

    And regarding the other comment, I checked his eyes in the other pictures, they were the same so that was why I was suggesting a possibility? *shrugs* OR I was the one half-asleep and can’t see clearly. Who knows? OY…

  330. Just saw the weather forecast on TV earlier, it said valleys are going to continue with suffering from heat for another week. Maybe by the end of September it goes down? OY!

  331. omg… i almost thought you said “surfing” heat ahahah oh man… my reading skills. :X looks like you have to endure a little more when you go outside. inside should be fine since you have ac

  332. last night, i dreamt there was an earthquake and then i was like… wait a minute… i’m not in cali anymore… and then i went back to sleep

  333. yeah it was like so crazy because my bed started spinning like i can feel it move and the room was spinning the other way so it was like i’m moving but I’m actually not… like yeah…

  334. Yeah… those lucid dreams are a killer but kinda glad I don’t get it too often… omg there was another one that i remember… like hearing someone opening my apartment door and then male voices maybe the maintenance guy or the cleaner and some other person. The came into the room. I could hear their distinctive footsteps, boots on hardwood floor. I try to move and get up but I can’t. My hands don’t seem to belong to me… must be why they wouldn’t obey me when I wanted them to lift the blanket off of the rest of my body. Then, my brain starts going to work. It picks up that this is a dream. It tells me all this wasn’t real… but why does it feel real? It can’t be… wake up, I told myself… but shit… How do I do that? And then… I fall asleep in my sleep. When I wake up for the second time (or is the first) Everything is normal… the door is locked, no one is in the apartment but me. YAY!

  335. hehe… omg i stumbled upon the substitute princess drama and then saw Jacky playing the doctor and I immediately thought of you… he looked suspicious.

  336. What substitute princess drama? Don’t tell me it’s ancient AND I didn’t even see it coming, that was strange. The only one I saw him playing doctor was “Rookies’ Diary”.

  337. It’s Zhao Jun Ya, I watched a tad of that one, he wasn’t around yet, I couldn’t stand it anymore so dropping it for now. Might come back to it for now since Jun Ya’s portraying a different role.

    And when you said ‘substitute princess’, I swear it sounded like ancient stuffs, LOL!


    Someone was talking about something on dramafever earlier and I swung over there to check it out. And because I was curious, I browsed the latest selection too. Get why you’re calling it ‘substitute princess’ now.

  338. i stumbled upon it on dramacrazy ahahah omg but please tell me he’s the same person in your banner… or i’m going blind.

  339. GORILLA! you have a new banner with donnie! I love donnie! Can’t say the same about chun though. I will leave him to his fangirls.

  340. Well, I thought since you did comment on some posts I wrote of him (random ones about the game show hosting with Achel Chang) so I thought you knew, lol. My bad then!

    It’s not new, I used it at one point but took it out. Then I thought what the world and use it again just to have some variety for the current ones. Regarding Chun, I only got into him since I watched 14 Blades though I knew he existed WAY before then. (Yeah, it’s hard not to notice when he was part of FRH previously.) Whatever with fangirls….

  341. don’t think i’ve watched anything with chun, not even 14 blades ahaha I think my dad watched it though mmhmm. He’s pro at watching online, before he was like a country bumpkin when it comes to computers. oh did i tell you i’m going back to cali for spring break? 😀 flying back on wednesday night, 😀 and for the talkshow thing, I comment on those when there is a funky online game costume in play ahahah hilarious

  342. what is this about “Neurotic: Tainted World – NEW and NO poster…*hint hint*…” I thought I did it o.O

  343. Oh, I haven’t updated the Syko-Villa page until you mentioned it so the most updated one is the ‘to-list’ on the front page.

    Your dad’s a pro now? Great, my mom’s getting there soon. She watches stuffs online too, LOL!

    You’re coming back? Great then. Get ready for more rain. JUST KIDDING….but have fun…

  344. he told me over the phone that he was bidding for stuff on ebay and i was like whaaaaat surprised GORILLA. omg your mom too ahahhaa

    It’s been raining here the past few days so no big change, hope it clears up soon in cali though, i want to go out and have some fun.

