This is where syko and DTLCT extend their randomness to! Anyone who wishes to participate must have permission from both!

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*ALERT*: syko has already poisoned the berries. Might want to watch out for the water supply as well!


  • DTLCT: +2
    • Stopped skyo’s attempt to poison fellow bear friends with those delicious looking berries
    • Uncovered the truth behind syko’s happy dance (i.e. syko and bear friends wanted to make DTLCT supper)
  • Syko : +4
    • Syko threatened DTLCT with using tranquilizer guns so DTLCT have to cave in to syko’s demands…
    • DTLCT defeated by the sign that said, “Private Blog, No Peeking!”
    • Freaks the world out of DTLCT because has too many similar habits/likes to DTLCT’s sister…
    • Caught DTLCT by using her words against her…*scoffs*…Imagine that!

TO-DO List:

  • Cyndi and Show One-Shot Request from syko
    • Date Requested: Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
    • Deadline: Until 2013
    • Plan SCRAPPED because DTLCT took too long and syko gave up
    • R.I.P. Monday, August 20th, 2012
    • Plan back on BUT without Show (I think): January 21st, 2014
    • Deadline: Still in thinking phase until after H&S is finished
  • Banners to emphasize syko takeover (haha) – DTLCT + syko
    • Deadline: Sometime in this century (JUST KIDDING) – Sometime this week (Week of April 3rd, 2011)
    • DTLCT’s Status: Managed to scrap together some pathetic piece of a banner through some minor hibernation trip
    • Syko’s Status: Still swimming around with bear friends and somehow managed to come to shore again AND came up with a cool banner after washing off all those swamp goo…
    • Mission Completed! *high five to syko*
    • Date Completed: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Topics of Discussion:

  • Fan Fiction
  • Brain-storming & building Syko-Villa
  • Movies recommendations
  • Food, food, and even more food…
  • Anything bear related goes, i.e. hibernation, swimming, and all those fun activities that syko do with his bear friends
  • Microphone(s)
  • Cyndi Wang Xin Ling (王心凌)
  • Wallace Huo Jian Hua (霍建华)
  • Random Rants (Need I say more?)
  • DTLCT’s out of control poll that tries to mess with her
  • Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑)

*Will be listed as we go but not necessarily limited from those topics only

Syko’s Fan Fiction Status: DONE with everything

DTLCT’s Fan Fiction Status:

  • Hide & Seek – Vic’s out of harm…for now.
  • Honey & Tea – Still stuck…
  • Neurotic: Tainted World – STUCK
  • Payback – Got some brainstorming but putting it aside for now.
  • Slanted Thoughts 2 – One more chapter…some progress, really.


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  1. Um, I had to go check on my notes too, LOL! It indeed has been a long time. 3 more chapters. Or more like 2 and a half of writing since I wrote the ending already.


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