  345. Biding on stuffs on ebay? WOW, nice…my mom’s NOT there yet. But I’ll bet she could get there with time, lol.

    Or drive around in the rain with the rest of the crazy people.

  346. so crazy, was over there for 2 weeks, no rain wooweee did what i wanted to do, gained 7lbs, uhh… got to go on a diet GORILLA! k, back over here now thank goodness… ahahha

    lol let me know when MOM makes more progress lol I’m curious ahahha

  347. 7lbs? Okayyyy, great. Then you’re dieting? What’s the point of gaining weight? OY….

    Her computer’s dying. Probably need to get her a better one. She wanted some old one in the first place since she didn’t do much with it. But now she’s watching stuffs with it so probably will need a better, faster one. We’ll see. Been mad busy with other stuffs sooo yeah…

  348. I didn’t want the 7lbs lolololo just parents and bro kept on making me go out and eat… and then got food poisoned by thuy’s food to go banh cuon thing (I bet you they couldn’t sell it and kept it there for a few days and just gave it a new date label) and right on the night before my flight so it was horrible GORILLA.

    Just buy a new computer and give MOM your old one. That’s what we did with my old man.

  349. Thuy’s Food To Go? I’ll jot that down and never go there then. Honestly, what in the world?

    I’m planning to build one myself since I’ve been reading those books. Let’s see if I could wing this one through! JUST need to hunt for parts.

  350. Did you build you super computer yet? XD

    Yeah… I probably won’t pick up those cold tray food things anywhere unless i’m like sitting in the restaurant and they serve it on a plate. Got to check those veggies and make sure they’re still fresh.

    Omg, no fair, you get a star next to your name. Is it part of the new layout?

  351. NO, been running around like a dog.

    Layout – I just noticed it. I think it’s because of the template design. OR it’s indicating that I’m the author for this blog? NO idea.

  352. GORILLA @ image of dog chasing its own tail :X

    I’m back online now for Cyndi’s 80+ episode prime-time drama lolololo If I recall correctly, long dramas discourages you XD

  353. NOT funny but whatever.

    YES, long dramas do discourages me. YET it all depends on plot to persuade me. I’ve known to watch longer dramas because the plot was convincing. And regarding daily dramas, I watched an 60 episode one and actually enjoyed it. SO, it depends on plot. I will check this one out. I noticed of it because of Xiu Jie Ka’s page. BUT saw Cyndi too so I was okay, I’ll give it a try. But I usually don’t like SETTV ones BECAUSE they’re just really good at ruin stuffs. So we’ll see. Besides, I’m going back to school now SO MAD BUSY. Might not reply to stuffs at a slower rate.

    Take care on your side.

  354. I always thought that was funny though… like its bored to death and chases its own tail lolololo

    Yeah, I was gonna say something about him because I saw a picture of him in your poll, it shows as the first choice for me XD his face is familiar but I can’t recall a drama I watched with him in it…. like seriously. Oh, I think the Li guy is cute. He looks kinda like Godfrey. Booie, I wish I could understand what they’re saying like you do. No one seems to care enough to sub it at the moment so… 😦 watching it all raw.

  355. Oh, I see now. The poll changes the order randomly every time I refresh ahahah

    Aww… when I’m back, you’re going away 😦 You take care too. ❤

  356. NOT really since I wouldn’t abandon blog totally but it’s my first quarter back SO it’s crazy with getting used to new campus, etc. So maybe I’ll be back on my feet next quarter. But just saying for now so you know that I won’t be around as much as I used to.

    AND yeah, the poll refreshes with random choices each time, lol.

    Xiu Jie Kai was in Black & White as Xiao Ma.

    Okay, later…going to take a nap and then wake up again to do homework.

    But have fun watching!

  357. OMG, wallace wallace everywhere! ahahah you’ve really getting those graphics down 😀 I like that picture of him on that… bike ahahahaha

  358. hmm… “you’ve really getting”…. well you know where I’ve been… under a rock. That seventy episodes really… yeah

    Right, he was in B&W. You must be comfy at your new campus now.

  359. If you read the front page, three of the banners above aren’t mine. Check the signature! LOL! I did an activity where people can send in their graphics. Since I was too busy doing a new banner and I was bored with the other one. So yeah….

    And dead tired at new campus. Have to reduce classes for next quarter so I could actually focus instead of juggling.

    What about your side?

  360. Happy New Year! Seriously, they looked like you made them though. GORILLA! Juggling can sometimes be fun. I’m sick for the new year. Great or what?

  361. Okay….

    And thanks for the “Happy New Year”, Happy New Year to you too! OY, get better, I guess! What did you do? Not wearing a sweater when it’s windy OR super cold like someone I know?

  362. No! I bundled up like crazy when going out in the snow… it is just kinda stormy with cars and bikes buried under lmao. Ugh, maybe the change in weather from CA to IL. whatever. Thanks. I will get better, I guess! But seriously, the banners looked like yours. How is the weather in the valley?

  363. Weather? Always crazy. Well, it seems stable for now, like sunny yet kind of cool. Not too cold. But I’m on vacation so hiding in the house. About less than 2 weeks back to classes. Hope it’s NOT too windy. Hates the win the most.

    The current banners are mine, lol. Yeah, I changed the layout again so yeah….

  364. I wasn’t talking about the current when I said it lookedl like yours, I mean the competition ones lol and yeah I can see Mike in the banner. That new show, right? Sunny and kind of cool sounds good. It’s like two feet of snow here. I almost fell a couple of times when I forgot my snowbooties.

  365. Yeah, I know you meant the banner for the competition one. I was just moving on, LOL!

    Regarding Mike – Yeah, the “Spring Love” one. (Though I don’t know why it was name that way since it didn’t tie in with the Chinese title at all. So I had kept it “Mei Ren Long Tang” when I did the summaries.)

    And poor you. Stop falling! Or were you keeping some kind of record to see how many times you could hurt yourself by falling in the snow? Just saying….

  366. Moving on… without break bwahahaha OMG, if i kept record, that would be lame. I missed our graphics for Syko-villa ahahaha our two graphics love them! Did you manage to make posters for all of your fics that only have typography for posters?

    I accepted your friends request, btw. LMAO I went crazy when I saw dtlct! Was going to spam your wall with OMG KAREN! but thought against it. Just one will have to do.

  367. I don’t mind you spamming it! I know you’re crazy. No sweat!

    Not sure if I should place some of the fan fics on there. Thinking of re-doing the fan fic page for blog anyway. But while I was over there, I signed up anyway since someone had wrote an e-mail to me about it, lol. *shrugs*

  368. Ahahahahahaha yeah, post, I’m your first subscriber… well not to the actual stories, I subscribe to you as an author so I know when you post a new story. >:D stalker mode on!

    Okay, I won’t be shy about spamming. 😀

  369. You and shy and spamming just doesn’t go together! LOL!

    Okay, maybe I’ll get some one-shots on their first. But later, going to eat (again). Yeah, pig, but oh well. I am one!

  370. They could go together… in a parallel universe. I should go eat too. I’ll be waiting to see what you put up there. >:D

  371. Great, enjoy your meal!

    Parallel universe! Awesome!

    And forgot to answer the other question, but no, haven’t done the graphics for the ones with words only yet.

  372. Not really all the time in the house. BUT aside from having to make some trips out of the house, yeah…been staying inside.

    Great, done with dinner. Sort of. Want ice cream! Holding off though.

  373. What new year resolution? And what? I could still see the front page? OR is the stuffs inside dead? Couldn’t check into the message boards so I guess that’s gone.

  374. You had one last year. This year, no. When people post new chapter for their stories, it’s a blank page… for months now ahaha.

  375. Oh, got it. OH well, I don’t care anymore. I gave up on Winglin after I couldn’t log into old accounts to delete stories. So yeah…

    It’s a miracle I could keep my last new year resolution, so why complicate things now?

  376. Um, I had to go check on my notes too, LOL! It indeed has been a long time. 3 more chapters. Or more like 2 and a half of writing since I wrote the ending already.


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